SIM:Ensign Joran Tavex: A few more questions than answers, and a new crewmate...

((Conference Room One))

Kare'en: Before we break up, I'd like to introduce Ensign Tavex who will be joining Barlow in Science. Mr. Tavex arrived just before we pulled out of Midway, so I imagine that not all of you have met him yet.

Joran stands.::

Tavex: Hello everyone, I' am honored to be on the Wallace. Kare'en: Thank you all, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Tavex, if I could have a word with you for a moment.

Tavex: Yes, what is it?

A everyone stood, the Commander went over to the newly-introduced

Ensign and shook his hand.::

Kare'en: Let me again take this opportunity to welcome you aboard, Ensign.

Tavex: Thank you, I am glad to be under your command. I know COMDR. Devar, she was my CO at the Academy Training Mission Meze.

Kare'en: You'll be working with Mr. Barlow on Lt Kirov's team. Sensors are going to be the first priority for Science to get up and running.

Tavex: Alright.

Kare'en: ::nodding towards a corner of the room:: It looks like Lieutenant Kirov is having a small briefing of his own. I'll let you join them. Once that's over, you should contact Medical for a physical and Security for your access codes.

Tavex: Wil do.

Kare'en: Glad to have you aboard, Ensign.

Tavex: Thank you!

Ensign Joran Tavex.