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((Observation Lounge))

::T'Pen and Turner were toasting the "A", when a junior officer toasted the ship as well. ::

Labria: To the "A"! :: With it Lea approached close enough and wait to be acknowledged. ::

Turner: Good evening, Ensign Labria

T'Pen: ::looking at Turner:: Looks like our Ambassador might need a hypo for the alcohol. Don't they know, we serve the real thing at parties, rather than synthehol ?

Labria: Sir, oh, ups... mean ma’am, I’m sorry Captain. I’m Mailea, your Labria, mean yy-your Ensign, no not that mean I’m Your Ambassador Ensign... :: Sigh!:: Mean to say I’m Ensign Mailea Labria, assigned as ensign, no as Ambassador to you, mean Challenger. :: Lea bowed her head, put a hand on a forehead and shook it. :: oO This was bad! Oo

Turner: Are you okay, Labria?

T’Pen: ::Blinking and Chuckling:: It's alright Ambassador. You're forgiven this one time. Just don't let it happen again. Are you enjoying the dining fair?

Labria: No, well yes, actually maybe, but no, I didn’t. :: Her stomach rumbled angrily, but new notion was stabbing pain. :: oO I don’t like it. Oo What I’m trying to say is that I may be a little drunk, but not really and completely by mistake, s.. ma’am! You see I was trying various food and something I put in my mouth was so... :: Lea made a grimace of disgust. :: ... well not good to me I almost spit it, but didn’t want to be impolite so grabbed a glass in front of me and drank it.

Turner: ::Noting Labria looked a little green around the gills:: Maybe you should sit down, Ensign.

T’Pen: That was probably one of the Regelian Blood Salmon. They have an aquired taste. I'm partial to them because they remind me of a Klingon side dish that you actually have to stab with a fork to eat, lest it spring from the table and run for cover. ::Looking at the Ensign:: Number One, is it just me or is our Ambassador turning a slight shade of green?

Turner: ::nodding:: I believe so, Captain.

::Lea was getting more and more hot, her stomach was grumbling like mad and stabbing pain was more and more often. ::

Labria: Ma’am, I don’t stand alcohol, and knowing that decided to cheat, you see... :: Lea offered her glass to Captain. :: I’m drinking mineral water, looks like Champagne under this light. But that glass I grabbed from buffet table, well it was Champagne and not my water, and I ... :: Now really strong stab cut her stomach, it took her few moments to inhale. :: ...think I should go and report to sickbay!

T’Pen: ::Smiling briefly:: Yes, perhaps you should. Report to my office, when the doctor gives you the all clear.

Turner: Yes, I agree do you need any help getting...

:: Toni stopped mid sentence, moving to keep Labria from falling, but she was too late. Labria was passed out cold on the floor before she could get too her.

Turner: =/\= Commander Turner to Dr. Reed =/\=

Reid: =/\= Read here. =/\=

Turner: =/\= Ensign Labria has passed out. It may be a reaction to Champagne. I don't think she had ever drank any before. Beam her to sickbay from my coordinates and check her over, please.=/\=

Reid: =/\= Yes, ma’am. =/\=

Turner: =/\= Thank you, Doctor. Turner out. =/\=

::A few moments later, Labria was beamed to sickbay, and Toni turned back to T'Pen.::

Turner: ::sighing:: Never a dull moment.

T'Pen: Just make sure that if Parker and Reid's report doesn't list it, that you note that Labria isn't allowed to have alcohol while on duty. ::She patted her FO on the shoulder.:: Supplies and new officers?

Turner: I think that's my cue to get our supplies laid in. I'll go to my office and do it now and talk to the COB.... Captain, again, Congratulations.

T'Pen: Thank you, Number One.

::As Toni left for the Bridge, T'Pen circled around the heavily laden table of food and picked up a couple of the Blood Salmon. In seconds they were eaten and she downed a glass of Champaign, before retiring to her new Ready Room.::

T'Pen: ::Sitting in the redwood chair, she grimaced:: I liked my old chair.