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((DS 24 - Conference Room))

:: Lea was watching commotion in a room quite amazed, she saw this people, well a number of them, out there strong and serious, and seeing them like this was quite a surprise. Almost playful, despite all the Hell outside! ::

oO When I’ll be able to detach so fast? And when will be as comfortable with them? Oo

:: She was standing there for good 15 minutes completely invisible for everyone in that room. Yes there was times when she wanted to be invisible, when was hiding in shadows and listening, observing conversations. But here in this room she absolutely didn’t want to be invisible. She wanted to get to know her new crewmates and ... from grim thoughts wake her loud...::


:: Lea cower. She hated loud people, was even afraid of them. It was nothing explainable, a sensation which tend to hit her every time someone yelled, a sense of danger which was like suppressed or forgotten or inherited memory. ::

Turner: Have a seat, gentlemen, and we'll get started.

::Toni waited until the room quieted again, then spoke softly.::

Turner: I don't know if the Captain can break free from her duties long enough to attend the debriefing. So I'm asking that everyone be as thorough as possible in your department summaries so she will have privy to the information. When we finish I want you all to get some rest.

:: Rest, oh yes. Mailea looked around the room. People looked not just tired, but drained. She was active in this for less than a day and it made her feel old and this people fought for days.::

Turner: DS24 is damaged, but it's now stable thanks to Lt. Commander Netal and the Marines under the direction of Brigadier General Alice Watkins, C/O USS Khafji-MEV 125, 1rst Brigade, 25th SMC Regiment. Also General Watkins is keeping the Khafji in the area to protect the station from any threat from Romulan ships, and leading the effort to find Lt.Colonel Frazier.

:: When people around the room were asked to report Mailea realized she will be, too and that frightened her. She was normally organized and able to predict things as logical as this, but this time failed miserably. She pulled out her old PADD with pieces of previously collected data and at the same time listening with half attention others giving their reports she was filling new PADD with bullets of main points to hers. Few things in those attracted her attention and she noted them to check or ask about. ::

Turner: Ensign Libria your assessment of the Diplomatic prospective, please.

Labria: Excuse me, ma’am. It’s L-A-bria. ::beat:: It is obvious now, from everything previously mentioned in reports and to me from my own investigations that this is not something organized in short time period, but operation planned and organized for a long time and thoroughly. And all evidence are pointing to Romulans and Tal Shiar. My investigation revealed that a number of “new” SLM operatives were Romulans or ill fated Dabh'aelisu whose minds were being controlled, like Head Minister D'Ainak, who was main financier for SLMs new armament. I was able to find which ships were transporting weapons and supplies acquired in this fashion, but couldn’t find the final destination with data available from terminal in Federation Embassy down on Shinraka. Since was occupied with communications since arrival back to station... :: Lea couldn’t but to look at Llewelyn, what made her tremble, and pause for too long to be indiscernible. :: ...this investigation was not proceeded. But I think it should be since believe it may lead us to the main base from which this operation is conducted. And from what Commander Tel-ar reported vicinity of ruins may be the place to concentrate to.

:: Mailea checked her PADD for reminders. ::

Labria: My recommendation is to get in touch with “known” SLM leaders. Those who are here from the start of colony and worked only as honest activists. I heard from “grapevine”... oO Where did I picked that expression? Oo ::she shook her head.:: one of them contacted station in effort to stop bombing and help save lives, what shows a willing to stop the violence and solve this at the table. Opinion of official Government is questionable.

:: Lea took a deep breath, then exhaled heavy. ::

Labria: From the first moment, from first file I had chance to read everything looked wrong here. This planet was wrong for Dabh'aelisu, too close to their archenemy, and from last findings by Commander Tel-ar, to me unfortunately unavailable at the start of preparations for mission, it was accidental last minute addition to the list of much better planets available for colonization. Shinraka was wrong for us to give it to them due to its strategic position; we need it as military installation on the edge of Neutral Zone. So from the first moment we were stealing it from them. We made lot of mistakes, JAG will have to conduct thorough investigation how it happened. But our duty is to give them a second chance and take all their gripes in consideration at the peace table. :: Checking her notes one more time.:: Thank you.