SIM:Ensign Morg: A Heroic Death

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:: After Taffaz had explained to Morg what was going on he thought for a minute.::

MORG: Did you check the Central enviroment duct? Someone could put something there and it would spread through the ship.

TAFFAZ: Response

MORG: If it is okay, I'll check it out.

TAFFAZ: Response

MORG: Thank you, sir.

:: Morg started off to the central Enviroment Duct system and when he entered the room he noticed it was quiet.::

oO What in Six-alpha. Oo

:: On the floor was a Ensign who had been manning the area and Morg went to him.::

MORG: =/\=Morg to Dr. Parker. I have an injured man in the Central Enviroment Duct room. he looks like he has a blow on the head. I think-- =/\=

:: Just at that moment a voice spoke behind him and Morg spun around. Standing there was an Orion which he recognized.::


LOKI: Well, you recognized me.

MORG: I killed you on Mik'lilln 4.

LOKI: No, that was my duplocate who took my place. I was going to wait for you here.

MORG: And your the one causing trouble.

LOKI: (Slyly) I could.

::Morg snarled and hit his commbadge.::

MORG: =/\= Morg to Security. Intruder alert in Environmental duct room. A Orion in a Ensigns uniform. =/\=

:: After he was done Loki Spoke::

LOKI: It'll take them awhile to get here. And I'll kill you and disappear.

:: Loki fired a phaser at Morg and he jumped to the side as it hit a panel. Morg roared and leaped at the Orion and tackled it to the ground. The phaser slid across the floor.::

MORG: Now, you'll have to fight the brave way, Loki.

LOKI: (drawing knife) Gladly.

:: The two fought and Morg kept ducking and dodging and he scored a couple of punches. Just then Morg noticed a small device hooked to the duct and he realized it could be spreading the desease. Morg was tossed up take Loki or stop the disease from spreading.::

oO The ship is my responsibility. Oo

:: Morg lunged for the device and ripped it out. Loki plunged the dagger into the Gorn and the searing pain went through him as the device shorted out. Just then Dr. Parker came in with security and Loki was stunned.::

::Morg was leaning against the wall knowing that he was dying. The long Orion knife probably cut his extra large aorta and he was bleeding to death.::

MORG: (rasping) Security. This Orion may be responsible for the disease. Arrest him.

:: The security dragged the Orion out and Morg slid to the ground leaving a trail of dark red blood on the wall. The long knife still sticking out of him. The doctor went to help him and Morg shook his head.::

MORG: It is a death stab, Dr. Parker. I have no hope.

PARKER: I wasn't aware you picked up your medical degree while you were away, Lieutenant. If you don't mind ... I'll be the one to make that call, after I've done all I can do.

MORG: You can try Doctor, but there is no hope. Tell Captain Hurne that I am honored to serve under him and I do not want to be returned home. This is my home and I would like to be buried in space.

PARKER: A bit premature Mister Morg ... we don't bury living crew members, and we don't talk about it either.

MORG: I will talk that way doctor because it is the truth.

:: Morg saw Taffaz come in and Morg saluted weakly.::

MORG: Sorry, sir. I won't be able to help you anymore.

TAFFAZ: Response

:: The area became dim and blackness started swirling around him. He knew this was the end of the line for the Gorn. He died saving the ship and that was the way to go. Dr. Parker was trying to get his attention as he faded, but he ignored her. Doctors keep going when you know what is about to happen. Morg reached into his pocket and took out a gold broach with a blue saphire in the middle.::

MORG: (whispearing) Doctor, take this. This is for you to remember me by. I have no need for it or anyone to give it too. I'd give it to Taffaz (chuckling), but it is a girl's broach.

PARKER: (a tear in her eye) I didn't give you permission to die Mister.

MORG: Good bye. Doctor. Goodbye...Ta...ffaz......

:: Morg slumped down and blackness settled over him forever.::

Lieutenant JG Morg Science, USS Victory