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((DS 24 - Antonio's))

oO Antonio’s, how interesting. Oo :: Mailea smiled. Magical Rome was one of places Mailea visited during her Academy years. Ancient Etruscan history of a town on seven hills was the most interesting to Mailea. And Antonio’s was charming little restaurant in a same house where she rented a room for those fascinating three days. ::

Aadi: ::giving the waitress the menu:: I'll have a Pepperoni Pizza with onions, black olives and extra sauce, and a pitcher of beer. ::looking at Labria:: and the young lady will have...?

Labria: Artichoke And Greens Savory Tart, and bring me mineral water cooled on 2 degrees Celsius.

::The waitress left to get the order, and J.T. anticipated a possible question.::

Aadi: ::chuckles:: Don't worry, when we left my office, I went off duty for the evening.

Labria: I had hopes it may happen. :: Mailea answered jokingly! ::

Aadi: Actually, when an evaluation is done within a week of being assigned, there is no need for another evaluation. Basically, all I need to know is if you have been assigned quarters and if there is anything else you require, and since we are in a mission of sorts now, I'll do a follow up evaluation sometime during the next shore leave. That is, if you don't have any questions or anything you want to talk about now.

Labria: Uh, slow down, Sir. :: She smiled this time sheepishly. :: Let’s see. Yes I am assigned quarters, and got my command codes from Commander Turner. :: Mailea trembled. :: Questions, oh have thousand, just how much you can help?

::Noticing her tremble, he smiled to ease her tension.::

Aadi: That would depend on the question.

Labria: Ooo! :: Mailea just wasn’t ready to open her heart. :: You see I’m used to be mostly alone. I’ve spent 25 years searching for my heritage.

Aadi: Why were you so driven?

Labria: Why? :: Mailea was honestly surprised with a question! :: I had to know!

::He nodded, although it was his experience that some things were better left unknown, but realized his life had been a lot different than hers, and he would have been curious too, had he been constructed.::

Labria: The most important thing I had to know, to find out is that I’m not wrong, not guilty. Readers remember, if nothing else, then their mother’s mind, from the time in a belly. I remembered nothing from before they awoke me, when was found. And I was by their assessment between 3 and 5 years old. So I just had to know... something... anything! :: Mailea paused and something heavy, painful passed over her face. :: When you’re constantly accused you tend to believe you’re guilty, even if you’re not.

Aadi: ::rubbing the stubble on his chin:: Well, I hope you realized you were not at fault that they kept it from you.

Labria: Yes, now I know it was done intentionally and for my own protection. Have written proof with explanation of how it was done so thoroughly. :: She inhaled as it is the hardest thing in the world and exhaled slowly with sadness in her eyes. ::

::J.T. resisted the urge to pat her hand to comfort her. He had never felt comfortable touching someone with empathic abilities, not even Danzia as close a friend as she had been.::

Aadi: I can imagine it was difficult to face it alone.

Labria: Why alone? And who would go with me? I “maybe” have family, meaning living brothers and sisters. Maybe even one or two of my parents still live. Among those whose names I know of... ::beat:: talking my parents, were not my Vulcan and El-Aurian ones. The others are deceased.

Aadi: ::quietly sincere:: I'm sorry to hear that. They may have been able to help ease your loneliness.

Labria: I was waiting for almost 8 months for any of my siblings to appear in “father’s” safe house. But nobody appeared. And friends from Academy, huh!

Aadi: Friends are good, but they don't replace the need to belong to a family. Guess you feel like a loner.

Labria: Its wrong, counselor! I am not loner. I’m just different. ::beat:: You see, to can form relationship you need a certain level of emotional maturity, and it’s not just in love relationships, but every relationship. Friendship, too. When was on Academy for the first time I was too young.. :: Mailea waved her hands like pushing something away. :: Sorry, too emotionally immature.

Aadi: It's alright... not having anyone to set the example, it's understandable.

Labria: Yes I still am, and life in solitude didn’t help much in learning how to form positive and qualitative relationship. But I’m young! I’ll learn!

:: The waitress returned with Pizza and Tart, and they started to eat.:: ::J.T. took a bite of pizza, and then pulled a string of cheese from his chin.::

Aadi: ::smiling:: Yes, youth has its benefits. There's always time to learn, but I must say that learning to cope with loneliness is a lesson that has to be learned every time you are face with it. Take me as an example... for years I played the field, dating a lot, but not really having anyone I cared about. I always felt alone, even when I was with someone, and just when I felt I could cope, I met someone who filled all the holes in my life. But now, that she is away, I'm having to learn to cope all over again. I don't know if it is better not to have someone, or to have someone and not be able to be with them.

Labria: From my point of view it’s better to have someone at least “out there”, then to be completely alone. But the truth is in the eye of beholder. But shouldn’t you “know”?

Aadi: ::chuckles:: No, even counselors have their highs and lows like everyone else. Having a good knowledge of psychological problems does not make us immune to them.

Labria: But should help to overcome them... :: She smiled gently and somewhat ashamed. ::

::They continued to eat, making small talk, and when they were finished, J.T. helped her find her quarters, and then went to his.::