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((Matthews’ Quarters-Deck Four-USS Mercury))

Alexander walked out of his bathroom just after taking a shower he was a little nervous about meeting Jade Shryker from the Drake. Askade had met her while she was the counselor on the Independence. He walked over to the closet, taking out his dress white uniform, he looked over to the shelf, and pulled out the other black box, that held his medal for bravery. He took it out of the box and pinned it in the correct place on his jacket. He laid the jacket on the bed , the pants and sat down to look at his pictures of the crews that he has served with. He used the towel to dry off, then stood up to put on his undergarments and the uniform pants. He pulled on the uniform shirt, and sat down to put on his boots. He thought about the last time he put on this uniform, he and Arden attended the service for Lt. Evanna Blackwood.::
He looked over to the picture of the Avander crew and smiled at her image. He closed his eyes with the image of her in his mind, and let her go, as he opened them again and grabbed the jacket. He walked over to the mirror, put on the jacket and made sure that everything was in the correct place. He stood there looking at himself making sure that he was ready to meet this woman that he had heard about. He turned and walked to the door, heading to the ship’s arboretum for some flowers.::

((Holodeck Two-Deck Four-USS Mercury))

Askade stood outside of the holodeck with Audie by her side waiting for Alexander to appear. It had been over a year since she had seen Jade, she sent the message that she wanted her to meet Alexander the day before. She has been worried about him ever since they left the Avandar. He has really done nothing but work constantly. Hardly any time off at all, she really does wonder if he has the traits of a Klingon at times. She looked over to see as he walked towards her, she could see that he was very nervous with the flowers in his hand. She smiled, knowing that he would walk through fire to save a life. When it came to women, he was shy.::

D’ciq: ::Raising an eyebrow.:: Well now don’t you look like the officer I met a few months ago. Very nice indeed. ::Watching him fuss with the collar of his uniform.:: Stop fussing you look fine. Jade is a very beautiful woman. She’s tough and lot’s of fun to be with. ::Looking at him intensely.:: You my dear friend need someone fun in your life. Here look at this picture of her. ::Handing him the PADD.::

Matthews: ::Tugging at his collar.:: Thank you, I’m nervous Askade. ::He looked down to the PADD, his eyes opened wide as he looked upon the beauty of Jade. The eyes and the face of a very beautiful woman. The long flowing hair, the features of a goddess before him. He looked back up to Askade, and saw the smile on her face.:: This is Jade?

D’ciq: ::Laughing.:: Yes, that is my friend Jade. What do you think? ::Raising her eyebrow.::

Alexander stood there speechless, there were no words to describe the beauty that his eyes held before him.::

Matthews: ::stuttering.:: She is beautiful Askade. ::Feeling anxious to meet this woman.:: When can I meet her ? ::Thinking to himself that was a dumb question, just then the holodeck computer announced the connection to the Drake was completed.::

Computer: =/\=Program and virtual connection complete. You may enter when ready.=/\=

The doors opened to reveal a small but lush garden on Earth near the coast of North Carolina looking out to the ocean, with a cool breeze coming in from east. Looked to see the sun on the horizon still above it, but just about to set. The sky was turning to the familiar dusk colors of purple and burnt orange. In the center of the garden, there is a table with chairs. They are made of wicker, with a small cooking table over to the left. He and Askade walk into the holodeck, looking around to make sure that everything is perfect.::
All of a sudden there was the sound of the holodeck doors opening again. They both turned and looked at the woman that walked into the garden. Her silhouette glided across the garden towards them, Alexander just stood there as he looked upon the beauty of the lovely woman named Jade Elizabeth Shryker.::

(Holodeck – USS Drake)

Jade was nervous to meet this man, but her friend Askade from the Independence had said real nice things about him. Jade had made a real effort to look her best - and walk without limping. The wounds she’d just received in the explosion on the Drake were tightly bound. The Doc had done a great job of patching her up. She hoped it wasn’t going to put Alex off and he would like what he saw. Wearing a short, figure-hugging black dress, with short sleeves, and black strappy heels, she walked towards him, her hair bouncing as she walked. She smiled at him. He was real cute. Tall, tanned with deep dark eyes. She spotted a long pony tail. A stallion for her.::
Alexander looked at her in awe as she approached him. the way she moved as if she floated on the air. He could see that she was walking with a slight limp, but still the image of her was stunning. He gazed upon her as if he was looking at an angel that came from the heavens to be by his side, he was more than happy at the sight of her in the dress she was wearing. He looked back as Askade just smiled and waved to Jade as she left the holodeck with Audie by her side. He focused upon the lady from the Drake.::

Shryker: Hey there. You must be Alex. :: she cringed as the words came out of her mouth. Who else would it be but Alex?::

Alexander: ::Smiling at her.:: Yes, Lt. Cmdr. Alexander James Matthews. It is my honor to meet you. ::Taking her hand into his and kissing it softly on the back of it, her skin was soft as satin with the gentle touch of his lips. He then presented her the flowers. :: Umm... these are for you.::Giving her the bouquet of red roses from the arboretum.::

Shryker: Thanx! They’re lovely. And thanx for inviting me and all. ::She smiled at Alex, and also D’ciq.::

Matthews: The pleasure is mine to meet such a beautiful woman, and lady. Would you like to have a seat? ::Holding his arm out to her.::

Shryker: Swell. ::She looked at the table set for two, and the sea beyond the garden. Maybe he take her for a walk along the beach after they’d eaten?::

Alexander stood tall over her, but he felt strong and confident around her. As he walked with her to the table, he looked into her eyes as she turned towards him. He found himself getting lost in them, he had to make sure that he was not dreaming as he pulled the chair out for her as she sat down. He pulled out a bottle of wine from the small decanter on the table into her glass. He lit the candles that were there and he looked into her eyes as the flame flickered in them. He poured himself a glass, and sat down in the chair across from he.::

Matthews:I hope that it is warm enough for you.

Shryker: Sure. So__ ::nervously:: what did Askade say about me?

Matthews: ::Looking directly into her eyes.:: She told me that you are strong, tough and beautiful. She was right on everything. Askade has never steered me wrong. You are so very beautiful.

Shryker: ::blushing:: I__ I am _ flattered. ::She gazed at this man. He was handsome. Very handsome. Her heart fluttered slightly.::

Matthews: ::Smiling.:: As you can tell, I’m nervous, but a good nervous. I’m actually starting to feel very comfortable around you already.

Shryker: Me too ::smiling.::

Matthews: Not sure if Askade told you, but I was a marine, then transferred to security and tactical. She told me that you are in security also.

Jade nodded, and sighed softly. Yes she had been in security her whole career. She had the mental and physical scars to prove it. Five times now she had cheated death at her last gasp. This Alexander seemed very special, but all it would take was one more accident or attack, and she may not be so lucky.::

Shryker: Yes, was Chief on my last ship.

Matthews: But enough talk about careers, what would you like to know about me?

Shryker: Oh, lots! Where do you come from, your folks, why did you join Star Fleet? Any crazy adventures. Everything!

He stood up to start making dinner for her. He listened to her voice that calmed him as it made him feel at peace. The last few months all he has done was work and not had the time to enjoy his time off, if and when he took some time. As the sun started to set and the moon started to rise he could see the moonlight start to shine upon her face. He just started to smile at her as he finished cooking. Jade noticed this, her eyes sparkling. She loved his smile.::

Shryker: You happy that the food is ready? ::indicating his smiling face.::

Matthews: ::Taking the food off the fire, and serving it on the plate in front of her.:: I’m smiling at you.

Shryker: Oooh!

Matthews: ::Looking into her beautiful green eyes.:: Because you are very easy to talk to and open up too. Jade, I have not felt this comfortable in a long time. Thank you.

Shryker: Thank you? What have I done? You organized all this.

Matthews: For just being you. ::Serving himself his food, then sitting down to face her. Jade’s heart was pumping now. No one had ever talked to her like that, EVER EVER. ::

Shryker: Oh Alex. ::She beamed with happiness.:: So, come on, tell me all about yourself. ::Jade took a sip of her drink.::

Matthews: I was born in the midwest. My parents live in Ohio. There is a valley where my house is located surrounded by mountains. It has been in my family for generations. My family has served in Starfleet, since it started. My parents are still alive and together. My family has this habit of naming us after military leaders. Myself I was named after Alexander The Great, the Macedonian King. I’m the only child, but I do have cousins and some nieces and nephews. Your turn. ::He started to eat his salad, looking directly into her eyes as the flame flickered in them.::

Shryker: Well, I was born in space. My folks were couriers oO pirates Oo and we travelled all over the galaxy. My father left us when I was very young. ::Jade bit her lip.::, but my Mom kept on working as a trade carrier. My kid brother Ryan and I helped out, even flying the shuttle at times oOand giving covering fire too Oo.

Matthews: What happened to your mother? ::Noticing the pain in her eyes.::

Shryker: Mom’s gone. ::Jade held her Mother’s locket, that was around her neck. It was her only prized possession.:: Ryan’s now with family friends, he’s just a kid.

Matthews: ::He watched her as she touched the locket around her neck.:: Have you seen him recently ?

Shryker: No I don’t see him much. Last time was two years ago. I think he’s forgotten about me.

Matthews: No, I don’t think so, he could not have forgotten you. Why would you think that ?

Shryker: Maybe he thinks I should have tried harder to find Mom. But I was only 17. What could I do?

Matthews: You did just what a sister should have done, be where she was needed, what happened to your mother anyway ? ::Looking at her with concern.::

Shryker: She went missing on a mission. I had to care for Ryan on my own after that. Had to do all things just to survive. ::Jade’s eyes moistened. But she quickly changed the subject.:: So, tell me about the Mercury. ::taking a mouthful of food, then keeping her head lowered, looked up at him with just her eyes.::

Matthews: ::Looking to her eyes as she talked about her mother, then seeing the tears he went along with the change in subject.:: The Mercury is a science vessel, the Oracle class. We are in the Mentar Corridor, deep space exploration. The last mission we were on we encountered the Borg. ::Taking a bite of his food.:: The Mercury is a fine ship, great captain. I work with Eyas Wulfantine he is the Chief Tactical Officer. Commander Kells is the commanding officer, Arden Cain is the first officer. Isaac Green is Chief of Security.

Shryker: I remember Eyas, but the others are new to me.

Matthews: Oh yes, he was on the Indy with you and Askade. He transferred from the Tiger. ::Looking at her glass.:: Would you like some more wine Jade?

Shryker: Yes thanks. ::She smiled warmly at him.::

Matthews: ::Standing up as he carried the bottle over and filled her glass.:: Your welcome. After dinner would you like to take a walk on the beach ? ::Looking into her green eyes that reminded him of a jade dragon that he had seen in a museum. The soft subtle beauty of her face enchanted him.::

Shryker: The beach? I’d so love that. Not been on a beach for years.

Matthews: ::Putting the bottle back in the decanter, then walking over behind her chair, helping her out of it.:: If I may have the pleasure of walking by your side ? ::Smiling.::

Shryker: The pleasure will be all mine.

Alexander made sure that he was on the side where her noticed her limping and gave her support as they walked towards the beach into the moonlight as it reflected off the water. He held out his arm for her to hold on too as they walked into the sand.::

Shryker: Hey Alex, let me take my shoes off. Heels and sand don’t mix.

He held on to her as she took off her shoes, she squeezed his hand tight as she held on. He sat her down to take them off making it easy for her. He felt that he should treat her as woman should be treated, with honor and respect. He helped her up, held her hand in his as they walked down to the shore line as he carried her shoes.::

Shryker: Thanx.

He looked upon her as the moonlight shined in her hair, the gentle breeze blowing through it was they walked along the edge of the shoreline. The tide was coming in towards them, Alexander stopped and took off his boots and rolled up his uniform pants legs, took her hand in his again and walked farther along the beach in the moonlight. He stopped and turned towards her and looked into her eyes.::

Matthews: ::Touching her face gently.:: Jade, I don’t normally do this, but I feel that it’s right and I have to be honest.

Jade’s heart fluttered. She looked up into his eyes.::

Shryker: Yes Alex?

Matthews: ::Looking away for a second, then looking back into her eyes.:: When I was in the marines... there was a battle in a small system on the planet of Camis IV. I was in command of a recon unit that was to defend a Federation outpost. ::Closing his eyes and opening them again.:: We were told that the forces were of low strength and it was just a minor skirmish. When we got there most of the buildings were destroyed, most of the personnel was dead or dying. We fought our way to a hill outside of the town, and found that there were reinforcements advancing, Nausicaan raiders. ::Breathing heavily.:: During the attack my men were killed, I was hit by a phaser, and cut on my arm by a knife. I had no choice but to call in an air strike on my own position, a Broken Arrow. I was the only one that survived.

Jade felt his pain.::

Shryker: Oh Alex, that must have been so bad. But__ I am glad you did survive. ::She smiled.::

Matthews: I was in the hospital for sometime, I have survivor's guilt. A form of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. ::Touching her face again with gentleness.::

Shryker: You must never feel guilty about that. Life must be cherished. Don’t ever forget that. ::Jade moved her head towards him.::

Alexander held her close and took her into his arms. He held her gently as he moved closer to her lips and kissed her softly. The smell of her perfume became stronger and even more intoxicating. The touch of her soft lips felt like satin as he continued to kiss her with a building passion. He had never given himself like this to anyone, but it felt more than right to open himself to her. He stroked her hair with gentleness as he felt himself open his passion to her deeply.::

Shryker: Alex__

Jade ran her fingers across his back, and pulled him closer into her. She breathed in his scent and held him tight, never breaking their kiss.::
Alexander felt his heart beat faster as he kissed her, he felt her pull him closer to her. It was just a holodeck program, but it was so real that he could only be enveloped in the moment. He knew that he had to be with her again.::
Jade knew this was in fact just a holodeck sprite, but it felt so real. She wanted it to be real. To be with this man who she had just met, but felt she had known all her life. She pulled her head back briefly, just to look into his eyes again.::

Matthews: Jade... ::Looking at her with the eyes of passion.:: May I see you again ?

Shryker: Soon__