SIM:Ensign Sasak - Chowing Down

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238608.18

((Sickbay, USS Tiger))

Solok: I see. ::Break.:: I believe you will find Captain Riley to be a forthright and logical Commanding Officer. Although her Terran and Deltan ancestries provide her with a formidable emotional reserve -- one the evidence of which is by no means lacking -- Captain Riley nevertheless rarely allows emotion or other forms of irrationality to interfere with the performance of her duties. She is, in short, among the most satisfactory of non-Vulcan colleagues. ::Break.:: Did you require any more specific information at the present time, Doctor Sasak?

Sasak: I did not.

::The information given Sasak by the lieutenant commander was more than satisfactory – it gave insight into both the captain’s heritage and deportment. There was silence between the two officers for a moment, before LtCmdr Solok broke it.::

Solok: The frequency of medical crises reporting to sickbay appears to have diminished. Presuming this trend continues, you should consider yourself at liberty to attend to matters elsewhere aboard the vessel. If you have departed sickbay and your services come to be required, I will recall you.

Sasak: That is logical. ::beat:: If you need me, I will be in my quarters unloading my personal effects.

Solok: Very well, Doctor.

::The two Vulcans parted without another word, quietly and efficiently turning and moving in opposite directions. Sasak headed for his quarters; Solok back to his office.::

((Timewarp – Candar and Sasak’s Quarters, Deck 6, USS Tiger))

::Sasak briskly walked the few steps to the door and pressed the release button. The doors swished open. In front of Sasak stood a bright blue Benzite male of approximately 186 centimeters.::

Candar: Hello, I’m Ensign Candar.

Sasak: Greetings. I am Ensign Sasak. As I am sure you were informed by the operations department, we have been assigned to share these quarters.

::The way the Vulcan phrased things made the Benzite smile as he entered the room – his brown eyes glittering with delight. He knew having a Vulcan roommate would be better than the nosy Bolian he had had previously.::

Candar: Yes, of course; that is why I didn’t just walk in – I knew you were moving in to the quarters today and I didn’t want to disturb you by barging in unannounced.

::Sasak rose an eyebrow. That was illogical, as he had been expecting Ensign Candar to return to his quarters.::

Sasak: Thank you, but I was already informed who inhabited these quarters.

::Candar noticed that the other ensign’s “thank you” was partially forced, but Candar was sure that that was the norm for the phrases that did not come naturally to the unemotional Vulcan.::

Candar: Anyway, it is nice to meet you and I’ll let you go about your business.

Sasak: Indeed. ::beat:: Thank you.

::Sasak went back to sit on his bed and meditated until the computer informed him it was thirty minutes before the evening meal with the remainder of the senior staff. During the intervening time, while Sasak had been meditating, Ensign Candar had eaten his dinner and then left to socialize with other emotionally hindered crewmembers in D-10.::

::Sasak replicated a fresh uniform and grabbed his black boots before heading into the bathroom to take a sonic shower.::


::After his sonic shower, Sasak had had some time to read before he left his quarters for the holodeck. The dinner had been announced as informal; however, leave did not officially start until after it was over so Sasak had chosen to wear his uniform. He strode purposefully to the nearest turbolift and walked in.::

Sasak: Deck 5.

::It was a short journey to the deck above, before Sasak disembarked and walked the distance down the corridor to the holodeck doors. The doors made their usual industrial sound as they opened for the Vulcan with blue eyes.::

Ensign Sasak

Medical Officer

USS Tiger