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(OOC: Hello all. I'm not the kind of person to sit around and watch others have all the fun. So, I'm just going to jump right in.)



::Ensign Horne exits the turbolift, almost bumping into a beautiful young Lieutenant. He gives her way and then turns toward the main viewscreen. His eyes squinted in recognition.::

Kirov: Commander, we are approaching Cardassia Prime.

::Horne shakes his head at the sight of the homeworld of the oppressors of his mother's people, then makes his way toward the command chair. Lt. Commander Kare'en is receiving a report of the current situation::

Ensign Zaahn: ...Now that we're closer to the Dead Zone I will be able to get some more scans of the area.

Kare'en: Response.

::Kare'en turns to see the Bajoran/Klingon Ensign standing at parade rest.::

Kare'en: Response.

Horne: Yes sir. Ensign Horne Makra reporting for duty (holds out the PADD with his transfer orders). I was told to report to my department head, but it seems that the Security Chief was indisposed. So I came here. Sir.

Kare'en: Response.

(OOC: Just throw me to the wolves. I don't mind. My Bio tells of my equal love of Security and Science. Feel free to use me as needed. By the way, where can I get a crew roster? Or at least a chain of command? Thanks.)

Ensign Horne Makra
Security Officer