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((Ensign Riley's Quarters, Starbase 118))

::Sidney was busy packing her belongings in the quarters that had been hers while she was at the Academy here on Starbase 118. She had received word that she was being assigned to the USS Wallace and that the ship would be leaving Midway Repair Facility on Monday. The USS Wallace would be her new home. She was so excited about beginning her career in Starfleet on such a great vessel. She had heard that the Wallace was getting an entirely new crew and she was thankful for this, at least she wouldn't be the only one that was new. She couldn't wait to meet everyone and see the ship. She had so much nervous energy that when she had finished packing she didn’t know what to do with herself, it had been so long since she had some time to herself. Sidney had already sent a message to Tavik her half brother on Vulcan about her graduation from the academy and assignment to the USS Wallace. Sidney decided to take one last walk around Starbase 118 before she would leave to join her new crew, her first crew.:

((Corridor-Midway Repair Facility-the next day))

::Sidney had arrived at Midway Repair Facility earlier that morning on a transport. It had been an exciting, yet nervous journey for Sidney. She was excited about reaching her new ship and meeting the crew. It was all she could think about at the moment. Sidney had not talked to anyone while she had eaten lunch and she was now on her way to her temporary quarters. She knew she needed to relax and get some rest, but she had no idea how she was going to accomplish this::

((Timewarp: Outside Holodeck One))

::Sidney was waiting outside Holodeck One when the Commander arrived::

Kare'en: Hello. I imagine that you may be surprised as I am to be here. Before we get started, let's make sure that we're all here.

Kare'en: Lieutenant Commander Stirling?

Stirling: response?

Kare'en: Lieutenant Rumanov?

Rumanov: response?

Kare'en: Lt jg Barlow?

Barlow: response?

Kare'en: Lt jg Richards?

Richards: response?

Kare'en: Ensign Andropath?

Andropath: response?

Kare'en: Ens Never?

Never: response?

Kare'en: And Ens Riley?

Riley: Reporting for Duty Sir.

::Sidney watched as the Commander nodded.She saw Cmdr. Kare'en enter a couple of codes into the console outside the Holodeck doors. The doors swooshed open.::

Kare'en: After you, please...

Ensign Sidney Riley


USS Wallace