SIM:Ensign Taneko - Who is this Crazy Person?!?

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238703.26

((Starbase Medical Center, Starbase 118))

::Taneko looked up as a middle-aged woman walked into his office.::

Taneko: Hello. May I help you?

Wyatt: I seem to be having a problem making a appointment with this Star Base chief medical officer. Maybe you can suggest someone who has the authority to handle my problem.

::Taneko was about to ask what her problem was when she just continued talking.::

Wyatt: After my ship was towed to Star Base One One Eight, I was able to inspect my ship's cargo hold. Seven storage containers of Grade A biometric jell are still on board my twin warp sled. My hand scanner shows that the status fields are intact protecting the quality of the biometric jell. Because of damage to my vessel, my shields are down. So my ship does not qualify as a Level One Security Transport at this time. Since I am still legally required to account for the biometric jell, I cannot legally dump the biometric jell into the nearest star or gas giant without third party supervision. Given the value of the cargo, of three million Sol Alliance credits, the Sol Alliance Shipping Authority would black list me if I do not find a legal buyer for the biometric jell.

::By this point, Taneko was questioning her sanity, or his. Most of what she said sounded normal, but he had never heard of anyone dumping biometric gel or of the “Sol Alliance,” or anything remotely related to the “Sol Alliance” for that matter. And what was a “twin warp sled” or a “level one security transport”? Perhaps this woman had escaped from the psychiatric ward?::

Taneko: Ummm, I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about, ma’am.

::There was a beep and then the woman, who Taneko just realized had never identified herself, spoke.::

Wyatt: Excuse me a second.

::She took a device out of her purse and opened it. Taneko wasn’t sure what it was until he heard Cmdr Thelev’s voice come out of it.::

Thelev: =/\= Ms. Wyatt, I am Commander Jhen Thelev, CO of this station. I was wondering if you were free to have a talk about your special circumstances. If it is convenient, I have some time now. If you ask the security officers in the Command Tower they will be able to direct you to me. Thank you for your time =/\=

::She closed the handheld communicator and put it back into her purse. She then looked back to a very confused Bolian.::

Wyatt: Nurse, I guess this conversation will have to be concluded at another time. I do not know who I hate to dealing with worst, CO's of Starfleet bases, Klingon ship commanders, or at large ambassadors. They all tend to give me headaches.

::She reached into a side pocket of her purse and pulled out another obsolete device. Maybe she was from a newly warp capable civilization? No, that wouldn’t explain the “Sol Alliance.” That sounded as if she were from the past, and Taneko wasn’t very good at history, well at least Terran history. She removed the…whatever-it- was out of it's case and it lit up.::

Wyatt: Computer load directions into my Blackberry giving directions from my location to the Commanding Officer of Star Base one one eight office. Computer prove corrections as needed to my Blackberry should I misunderstand the instructions loaded into my Blackberry.

::She *must* have escaped from the psychiatric ward, of that Taneko was sure. Where was this “blackberry” she kept talking about? And why would a food item be able to help her find Thelev’s office?::

Computer: Working. Please follow the directions as loaded into your Blackberry.

::Wait, the *computer* understood her? Maybe the universal translator was malfunctioning…::


Ensign Taneko


Starbase 118

PNPC of Lt JG Sasak