SIM:Ens Kira Venroe, "Luck" (flashback)

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((Flashback - Trill - 238109.12 (Two years before she was joined)))

::Being counselled in a group of about 28 people was not the best thing in the world. In fact, to Akyra Sentoss, it was boring to listen to other people's problems. She leaned back in her chair and started drawing on her book, as if she were back in school. Actually, she should *be* in school, considering she was probably one of the youngest people in the room.::

Quartz: Miss Sentoss.

::Kira looked up at the joined Trill.::

Sentoss: Yes, Sir? ::She said hastily.::

Quartz: Would you step outside, please?

oO Busted. Great. Oo

::It was true; she wasn't exactly the best listener of all time, but she *did* want to be there. So, with a sigh and a nod, she picked up her book and pencil, and walked outside, Mr Quartz following her. When she walked outside, however, another Trill man was leaning against the wall. He was rather tall and had short brown hair. Not to mention a rather cheeky grin on his face, but his eyes - as much as he tried - hid a boredom.::

oO Great. Double busted. Oo

::By a member of the symbiosis committee. She didn't even know what she had done.::

Quartz: Miss Sentoss, this is Mister Venroe. He's like to talk to you.

Sentoss: Am I in trouble?

Quartz: No. ::He laughed.:: Mister Venroe would just like to talk to you. ::And then he turned and walked back into the room.::

oO Great, so he's a counsellor. Oo

::There was what Kira would have called an awkward silence for a few seconds, until the man in front of her broke the silence.::

Venroe: Walk with me. ::He said with a grin.::

::She hesitated.::

Sentoss: Why? Where are we going?

Venroe: On a walk?

Sentoss:::Uncertainly.:: Okay.

::She didn't exactly trust this guy, but he seemed nice enough. This Venroe seemed quite happy to walk in silence. Or so she thought.::

Venroe: So. Akyra Juanita Sentoss, why are you here?

::Kira raised an eyebrow.::

Sentoss: Is this a test?

Venroe: Only if you want it to be.

Sentoss: I don't think I understand.

Venroe: What's there to not understand? ::He laughed.:: I asked why you where here?

::Wasn't that obvious by hers being here?::

Sentoss: To get joined?

Venroe: Anything else?

Sentoss: Not that I know of. ::She paused.:: Why do you care? You're just another associate of the symbiosis committee.

Venroe: Actually, no. I'm with Starfleet Security.

::Kira froze in her walking. Was not paying attention in class a federal crime? If it was, she wasn't aware. Did Starfleet even have jurisdiction here? Surely, if she was going to be charged, they'd let her off with a warning, right?::

Sentoss: What . . . what . . . Have I done something *wrong*?

Venroe: God, no. In fact, you've done something right.

Sentoss: So you're trying to recruit me into StarFleet Security? If you are, I have to tell you that I wouldn't make a good Security officer. I majored in Operations topics on Earth, not Federal Security.

Venroe: Relax. I'm not trying to recruit you, and you're not in trouble for anything.

Sentoss: Than what do you want?

Venroe: I want you to be my next host.

::Kira raised an eyebrow. She didn't even know this man. How long had he been watching her for? Had she done something significant?::

Sentoss: I thought that was something that I had to pass tests for, not be chosen for.

Venroe: Hosts can, if they're allowed, choose their next host, but only if the preferred host and the committee agree. Not with each other, obviously, because everyone on the committee might as well be selfish pains, but that's not the point.

Sentoss: Than what *is* the point?

Venroe: I told you. I want you to be the next host for my symbiont.

::Kira leaned against the fence, thinking. Why would this guy, who she has barely met, want her to be his symbiont's next host? Was he delusional?::

Sentoss: Why?

Venroe: Because I see potential in you. I've seen you in action in your classes and courses, I've been given your file. You think pretty quickly, and come up with fast results as well. Not only do I think that you'd be good for this symbiont, but I think this symbiont and my experiences would be good for you, too.

Sentoss: It's just you?

Venroe: Yep. Little old me and this horrible worm. When you think about it, it's not as bad as it sounds. At least you won't have as severe identity crisis as those with more past hosts. You'd wake up in the morning with just me and you in your head. Not to mention that my experience as a Security officer could help you out from time to time, especially if you join Starfleet.

::There was a pause as she considered this. It sounded like he was trying to not only get her to accept his symbiont, but to make her join Starfleet as well. And for what? She had no expertise with space! She tinkered. She wasn't a great one with all that many achievements, but put something small and broken in front of her, and it'd be fixed within a day. Did they even need one of her in Starfleet?::

Sentoss: So if I accept your offer, what happens?

Venroe: You continue with classes and wait for me to get killed off.

Sentoss: You sound enthusiastic about dying.

Venroe: I'm a Security officer. We get killed in the line of duty more than any other officer. The Marines think they're all mighty powerful, when really, they're just as useful as we are, and just as scared in battle.

Sentoss: I'll remember that..

((End Flashback))

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