SIM:Ens. Maria: Taking the plunge

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Cara Maria
USS Ronin
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((Corridor, Deep Space 17, the Day after the Party))

::Ensign Cara Maria had just stepped out of the transporter beam onto her new duty post, DS17, with the Wallace docked here. She twisted her hair in its familiar ponytail tightly as she held her small bag in one hand, then put the bag on the floor to look around her new home.::

::Unlike most people she was actually glad no-one had been there to meet her, she'd been panicking a little on the journey and the time she had to let herself get used to the space let the first thrill of nerves calm down. The Betazoid/Terran hybrid shook herself mentally and told herself she had to face being found sometime or other and simply hoped the first person she ran into would be female, or at least not feeling any violent emotions. She knew the latter was more probable as she couldn't actually remember the ratio of men to women at this posting.::

::Cara's hand shook a little as she reached to open the door, having been leaning on a nearby wall she then picked up her bag, untangled her hair from her single pip again and ventured outside. For a moment she stood quietly in the me at quite a speed around the corner. Cara instinctively jolted backwards quite a bit as if spooked, dropping her bag as the person came to an abrupt halt. oO Why did the first person I run into have to be over a foot taller than me?Oo she thought as she looked down at her bag to pick it up. It was around then she felt the person's eyes on her and noticed the strange absence of emotions. As she drew back her eyes flicked up to the person's ears. oOThank goodness.Oo she relaxed slightly as she saw the pointed tips of a Vulcan. Now she knew she shouldn't feel intimidated.::

Salak: I'm sorry, do you need assistance?

::Cara swallowed and nodded::

Maria: Yes Lieutenant, I'm afraid I'm lost.

Salak: New here? I'm Mr. Salak, the Chief Engineer.

Maria: Pleasure to meet you Lieutenant Salak, I'm Ensign Cara Maria, your new counsellor.

Salak: Have you been to see the Captain yet, he would want to know you've arrived if you've been posted here.

Maria: No sir, I'm afraid I don't know where I am on the station, is the captain on the Wallace or at the station?

Salak: The Wallace is currently here at this station, most of the crew serve on both DS17 and the Wallace...

Maria: I see. :: The ensign paused, wondering what she should say next, eventually deciding to say...:: Could you give me directions to the Captain, Lieutenant?

Salak: Well I need to see the Captain myself, but I'm heading to Ops first to have a look at the station systems... They've been perhaps a bit too reliable the last few days. Care to come with me?

Maria: Of course sir, I need to learn my way around anyway.

Salak: ::thinking out loud:: Seems logical...

Maria: If you don't mind lieutenant, but after we've seen the Captain would you care to show me where my quarters and office are? I would like to dump my stuff there.

Salak: With respect Ensign, I'm a busy person at the moment. I'll ask for a security officer to show you as I've got repairs to oversee...

Maria: Yes, I see sir.

:: Again there was a slight silence as Cara tried to think desperately of what else she might need to do. As it happened, the engineer spoke first::

Salak: You also need to go to Sickbay for a physical...

Maria: Yes I do, thank you for reminding me, I couldn't think of what else I had to do when I got here.

Salak: Just doing my...

::Before Salak could finish, his combadge chirped::

McLoughlin: =/\= McLoughlin to Salak? =/\=

Salak: =/\= Go ahead Ensign =/\=

McLoughlin: =/\= Gravity has just failed completely on Deck 4. =/\=

Salak: =/\= Understood, Can you handle it without me? =/\=

McLoughlin: =/\= We'll do our best to. =/\=

Salak: =/\= Good, I'll be there when I can. You're in charge down there Paddy... =/\=

McLoughlin: =/\= Understood, McLoughlin out =/\=

Salak: ::To Maria:: Another faulty system... This report is getting grimmer by the minute.

Maria: Well you're not bored... and the Wallace isn't breaking.

Salak: Well the Wallace can fly but she's overpowered. She's a handful to keep in one piece and keeps my department busy...

Maria: To be honest sir you ARE in engineering.

Salak: Well I'd stay away from your office on Wallace for the next hour at least whilst they repair the gravity... unless you want to float around a bit...

Maria: I suppose it would make for a light-hearted chat but I think I'd best not get in your way...

((Outside Captains Quarters, DS17))

::Cara stopped walking as the vulcan she was following stopped,she quickly let go of her hair (which she had been twisting round her finger again) to make herself appear a little more composed than she was for her first meeting with her new captain.::

::The vulcan at her side said something. Cara nodded and took a deep breath as Salak turned back to the door. oO Here we go... Oo::