SIM:German Galven - A Promotion, Awards, and Official Title

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((Officer’s Lounge, Deck 2, USS Montreal))

Mei’konda: Hello, everyone. I’m sorry to interrupt.

::That was then the clueless Denobulan immediately spun around and saw the entire crew entering the room. He even saw that there was a buffet that had been set up along with drinks and champagne. He raised both eyebrows when he saw the Captain carrying a storage case as the Caitian walked over to a podium that was in front of a window.
::He saw the Captain look over towards the entrance and German saw Lael enter the room as well. Either they really liked New Years parties or this was an awards ceremony. German was getting excited to say the least, but remained calm exteriorly::

::The last people that were to arrive was Miskre and Muvyn as they were both helping each other towards the middle of the room. They both walked briskly over towards German and the other officers. It looked like the Trill crewman was about to saw something to him, but the Captain spoke first which silenced the room. German did a slight nod to Muvyn basically telling her that they’d speak later.::

Mei’konda: If I could have your attention for just a moment. Commander Rosek, would you join me by the podium here?

Rosek: ::smiles and nods:: Yes, sir.

Mei’konda: Well, we’ve had a tough month and chaange, everyone. Getting used to a new ship. Some of us in new posiitions. Immediately taasked with entering enemy territory, and recoveriing something stolen from us. But you all did exemplary work. We accomplished our mission, saaved several lives, and did our paart to keep the Shoals saafe.

::The Captain paused briefly when he reached down to open the case he had brought with him. German lifted his head a little bit as if he thought he could see directly into the case, but he was too far away. Mei’konda brought out several ribbons and then addressed the crowd again.::

Mei’konda: Would Commander Rosek, Commander Tel-ar, Doctor Skyfire, Lieutenants Cattan, Galven, and Shin, and Ensign Harkrow come up front.

::German moved around the crowd by going over to the side, nearly bumped into an ensign in command red he’d never seen before,  and walked up to where Lael was as the other officers approached. Chythar looked more than confused when he stood next to German and wondered what he was thinking when the Captain spoke up again.::

Mei’konda: I’m awarding all of you the Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal, as well as the Maiden Voyager Ribbon for your serviice during this trying time. It’s a good staart to our mission in the Shoals.

Skyfire: Thank you, sir.

Galven: Yes, thank you. It feels great to be recognized, sir.

Tel-ar: Captain. :: As he said it Tal gave a slight nod of his head. ::

Harkrow: Aye. Thank you, sir.

Cattan: Thank you so much Sirs

Rosek: Thank you, sir.

::He shot a quick glance at Lael when she gave him the medals and smiled. The diagonal colors of black and gray of the Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal fit nicely next to the gray and teal colored Maiden Voyage Ribbon. He patted them both when he walked to the side of the room next to Chythar who was inquisitively looking at his medals too.::

Mei’konda: Crewman Padix and Swenhart, please join us up here.

::He glanced back up as the two women walked up to the Captain side by side every step of the way. Muvyn was walking a bit slower which was understandable since she had just gotten released from Sickbay. German made a mental note to give her light duty for a little bit until she was fully recovered.::

Swenhart: ::smiles:: Yes, sir?

Padix: Good to see you again, sir!

Mei’konda: Crewmen, you’re both beiing awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustaiined in the line of duty. Congratulaations isn’t quite the right word - but thaank you for your service, and we’re all pleased that you’re all riight.

::It seemed that both women were at a lost for words as they glanced at each other and patted themselves on the back. It was more of a side hug, but they seemed very appreciative of the award even though it wasn’t the best one to get.::

Padix: It’s an honor to get any award, sir. Thank you.

Swenhart: ::nods:: Thank you, sir.

:: As Rosek made her way toward the two crewmen, the Caitian turned his attention toward the present medical staff. ::

Mei’konda: Doctor Skyfire, Doctor Cattan, and Ensign Grog, pleaase stay up here for a moment.

::German looked at the doctor again and saw either another confused expression or something that got him curious. He and the other medical officers approached the front where Lael was.::

Cattan: ::softly:: Again, haven’t I been honored enough?

Grog: ::She made her way up:: Sir

Mei’konda: For your efforts in saaving injured crew members on the surfaace of the planetoid, I’m awaarding you all the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon. Congraatulations.

::There was a long pause from the recipients. German looked around trying to figure out what was going on until Chythar spoke up.::

Skyfire: Thank you, sir.

Cattan: That’s too much Sir. I was just doing my job

Grog: ::tears rolled down her face as she tried to wipe them away.:: I don't deserve it sir...But thanks.

::Mei’konda aimed a slight smile toward them, then spoke up once again.::

Mei’konda: Congratulaations. Finally, would Commanders Rosek and Tel-ar, Lieutenants Galven and Cattan, and Ensign Harkrow join me up front.

::The Denobulan stopped to let the hulking Andorian pass by and then followed as they approached the front of the room. He stood in front of Lael who was giving German a small smirk. He was wondering what she was up to. She then walked up to him and then turned facing the front the same way German and the others were standing.::

Cattan: ::she blushed from cheek to cheek:: Sirs, will this even stop ::she said with a smile::

:: As Rosek was a recipient this time, Mei’konda stepped forward, one officer at a time, and carefully pinned the small, gleaming medals to their uniform. ::

Mei’konda: You’re all being awaarded the Silver Star for bravery, due to your action against pirate forces on the surfaace.

::He glanced down at the additional three ribbons he just received making it a grand total of eleven medals and ribbons he had gotten over his career. He would wear them proudly and nodded with confidence when he looked back toward the Captain.::

Galven: Thank you, sir.

Tel-ar: Captain. :: As he said it Tal gave a slight nod of his head again.::

Harkrow: Thank you, Captain.

Cattan: I don’t know what to say anymore.. Thank you isn’t good enough…

Mei’konda: And finally… Lieutenant Galven, Ensign Harkrow, please staay up front here for a moment.

::As he was about to walk back with one foot in front of him, Mei’konda’s words made German quickly return to where he was standing before. Lael was given two wooden boxes which German had seen before a couple months prior in the officer’s lounge aboard the Veritas. He quickly looked down at them and then back up at Lael. Was this what he was thinking it was? He saw a smile come from the Caitian and German tried to relax a bit.::

Mei’konda: Lieutenant junior grade German Galven, your performaance has been exemplaary. I put you in a difficult posiition, assigning you as actiing Chief Science Officer and sendiing you on a dangerous mission to the surface. For your surface, I’m afraid I haave to punish you with additional responsibility.

::German smiled at that statement. Punish him with more responsibility. He wouldn’t have it any other way.::

Galven: ::smirks:: Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to deal with the repercussions, sir.

Mei’konda: I’m proud to promoote you to the rank of full Lieutenant, mister Galven, and you can leaave the ‘acting’ part of Chief Science Officer out, from now on. Congratulations.

::When the Captain added to leave the acting part of his duty post out, it nearly floored German. He was over the moon inside his head. He was now officially the chief of his department. He was beaming with pride when he straightened his posture and put his arms behind his back trying to look as professional as ever.::

Galven: ::nods:: Thank you, sir. And like I’ve said before, I won’t let you down. It’s an honor to serve with you and everyone else here.

Mei’konda: And finally, Ensign Harkrow.

:: He shifted his attention toward the tall, red-headed man. ::

Mei’konda: Raarely has a new Ensign been forced to acclimatize so quickly to difficult conditions as you have, mister Harkrow. You’ve excelled, and I believe you, too, are ready for additional responsibilities. Most officers spend three years at Ensign. But times in the Federation are tough, and we need talented officers. Effective immediately, I’m promoting you to Lieutenant junior grade. Congratulations, Lieutenant.

Rosek: ::smiles:: Congratulations, Lieutenant Harkrow.

Harkrow: This… this is truly an honor, sir. I’ll do my best to live up to it. Thank you.

:: Mei’konda took a step back from the podium, smiling slightly. ::

Mei’konda: Thank you again, everyone. You’re dismissed. Please, enjoy the evening.

::German nodded and smiled back towards the captain and Lael as they turned to speak with one another. He walked up to the buffet and grabbed a plate. Some other members of the crew were gathering around as he turned to wonder what was being said. The ensign in command red that he nearly bumped into spoke up first.::

Hamasaki: Congratulations, Lieutenants.. Commanders.. Doctors.. Ensigns.. Crewman. ::By the end, there was a smile.:: I probably should have said everyone.

::He laughed a little when she went on naming all the ranks and positions. He glanced at the table full of food and grabbed a big silver spoon to shovel some delicious chocolate cake the was calling his name. He then grabbed a flute of champagne and walked back to the gathering crowd.