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((Deep Space 24 – Docking ring))

::Prior to arrival to DS 24 Mailea requested permanent dock, what let her dock as soon as arrived! Once aboard the station requested by computer terminal to show her the way to Commander Turner’s office as was ordered.::

::Familiar yellow stripes of light along the corridor took her to the turbolift not far away. Station was eerie quiet. It was absolutely obvious there is something wrong, and not slightly, but very wrong. Turbolift took her up and again into almost empty corridor. Following yellow light brought her to a door behind which young Lieutenant looked at her quizzically. ::

Labria: I’m Ensign Mailea Labria, assigned as Ambassador to USS Challenger. I’m here to report to Commander Turner.

::Girl got up behind the table, take a look at orders and peeked in the door.::

Elrod: Commander, there is an Ensign Mailea Labria here to see you. She says she is the new Ambassador for the Challenger.

Turner: oO Ambassador? Hope she can use a phaser. Oo ::sighs:: All right, Angie, I'll see her.

:: Mailea couldn’t but to smile on thought, but unprepared didn’t pay attention to be sure which of women here that thought belonged to. When entered a room beautiful woman of the calmest demeanor Mailea encountered since left Vulcan was settling into her chair, then looked. ::

((Deep Space 24 – FOs Office))

Labria: :: Mailea just bowed a little, and didn’t offer Commander Turner a hand despite knowing the custom. But seeing quizzical look on woman’s face offered explanation. :: I’m telepath. And strong, when at that. Mostly can control myself, but at touch my reading is involuntary with those not trained in mind-block.

Turner: Replicate yourself something to drink and have a seat, Ensign.

Labria: I’m fine, thank you. Took needed nutrients just prior the docking. oO I’m nervous, why? Oo Thank you. :: But accepted offered chair, handing a PADD with her orders to Toni.::

::Taking a quick look at her PADD, Toni closed it and got to the crux of the matter at hand.::

Turner: I want to make myself perfectly clear from the start. It doesn't matter if you're telepathic or not, or how strong your ability is, as long as you control it as the Betazoids try to do and not intentionally invade anyone else's thoughts. Understood?

Labria: Ma’am, I’m trained reader. I’ve spent 8 years on Vulcan Psi Academy. When prepared for it I can even block involuntary reading lingering thoughts and even more important to me emotions.

Turner: Now, about the current conflict on the surface of Shinraka.::shifting in her chair:: Do you know anything about the Dabh'aelisu?

Labria: Yes I do, actually. "The Dark" were for a long time friendly and were preparing to join Federation. After all you help them to escape into safety and to build this, say “colony”. Do we have any information on who are members of that Shinrakian Liberation Movement? Isn’t it possible they are planted? oO Probably stupid question asked thousand times and answered even more, but have to start somehow. Oo

Turner: We don't know who is behind the SLM as yet, nor if any other culture is behind it. I'm waiting on information about their activities now, but I'm certain that not all the Dabh'aelisu share the same feelings as the radicals.

Labria: But they never before showed any violent behavior, and now of a sudden we have well organized fraction with lot of armament capable of spreading havoc throughout the Capitol city, and not just there. Are you sure they are not imported?

Turner: The SLM has been in existence since the day we brought the Dabh'aelisu to Shinraka, but until recently they had only been involved in small outbreaks of unrest, and preserving those things that are important to their history. But now it's clear that the younger members of the group are taking the fundamentals of the group to a higher level of fanaticism. The planet was given to them by the Federation, and most of the officials want to be a part of the Federation and have worked toward that goal. The radicals feel that the planet has been overrun with outsiders, and they see them as a threat to their culture. But to answer your question, it is highly possible that they have outside influences.

Labria: And you say those Radicals want all “aliens” away? :: Mailea went quiet for just a moment. :: In a way I don’t blame them. But you’ll have to tell me more about colony, I’m sorry, about Shinraka and its government. I think I read somewhere that official government want “outside help”, just this radicals want “clean” Shinraka. Is there a way I could talk to some of those officials?

Turner: The one to talk to would be Senator Rhian D'Heyahh, but I checked and he is off the planet at present. However, I can arrange a meeting with his wife, Ael. She knows as much as he does, maybe more, since she stays in touch with the people and acts as his liaison. She also has strong ties with the Government Ministry.

Labria: They must know more about those people then we can collect ourselves and more then are willing to say. Maybe will not tell me, but not knowing I can “hear” them may share something between themselves what may help. I’m not saying here they’re viciously hiding things from us, but may just be ashamed of their own kind acting as they do.

::Toni frowned. Had she not just told the Ambassador that she was not to invade any one's mind purposely?::

Turner: ::Standing up:: Ensign, evidently you don't know as much about the Dabh'aelisu as I thought you might. ::moving to the side of her desk she half sat and half leaned against it, resting one hand on her obvious pregnancy.:: When we brought them to Shinraka, they were fleeing from the Romulans, namely the Tal Shiar. Do you have any concept as to why?

Labria: Must admit, not exactly.

Turner: The Dabh'aelisu are an evolved telepathic form of the Romulans. The Tal Shiar had condemned those with the telepathic powers to exile or death, so they claimed sanctuary within Federation Space as they preferred to relate to Federation and Human ideals rather than Romulan. If you talk to them with the intent of reading their mind, they will know it, and think of it as a betrayal. It could sway them to support the radicals. So until you can control the notion to “hear” them, I cannot let you go near them as it was found out later that many of them had the ability for mind manipulations they could use for psychological tactics against us.

Labria: Ma’am. :: Mailea looked at woman gently, with a smile and talked slowly, slower than before. :: You seem as one more of people who think readers are Mages of old. ::beat:: We’re not! Telepathy and empathy are senses as any other. :: She waved hands trying to find proper words. :: You can see! And if something is happening on a brink of your vision. ::Mailea waved her hand on her side to the back for few moments and then turned her head fast to see her hand. :: You mostly have a need to turn and see what is going on. But you saw it even before you turned to “stare”. As is a big difference between seeing and staring at, it is also between hearing and... ::Mailea trembled violently.:: ... extracting thoughts. I wowed never to invade anyone’s thoughts nor temper with emotions. :: Mailea decided not to tell her, at least at the moment. :: And I will absolutely do my best not to. :: Observing serious look on woman’s face Mailea decided it’s a time for joke. :: And... I can use a phaser.

Turner: Fine, if you think you can do that, then I'll have the Senator’s wife come to the station and meet with you here in my presence. I think she will be more open if someone she knows well is at the meeting with you. ::Standing up straight:: For now, you are to go see Dr. Reid for the required medical evaluation, and Dr. Aadi for your psychological evaluation.

::Going back to sit down at her desk, Toni arrange Mailea quarters and security codes.::

Turner: Your quarters are located on this module Deck 46 Suite 4627. ::giving her the security chip.:: keep this with you at all times.

Labria: Yes ma’am.

Turner: I'll let you know when Ael can be here. Until then, we are on alert, and you are not to leave the station.

Labria: After meetings with Dr. Reid and Aadi I’ll be in my quarters, thank you.

Turner: Welcome to the Challenger, Ambassador.

Labria: Glad to be here, ma’am.