SIM:Ens. Tobias Brel - Message to the Mogami

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The events in this SIM occurred on Stardate 238608.12

((Brel's Quarters - USS Tiger))

::Brel sat on a stool in his bathroom, staring at his reflection in the mirror. He had just stepped out of the shower and sat, looking with fascination at his arm. The surgery had gone according to plan. Of course, Brel would have to carry out some exercises, morning and night, for several days to ensure that his arm would heal completely but to look at him, no one would know that he had been injured at all.::

oO There must be a scar somewhere. Something to show what happened to you. Oo

::Having looked over his arm from different angles for several minutes, Brel could not find fault with Dr. Solok's handiwork. He was as good as new. At least on the outside.::

oO You'll have to find some way to thank him, you know. Oo

::Brel stood up, splashed some water in his face and made his way back into the main room. His duffel bag remained on the edge of his bed, back where he had hurriedly deposited it when touring the Tiger for the first time. Pulling it open, he emptied its contents onto the bed; two shirts, a pair of pants, a framed picture from his Academy days and a dedicated printed copy of Admiral Vadosia's book 'Meditations on Mediation' that he had been given as a farewell present.::

oO Well, at least you won't have to waste much time on decorating. Oo

::Placing the book on a shelf above the bed, Brel pulled on one of his civilian shirts and his pants, brushing his hair back from his brow. He picked up the picture, glancing at it. His memories of the Academy were largely of unsatisfying classes and fights with the instructors, yet the picture depicted one of the few bright spots of his years in San Fransisco - Cadet Davina Cairns.::

::It had been taken by Tobias' roommate, Karol Krawiec, on a trip they had taken to New Berlin on Luna to attend the Mazurka Festival. In it Brel wore a fur-lined jacket, a hat with a feather and a pair of tan boots, to the considerable amusement of Karol who had told him that everyone would be dressed in traditional Polish costume. In the photograph Davina stood next to him, laughing heartily. They had stayed out until the early hours, dancing, drinking and talking. The music did not appeal much to Brel's taste but he seized on the opportunity to talk with Davina - a girl from Karol's astrophysics lectures that Brel had long fantasized about speaking with but could never summon up the courage.::

oO If it hadn't been for that practical joke Karol pulled you never would have said a word to her, you know. Oo

::For some time he believed that she might be the one for him, ignoring the signs of fragility in their relationship. Ultimately they were only together for three months but they had remained friends after their split, keeping in contact once they both graduated.::

::Smiling Brel placed the picture alongside the book on the shelf and walked over to the nearest computer terminal.::

oO You should send her a message. See how she's doing. Oo

Brel: Computer, start recording. ::He paused for a moment, thinking of what he wanted to say:: Hi Davina, it's Toby here. You probably haven't heard but I received my first assignment recently, as Counselor aboard the USS Tiger. It's been a been an eventful few days - I managed to break an arm wrestling with a giant squid the other day. ::He paused again:: I don't think I'll be ordering calamari any time soon.

::A grin broke out on his face, amused by his own joke::

Brel: Anyway - I now understand what you meant about settling in. I've only just got around to unpacking and it's been a few days. Stuff just kept coming up. The nice thing is though that I've got my own quarters - which I'm sure will make you quite jealous - and an office to myself as well. Plenty of space to call my own. I guess I'll have to start picking up mementos to start filling up all these shelves. ::He waved an arm backwards, gesturing at empty storage spaces.:: How are things going for you? Listen, we'll have to keep track of each others' movements - I'm sure at some point the Tiger and Mogami will cross paths. It's a small universe, right? ::He smiled again:: Anyway, I hope you're doing well and look forward to hearing from you soon. Computer, end message and dispatch to Lieutenant Junior Grade Cairns aboard the USS Mogami.

Computer: Message sent.

::Brel walked back over to his bed, falling backwards onto his mattress with a light thump.::

Brel: Computer, dim lights.

::In the morning Brel would go to his office and start to set the room up the way he would like it - after a good night's sleep, of course.::