SIM:Ensign Taneko - Do Vampires Like Blue Blood?

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238702.03

((Trauma Center, Deck 504, Starbase 118))

Taneko: And you said you saw a “sphinx”?

Shelley: Yes. Another mythological creature from Earth’s past.

Taneko: That’s highly unusual…

Shelley: It is indeed. I reported it to security and apparently people have been seeing odd things like this all over the station.


Shelley: Let’s hope none of them make their way to sickbay.

::Taneko noticed Shelley scan the late Ensign Canning one more time.::

Taneko: Are you worried about something, Sir?


Shelley: One aspect of the vampire legend is that when someone is attacked, they can, in some cases, return from the dead as a vampire themselves.

Taneko: We definitely do not want that to happen.


Shelley: My thoughts exactly. Let’s quarantine the unfortunate Ensign – keep her body isolated until we can determine whether any of this absurdity has a basis in reality.

Taneko: I’ll have her body transported immediately.


Shelley: Thank you. I’ll contact security and see if I can convince someone that guarding a dead body is a valid use of their time.

::Taneko smiled.::

Taneko: As Terrans often say, “Good luck!”


Ensign Taneko (PNPC)

Nurse Starbase 118