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((En Route from my Quarters to Engineering))

::It was a new day, just like many others. But this one was different... This time, It wasn't the acadamy. This time, it was real. I left my quarters in my new uniform; The gold of operations... of my new position as an engineer on the USS Wallace. My solitary pip gleaming on the neck of my jacket, I walked along the corridor, and was greeted as I past Sickbay by an officer I'd never met before...::

Devar: Hello… hello?

::I felt something in my head... As if she was trying to read my thoughts. I blocked them, with a slight suspicion::

Salak: Can I help you Sir?

Devar: Mr. Salak from Engineering… it is nice to meet you.

Salak: I don't believe I know you Sir...

Devar: I am Lieutenant Commander Devar, First Officer of this voyage on the Wallace to Deep Space 17. Welcome aboard, Ensign.

Salak: Thank you. It is ::pausing hesitantly:: nice to meet you as well sir

Devar: I would like for you to accompany me to the bridge…

::I weigh up my options here... I had been En Route to Engineering, but I could manage many of my tasks from the Bridge. The Commander out ranked me, and the invitation could be interpreted as an order...::

Salak: Of Course sir.

::At that precise moment, the lift doors parted to reveal emptiness. I hesitated to allow the commander to enter before me, but was gestered in. The doors closed as she asked for the Bridge.::

Devar: We've been experiencing some Gravimetric disturbances, and the last I remember the bridge was in a rather hectic state. I think we could really use an Engineering hand up there.

Salak: I'll do what I can sir.

::I stepped out onto the Bridge for the first time, and moved towards the engineering console. Running several diagnostics at once, I found it was quite a while before I looked up, as i heard the Tactical officer calling out...::


::I grabbed the console as the ship shuddered twice::

Kirov: I'm getting sick of that...real quickly...

Tavex: At least you don't get space sick and...::Joran thru-up on his console. His cheeks turned red with embarrassment and he wiped his mouth w/ his sleave.::

Salak: I'm looking into solutions possibly by adapting the inertial dampeners, but i'm afraid I haven't found a solution yet Mr. Tavex. Can I suggest you ask the Doctor for some Space Sickness tablets maybe?

Kirov: I'm reading two energy teathers....They are wrapped around the ship from two points on the spheres surface

Tavex: I don't like the sound of that...

Kirov: In case people didn't notice..we are in a hostile situation. They have captured us and restricted our free movement. I believe it is better that we error on the side of caution and arm ourselves....

Tavex: Good idea, they may try and board the ship and the best stratigic place is the bridge. CMDR?

Kare'en: RESPONSE...

Kirov: Hey i'm not saying they are going to attack. All I'm saying is that if they do I'm going to make them pay for every inch of this ship in their own blood...or what ever it is they have. Commander I suggest we call general quarters and make sure evryone is at their correct station. I suggest we deploy security teams throughout the ship to repel borders if possible.

::I took this as an instruction to leave the bridge. As I proceded towards Engineering in the Turbolift, it ground to a halt. I tapped my combadge::

SALAK: =/\= Salak to Engineering =/\=

::I recieve no response...::

SALAK: =/\= Salak to Bridge, can you hear me? =/\=

::Again, I recieve no response. Just what I needed on my first day. I lift the hatch off the top of the Turbolift and haul myself out before climbing back up to the bridge. I haul the doors open... greated by several phasers pointed at me::

SALAK: My apologies, but it appears the Turbolifts and Internal Communication are offline. The lift stopped between decks 2 and 3 and I couldn't contact you through the Comm System.

::The bridge crew lower their phasers::

Kare'en: Response

Salak: I'm on it Sir... The Inertial Dampeners may need to wait though... Sorry Tavex.

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