SIM:Ens Rogg: Dragon, Wizard, Chalices, Treasure

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238807.07

(( USS Discovery-B, Eagle's Roost ))

:: Despite the differences between their species, Raj Blueheart and "Steve" Rogg had agreed to have children together. Not having children from each other; the eggs were Rogg's biologically. But Raj was a good friend and was going to help Steve through the miracle of hatching children. The actual raising of the Dachlyd brood had not yet been determined. But between the two of them they planned to incubate the eggs right, with each other. ::

:: Ensign Rogg was just trying to explain that although he had laid eggs in that past, he was not female. He could not lay an egg presently, and although generally referred to as male, he was not as male as guy Terrans, Klingons, Vulcans, and most humanoids. But neither was "Steve" short for "Stephanie". ::

ROGG: No. Not like that. Dachlyds do not possess the distinct sexual dimorphism most Federation species do. You might say that Dachlyds are both male and female. However, only one of the "sexes" is expressed at one time, the other remaining dormant. Healthy, adult Dachlyds pass from one "sex" to the other at least once in their lives.

BLUEHEART: Kinda like a hermaphrodite. Cool.

:: Rogg was annoyed at the generalization, but Raj's acceptance was more important. Biologically, hermaphrodites could act as either sex (and some even functioned as both during a single breeding). An individual Dachlyd had a more definite reproductive role, exclusively being either egg-bearing or seed carrying. But Terran words failed "Steve" Rogg. The Dachlyd could not be accurately described as androgynous, as the male/female distinction was absent from Dachlyd development, identity, and culture. Dachlyds among Dachlyds could either bear eggs or not. External differences were minimal, although "female" Dachlyds had lower muscle mass than "males" and significanly less powerful jaws. In any case, the important matter was that Raj was not marginalizing Steve's gender. ::

ROGG: I suppose so, by Terran definition. So I was Mrs. Rogg before and now I am more Mr. Rogg.

BLUEHEART: ::cheekily:: Too bad. I could've tried hitting on you. ::serious:: Anyway, um, isn't that confusing?

:: For the benefit of his friend, Rogg tried—not for the first time—to consider the situation from a non-Dachlyd view. ::

ROGG: Not that confusing! Okay, perhaps a bit confusing. But the roles associated with males and females, and the gender identities other races have are a much more complicated matter, confusing. Confusing to Dachlyds, at least. Beautiful, too. Terrans are like bats.

BLUEHEART: ::wide eyed:: Bats. Bats? Seriously?

ROGG: I meant that Terrans and bats are similar, see? Because, well. On "Dathis II" there are bats, okay? There are not many mammals on our homeworld, but there are bats and everyone knows about them. The flying mammals have two "sexes", and an individual bat has only one, and it stays that way from birth until it dies.

BLUEHEART: So do aadvarks.

ROGG: oO Aardvarks? Something new to read up on. Oo Terrans are like bats because you have guys and gals. Dachlyds are more like flowers.

BLUEHEART: ::jubilant, raising an eager arm:: Oh! Oh! I know! Because like flowers, you have both male and female parts. Or rather, female and male parts. Right? Ain't I right? Do you have pollen?

ROGG: I forget what I was talking about. Eggs? Raj, eggs are very important. We all come from eggs. I can barely stand someone eating an egg. Wait, were we not about to start raising my eggs?

BLUEHEART: We were! Oh, I am so very friggin' honored to raise your eggs, Steve! I'll be the... mommy, I guess. Because, you know, you're... Steve. And not Stephanie. Which is totally okay with me, either way. So anyway,... where were we? Oh yes! The eggs. *Our* eggs! This is so awesome! Ain't it awesome, Steve? I'm going to be an adopted mom to cute little Dachlyd hatchlings in 200 days! I'm gonna be a mommy!

ROGG: We had better get on that. Eggs do not hatch themselves. Unless they're in moist peat or something, with good heat and ventilation.

BLUEHEART: The Arboretum! It'd be perfect!

ROGG: Wait just a moment - I have no intention of trusting unhatched Dachlyds to the charge of arborists. GAR-den-ers! Or what if some visitor should meddle with the delicate eggs? Or unchaperoned school kids collecting leaves find them? We need to think up a better place.

BLUEHEART: Where are the eggs now? Are they cerulean or aquamarine? Or teal with vermillion polka dots, perhaps? I can't wait to see them. I bet they look like Faberge eggs.

:: Rogg dawdled, prodding about on his PADD before answering. Blueheart was being quite specific, and Rogg wanted to be clear before answering. He also made a note to himself to further read on "aardvarks". Also "Faberge". ::

ROGG: oO Jewels for a czar?? Oo Well, our eggs are glossy vermilion, with matte cerulean spots. So you were somehow fairly close with your picking of pigments. Well done. I daresay you are exhibiting some manner of alcoholic, extra-perception, my good Raj. oO Uncanny. Oo

:: The Dachlyd Engineer thought for a while, and somehow managed a brilliant solution. Not only would this protect the eggs, but possibly give Raj solace since Addyson had moved out. The eggs would incubate in Raj's quarters. Maybe three eggs could not take the place of one child, but between Raj's caring for them and Steve's frequent visits to make certain Raj knew how to care for their eggs, there was a chance. Given a chance to at least smooth the jagged edges of the hole in Raj's life, Steve knew he had to take it. ::

ROGG: Let us hatch the eggs in your quarters. Worry not, I shall set up their incubator and stop by so often you will wish I were elsewhere.

BLUEHEART: ::raising an empty glass:: To eggs then! Symbol of birth and all things pure and innocent... Until adolescence strikes anyway.

ROGG: Hey! I was an outstanding, little lizard, I would have you know.

oO How much trouble could I wind up in aboard a freighter? Glykon's freighter, crewed by stodgy, essentially asocial, older Dachlyds? I guess I made enough trouble just being aboard. Dachlyds are not known for rowdy, extroverted outbursts. Then again, what about my own brood? Their formative years will certainly be different aboard a Federation vessel captained by a Ba'ku. Oo

BLUEHEART: By the way, I have a funny feeling we have some place to be very soon, but I can't quite place a finger on it.

ROGG: ::checking his chronometer:: The awards ceremony. Do not worry, there is time, yet. ::Ensign Rogg was especially fortunate in that while alcohol had a prolonged effect on his cognitive functions, Dachlyd physiology rendered him safe from the more profound effects - relative to his Terran companion.::

BLUEHEART: Huh? Sheesh. I mustn't have gotten the memo. ::shrugging, rolling eyes:: Typical.

ROGG: ::Rogg stood up from the table, his legs responding slower than normal.:: Fret not, gentle Counselor. If you have been ingesting synthehol, you can quickly neutralize its effects. But if you are brimming with ethanol, you may well be the life of the awards ceremony! In any case, you have gone above and beyond your duty in counselling this ensign on his reproductive rights. Thank you.

:: Blueheart and Rogg exchanged their goodbyes. Then Rogg ran off like a goony basilisk with rubber legs. ::

oO Begin restoring the eggs. Slither into the old prosthetic suit. Wriggle my way into my spiffy, dress uniform. Maybe I ought to contact the Captain? Nah. But I should probably meet with Medical if I plan to raise some eggs aboard Discovery. Schedule that. Breakfast. Awards ceremony. Alright, that seems like the bulk of my morning is planned for. Oo

Ensign Inarr "Steve" Rogg d'Squamos
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Discovery-B