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((Bridge, USS Vigilant))

Reinard: It's Vor'Cha class. No doubt about it and it's facing us. We're moving into it's weapons range 30 seconds.

Herrera: Mr. Fox, all stop. Well done, Greir.

::Fox acted immediately, his fast hands working away at his console. Mere seconds later, he had the entire ship grinding to a halt. He was about to suggest this very measure before his Captain had made the order. He had no desire to fly headlong into a heavily armed and cloaked Vor'Cha. Not with the Bird of Prey unaccounted for.::

Fox: We are stopped, sir.

Reinard: Thank you sir. ::Pleased with himself.::

Herrera: Is there any way for us to make them drop their cloak?

Eerie: Captain, we enter atmosphere.... that ship isn't well designed for it like us, it would give their cloak and shields fits. We would have a tactical fighting advantage. Second option perhaps an inverse tachyon pulse, might disrupt the cloak.

oOAwful idea. Think of the potential collateral damage. That'd hardly endear us to the Zakdorn....Oo

Reed: =/\=If they continue their current trajectory, we could blind fire at their nose... with their cloak active, from what I've read, doesn't that mean their shields will be down?=/\=

Handley: Good point Mr Reed.

taJoot: They don't have much reason to follow us into the atmosphere, though, do they? Like, a Vor'Cha could probably keep a lock on us from deep Space 6, right? My bet would be to go with the tachyon pulse, especially if we stall and fake a deuterium leak back out through the Bussard collectors first. They'd believe it, right? They did everything in their power to make sure the ship would have those kinds of problems. When the pulse ignites the deuterium, it should max out their compensators, and then we'll suddenly be looking at enough Blackened Warbird for the whole crew.

Herrera: I'm pretty sure a spread of quantum torpedoes would get a reaction out of them but I'm not prepared to punch the fire button first. ::He shot a sidelong look at his first officer.:: Which would you go with?

Handley: Let's get the weapons prepped, but give them a fancy airshow first, Sir.

::Fox liked that idea. He liked that idea a lot. It was hardly befitting of Starfleet to fire on a foe that hadn't yet outwardly displayed hostility. They weren't in any real danger anyhow. Not yet. Time to see what the ship could do.::

Herrera: Alright, let's do it. Mr. Fox, prepare to take evasive manoeuvres. Eerie, get us a weapons lock the second you can.

Fox: Just give the word, Captain.

::Fox continued to monitor his display but he was still getting little to nothing. He hoped Reinard was accurate in his fielding. If they weren't, the first move was definitely the Klingon's. He stared out of the View screen, seeing nothing but stars and the dark void. They were out there somewhere. His hands instinctively hovered over the controls; he'd be ready to roll at the drop of a hat.::

::The other officers on the Bridge continued to offer suggestions and formulate a plan. There was so many voices it was rather overwhelming. Fox had thought to offer his own input on a few occasions but chose instead to focus on his task. The sound of Handley-Page shouting 'You can do it, Chaps!' caused Fox to shoot a glance back over his shoulder. For a moment, he could've sworn that Handley was parodying Fox's own English accent but he dismissed the idea. Maybe the First Officer had spent some time in England himself.::

Herrera: Mr. taJoot, prepare to vent either Warp Plasma or Deuterium, whichever you think will be more effective. I think we have more chance of luring the Klingons into one of those two if we drop it on their heads. Either one should give them something to think about if we ignite it.

taJoot: Response

Eerie: Ready at your command, Captain.

::Following the Brikar's announcement, a thin green pulse burst from the lower edge of the viewscreen, headed for a seemingly empty point of space. Halting as though striking something solid, there was a telltale shimmering, followed by an alarm on a console that sounded alongside two simultaneous reports.::

Reinard : The Vor'Cha is decloaking and powering weapons. ::He declared confidently.::

Eerie: Shields up and fully powered.

Herrera: Mr. Fox, evasive manoeuvres.

Fox: Initiating evasive pattern, Delta Five!

::Immediately, Fox leapt to action. The ship rapidly accelerated and began changing direction erratically with no discernible pattern. The green glow of disruptor fire flew past the view screen. So far, he was doing well. His heart was racing. His hands frantically worked to make microadjustments on the fly. A dull boom and a minor rocking of the deckplates indicated that one of the blasts had found its mark. Fox cursed under his breath and renewed his efforts with an added fervour. The Vigilant was much more maneuvarable than the bulkier Klingon ship. Fox worked to irritate the opposition, dancing through the lines of green fire.::

Herrera: =/\= Stand by. =/\= ::Pause:: Helm, bring us about, heading one one three, mark two. Eerie, lock phasers and target their weapons array. See if we can knock out some teeth.

Eerie: My pleasure Captain.

Fox:: Heading one one three, mark two. Confirmed.

::The Vigilant turned hard to starboard, offering the Klingon ship a full barrage from their broadside. A massive phaser blast hit the Klingon ship. From his expansive knowledge of starships of all shapes and sizes, Fox surmised that the shot had indeed accurately targeted the Vor'cha's weapons array.::

Herrera: Commander, I need you to take command of the satellites. Co-ordinate with Reed, Eerie, Foster and Zehn.

Handley: Aye Sir. ::Leo then cast his eyes over the viewscreen whilst tapping his comm badge::=/\=Commander Page here. Ok chaps, what the shortest time we can get even the nearest satellites at our disposal? Will they be able to offer any proactive defences?=/\=

::Fox didn't hear the rest of the conversation; he was too busy focusing on once again evading fire from the Vor'Cha ship. The Vigilant continued to arch in all directions as most disruptor fire harmlessly flew past the view screen. The Vor'Cha's weapon fire had considerably lessened since their targetted phaser blast; it appeared to have had an effect.::

Herrera: We'll try to lead the Klingons as close to those satellites as we can. They're on our playing field right now, so let's use the advantage.

Handley: Of course. Lead them into the snare. Mr Fox.. can you see where we're headed?

Fox: Yes Commander. I've marked the co-ordinates of the area of space where most of the defence satellites seem to be gathering. I'll edge us in that direction, nothing too obvious.

::And therein lied the challenge. Fox could quite easily fly them directly into the ambush point but even a Klingon could see through such a simple ploy. If this were to work, he'd have to gradually lure them there. He'd have to do so as if the Klingons had forced his hand. He'd have to make the Klingons believe it was their own idea. Fox changed heading time and time again, darting away from disruptor fire. Each time he changed their heading, they were getting that little bit closer. Fox realised suddenly that he was smiling again.::

Herrera: Mr. taJoot, report.


Hererra: Stand by. We should be able to corner them by forcing them to manoeuvre between us and the defense satellites.

Reinard: Captain, I have the Bird of Prey and it's coming up behind us.

::Fox felt a knot tighten in his stomach. He had been that enveloped in his tussle with the Vor'Cha ship that he had almost forgotten about the Bird of Prey.::

Hererra: Take e...

::The Captain couldn't finish his sentence before another report came in from tactical.::

Eerie: Captain, the Bird of Prey is decloaking and powering up. It's course looks like an escape velocity out of the system. ::The Vigilant shuddered under a glancing blow from the disruptors of the Klingon Cruiser. Evidently they had managed to reroute power.:: Shields holding.

Reed: =/\= Targetting engines.... =/\=

Handley: That should finish them!


Herrera: No, let them go. We have our hands full. Besides, I don't think they're going to come back after they just had their plans blown out into the open.

::Relief coursed through Fox. It was a sensible decision, he thought. One thing at a time!::

Androsia: RESPONSE

::An alert sounded at Leo's console, followed by a call from below decks.::

Zehn: =/\= Zehn to bridge, the remaining satellites are coming into range now=/\=

Hererra: =/\= Acknowledged. Co-ordinate firing patterns with Commander Handley-Page. Steer them to within five hundred kilometres of satellites gamma and delta. =/\=

Handley: Lead the flies into our spiders web!

Zehn: =/\= Copy that =/\= Harold, do you want to do the honours?

Foster: =/\=RESPONSE=/\=

Reed: They're not going to damage my first assignment... ::muttered as he began working furiously over the controls::

Herrera: Mr. Fox, let's see how much of a rise we can get out of them. Attack pattern omega.

Fox: Aye sir. Attack Pattern Omega. Eyes front, Commander Eerie. We're doing this quick..


::Fox brought the ship about yet again, this time cannoning forward directly at the flank of the Vor'Cha craft. The viewscreen was dominated by the ever-growing image of the Vor'Cha ship. As it just about filled the screen, Fox dragged the Vigilant into a half-corkscrew and pulled away heading directly for the Ambush point. He'd already managed to manoeuvre them fairly close. If the Klingons pursued then they'd be there in no time.::

Fox: That ought to get their tails up. Nice shot.


Herrera: Stand by, Mr. taJoot.


Handley: Here come my beauties.

::They observed the satellites, moving into position. Fox quickly glanced at his console.::

Fox: Sir, we've reached the co-ordinates!

Handley: Mr Zehn, Mr Foster. The time is nigh!



written by

Ensign James Fox
Helm Officer
USS Vigilant