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Ensign Aresee Ventu

"Don't Eat Me!"

September 4, 2005

(( Briefing Room))

::Ventu took the first available seat she saw, right next to the Gorn crewman. She surreptitiously stole a glance at his collar, and saw the three pips of a lieutenant commander.::

oO Great, not only do I have to deal with a big, talking lizard, I have to deal with a big, talking lizard who outranks me...Oo

::As if in response to her thoughts, the Gorn turned toward her. She felt a moment of panic...Gorn weren't telepathic, were they?::

oO But no, he probably just wants to be friendly. Yep, a big, talking, FRIENDLY lizard. Oo

NUGRA: Greetings, Ensign. I'm Lieutenant Commander Nugra, Mission Specialist of the Victory.

VENTU: Er...Greetings...I'm Ar...I'm Ventu.

NUGRA: I hear you are the new Counselor onboard. I welcome you to this ship.

oO He does? Well, of course he does...I probably provide several important nutrients... Oo

VENTU: Um...Thank you...

NUGRA: If I may give you small advice. Commander Phoenix used to be our Counselor. She may have some good points. It is only a thought though, you being here shows you are well trained in the job.

::Ventu almost laughed at him, but caught herself just in time. This Gorn was almost too much...::

oO What's this, you chat up your new counselor before you eat her? I didn't see you talking to anyone else, lizard. Oo

::Hastily, she forced herself to smile at the Gorn, though she had the feeling it came out as a half-smirk.::

VENTU: Thanks. I'll do that.

::The rest of the staff had filed in by now. The doors swooshed open once more and the captain walked in, forestalling any more conversation...::

Counselor Aresee Ventu
U.S.S. Victory