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Ann'ita H'tok'An'l
Science Officer
USS Drake
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Ensign H'tok'An'l gives her superiors a unique look at Zm'bo'ei culture...

Ensign H’tok’An’l - “Best Birthday Surprise Ever!”
((Science Lab One, USS Drake - Stardate 239004.22))

::Ensign H'tok'An'l, a grey-skinned humanoid, roughly five feet in stature, of the Zm’bo’ei race, with skin that constantly flaked off like a snake’s, had just completed the preliminary analysis of the Temporal Displacer, as the Sci-folk had taken to calling it, when Lt Pandora entered the lab. It wasn't much of a report, honestly; it merely reflected the material composition of the pieces: a synthetic duranium polymer of Ishkarian fabrication, for the most part, with a power core of tri-lithium-carboxylic-oxide. But it was her duty to bring it to the Commander. She was used to such mundane activities; that’s mostly what scientists did, after all: the mundane. Sitting, staring at console, running simulations, filing reports, getting their names in the footnotes of their superiors’ research papers. It was what she signed up for, but today she was feeling a bit melancholy about it. She missed home... and now they were two and a half millennia removed from it in addition to the spacial distance. And, to top it all off, it was her birthday...::

((Elsewhere in the Science Labs - Meanwhile))

Brice: =/\= Karynn to engineering. =/\=

Pandora: =/\= Go ahead, Commander. =/\=

Brice: =/\= I think I could use a little help making heads and tails of this time device. Could you spare a brain? =/\=

Pandora: =/\= Something will be arranged. =/\=

((A short while later...))

::As Ensign H'tok'An'l approached the CSO and CE, her eyes became fixed on the plate that the Android had just placed in front of the Commander. Her mouth began to water and her melancholy swiftly dissolved into pure glee.::

Brice: What is that?

Pandora: A brain. Or at least the closest that the Drake's replicators can provide to one. It's is non-functional, unfortunately.

Braice: Why?

Pandora: In case my assumption about your *actual* meaning was in error.

::Before Commander Brice could answer the Lieutenant, H’tok’An’l dropped the PADD she was carrying next to the plate and picked it up, turning with a wider smile than anyone had

H’tok’An’l: Commander, how did you know!?

Brice: Know what?

H’tok’An’l: Raw brains are my favorite meal from back home! I was hoping to have some for my birthday today, but... we Zm’bo’ei never order our own; it has to be a gift from someone else or it’s just... too depressing!

Pandora: A logical approach.

Brice: So you want to eat it?

Pandora: Would you rather it went to waste?

Brice: No?

H’tok’An’l: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is the best birthday gift I’ve gotten since the party my parents through just before I left for the Academy!!! Thank you soooooo much, Commander!

Brice/Pandora: ((R))

::The Zm’bo’ei ecstatically carried the plate into the nearby break room and began literally digging in; raw primate brains were traditionally finger-food to her people. Meanwhile outside, the Android was showing the CSO emotional concern.::

Brice: You’re welcome?

Pandora: ::to Brice:: Are you well?

::From the nearby break room, the Zm’bo’ei woman could be heard happily muttering as she ate...::

H’tok’An’l: Mmmmmm... Brains...

((To Be Continued...))

((OOC: Yes, “Zm’bo’ei” is an anagram of “Zombie” ::wink::))

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