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OOC: If I'm doing anything out of storyline or text, let me know. I'm trying to find a place to jump in but I'm a little unsure on how. Feel free to give any advice or jump in with me - :) Thanks for all the welcomes, hi to you all too! Let's get started...


Feeling a little awkward in her new settings, the newly crowned Ensign

Alana Devar walked around the ship in awe, in search of her quarters. A strange feeling overcomes her, as she is not on duty dressed in a iridescent bluish purple Betazoid traditional dress, slinky in make but appropiate enough to leave plenty to the imagination.::

oOI cannot believe this...Oo

She looks over to the turbolift and makes a right down the adajacent


oOTo choose me...for counselling. My science history more than qualifies for Starfleet regulations.oO

Alana finds her quarters and enters, finding a holographic welcome waiting

for her dismissal from the ship's captain. She bypasses it and walks straight over to the replicator.::

DEVAR: Terran Green Tea, moderate temperature please with two teaspoons of sugar.

A steamy cup is brought before her, and she takes it in hand to sip as she

pleases. She walks over to a mirror and looks at her image and frowns...she has been called lovely often enough, but she didn't see it. She hated her dark eyes and wavy dark hair, and she wished she had a stronger built. Sometimes she thought if she were a man and born of a stronger species, she would have vast possibilities before her. She thought of being Vulcan, how often she tried to mimick their coldness and calculating reserved ways.::

DEVAR: ::sighing:: I will show them that I can be more than just a counsellor...that's all the jobs Betazoids seem to gain.

Just then her door chimed...::

DEVAR: You may enter...

ANYONE: Jump in!!!!!! Response, Please?

Ensign Alana Devar Counsellor USS PHEONIX - CONSTITUTION B