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SIM:Ens-LtJG James T. Kolk - The Once & Future Kolk


Part I

James T. Kolk
Science Officer
Starbase 211

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Ensign James Tiberius Kolk - “The Once & Future Kolk, Part I”
((Sickbay, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701: No bloody, A, B, C, D, or E) — Holodeck 27, Deck 482. Starbase 211, Dorvan Sector, Alpha Quadrant - Stardate 239109.07))

::Dr. McCoy stood with his back to a 23rd century biobed, on which lay one version of Captain Kirk. The other stood in front of him, with Commander Spock (or in this case, a 24th century Ensign James T. Kolk, playing the role of Spock) standing next to Kirk. Kolk had programmed the holodeck to replace his own short brown hair with Spock’s black Vulcan hairstyle.::

McCoy: He'll be regaining consciousness soon, and not knowing what his physical state is, I don't think I dare give him a tranquilizer of any kind. I think we'd better bind him.

Kirk: ::dismissively:: Yes. yes, all right.

::McCoy stepped over to the biobed and tended to the patient, while the other two men talked.::

Kirk: What's the matter with me?

Kolk as Spock(a.k.a. Spolk): Judging from my observations, Captain, you're rapidly losing the power of decision.

::The doctor angrily turned away from the biobed and toward the stand-in-for-a-Vulcan..::

McCoy: You have a point, Spock?

::Turning toward the Doctor for a moment, then back to the Captain as he went on.::

Spolk: Yes, always, Doctor! We have here an unusual opportunity to appraise the human mind, or to examine, in Earth terms, the roles of good and evil in a man. His negative side, which you call “hostility,” “lust,” “violence,” and his positive side, which Earth people express as “compassion,” “love,” “tenderness.”

McCoy: It's the Captain's guts you're analyzing! Are you of that, Spock?

Spolk: Yes, and what is it that makes one man an exceptional leader? We see indications that it's his negative side which makes him strong, that his “evil” side, if you will, properly controlled and disciplined, is vital to his strength. ::turning to Kirk:: Your negative side removed from you, the power of command begins to elude you.

Kirk: What is your point, Mister Spock?

Spolk: If your power of command continues to weaken, you'll soon be unable to function as Captain. You must be prepared for that.

McCoy: You have your intellect, Jim. You can fight with that!

Kirk: ::weakly:: For how long?

::Up until this point, Kolk had simply been reciting the official transcript as he’d memorized it years ago when he studied the Enterprise’s five year mission at the Academy, but it was at this moment that he broke character a little and spoke from his heart, changing just the last few words.::

Spolk: If I seem insensitive to what you're going through, Captain, understand I know the internal struggle between good and evil all too well...

::At that point, Scotty’s voice came over the intercom, preceded by the old-style whistle.::

Scott: =/\= Captain Kirk. =/\=

::To respond, Kirk had to walk across to Dr. McCoy’s office and lean awkwardly over the desk to flip a switch.::

Kirk: =/\= Kirk here. =/\=

Scott: =/\= Mister Scott, sir, on the lower level of the Engineering deck. I've found a new trouble with the transporter. The casing has a wide gap ripped in it. The main circuits have been burned through. The abort control circuit is gone altogether. =/\=

::This time Spolk broke character simply because he’d never understood how the original crew could’ve missed such an obvious alternative, and if anyone should’ve thought of it, that person was Spock.::

Spolk: With the Transporters no longer a viable option for retrieving the landing party before they freeze to death, might I recommend sending a shuttlecraft for them, Captain?

::Before the holographic Kirk could answer, an entirely different whistle, alien to the holodeck characters though extremely familiar to the 24th century Starfleet Officer, heralded another intercom signal. The voice of a Ferengi Lieutenant followed closely thereafter.::

Quolt: =/\= Ensign Kolk, report to the Commander’s Office. =/\=

Spolk: ::to Kirk:: Excuse me, Captain. =/\= Computer, halt program and save. =/\=

::Jim Kolk tapped his holographically hidden, yet still there, combadge while thanking the Engineers who’d come before him for developing the far more efficient method of communication.::

Kolk: =/\= On my way, Lieutenant. =/\=

((Station Commander's Office, Deck 456, Starbase 211 - Several Minutes Later))

::The first time Jim had been summoned here — just after changing his name, actually — he'd been very glad that the design was substantially dissimilar to the corresponding office module on Deep Space 17, because his most recent memory from that Starfleet Station Commander's Office was not a pleasant one, to say the least...::

((Flashback: Station Commander's Office, Deep Space 17, Universe 107-LS9 - 7 Years Ago, Stardate 238404.02))

::After appearing in the middle of Ops, Lt. Jackford B. Kolk ignored the surprised look of a security officer, replaced the second pip on his collar, and walked straight to the door of the Station Commander's office. He pressed the door chime. Once the door opened, he clenched his jaw, stepped forward, and spoke.::

Lt. Kolk: Sir. ::He saluted.::

::The doors to the office parted and Commander Danny Wilde didn't even bother to look up..::

Wilde: What is it, Kolk?

Lt. Kolk: I know that Lieutenant Walker returned a while ago from the other DS17. I was just there myself, actually, though I wasn't able to accomplish much. I thought I'd check in with you to--

::Danny looked up from his computer terminal, the screen image still focused in Engineering.::

Wilde: Oh really? Do you know the nature of Lieutenant Walker's orders? No! You don't! He takes them only from me and I do not think divulging them to you would make the slightest difference. Lieutenant Walker is still on their DS17. Lieutenant Commander Walker is in our Engineering, not our Walker.

Lt. Kolk: What!? I spoke to him myself before I crossed over!!

::Jack cursed himself for being so gullible. He should've known better. And now the Commander thought even less of him. He was beginning to suspect that Reed might be talking to Wilde behind his back, trying to discredit him and take Chief Engineer from him. He never should've made the ungrateful woman Assistant Chief. Danny stood from behind his desk.::

Wilde: And who authorised you to!? Thought you'd secure yourself that long awaited Lieutenant Commander's pip? Well you can forget it! You alone could have put the rest of this project at risk.

Lt. Kolk: I'm sorry, Sir. I'll return to the other--

Wilde: You will do no such thing. As of now you are relieved of duty. Your access to the Chroniton Wave equipment will be restricted; your access codes changed. If you make any attempt to return to Engineering or speak to any of your former staff, I will have you for treason, as well as insubordination.

::He emphasised the word 'former' to make Jack aware that he was no longer Chief of Engineering. He smiled as the realisation sank in and Jack began to panic.::

Lt. Kolk: What!!?? You can't do th--!!

::They both knew he could. Danny had planted evidence to secure the arrest and imprisonment of his predecessor as Commander of DS17 - for conspiring with the enemy. Danny's rage overtook him and he struck the junior officer, sending him to the floor. Jack fell sideways, hitting his head on the wall beside him almost as hard as the Commander's fist had hit him. Wilde moved around the desk and grabbed the man by the arms, pulling him up face to face. He fought to remain conscious, the feeling of hands squeezing his arms was the last feeling to penetrate the fog encroaching on his brain, along with the fading sound of the furious Cmdr. Wilde.::

Wilde: ::coolly:: I can do anything I want, Lieutenant. This is my station, and my experiment. Do you think I didn't know anything about alternate universes when I "slipped' that file into Engineering? You are not going to ruin this for me.

::Kolk lost consciousness and Danny let his limp body thump to the floor. He stood up and dusted off his hands before pressing a button on his wrist command.::

Wilde: =/\= Commander Wilde to Security. Lieutenant Kolk is to be placed in the brig under close guard. Please transport him there. =/\=

((End Flashback))

::By now though, he was much more comfortable in the Commander's Office, and much more comfortable with this Commander. Commander Josephina Pacelli was a dark haired woman, slender and strong, and Jim had come to respect her a great deal since his release into, essentially, her custody for a year, after which time his probation was rescinded and he was made a full Ensign. Now, another year, plus, later he had built friendships, becoming a welcomed member of the crew. He was happy, if a bit bored, doing research on the same station where he'd been born. He was curious why Pacelli had asked to see him, but not concerned; he'd been a model officer for the past two and one-sixth Sol-years.::

::Jim entered quietly, a PADD with the latest report on his research project in his hand, in case she wanted to see it.::

Pacelli: ::gesturing to the chair to one side of her desk:: Have a seat, Ensign.

Kolk: ::He sat, placing the PADD on her desk.:: Thank you, sir.

​ ((To Be Continued in Part II))

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Ensign James T. Kolk
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Part II

James T. Kolk
Science Officer
Starbase 211
Lieutenant J.G.
Orsisius "Kit" Kizito
Science Officer
USS Columbia
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Ensign James Tiberius Kolk - “The Once & Future Kolk, Part II”
((Station Commander's Office, Deck 456, Starbase 211, Dorvan Sector, Alpha Quadrant - Stardate 239109.07))

::By now though, he was much more comfortable in the Commander's Office, and much more comfortable with this Commander. Commander Josephina Pacelli was a dark haired woman, slender and strong, and Jim had come to respect her a great deal since his release into, essentially, her custody for a year, after which time his probation was rescinded and he was made a full Ensign. Now, another year, plus, later he had built friendships, becoming a welcomed member of the crew. He was happy, if a bit bored, doing research on the same station where he'd been born. He was curious why Pacelli had asked to see him, but not concerned; he'd been a model officer for the past two and one-sixth Sol-years.::

::Jim entered quietly, a PADD with the latest report on his research project in his hand, in case she wanted to see it.::

Pacelli: ::gesturing to the chair to one side of her desk:: Have a seat, Ensign.

Kolk: ::He sat, placing the PADD on her desk.:: Thank you, sir.

Pacelli: I must say, when I first read your record, I couldn't believe Starfleet planned to release you at all, much less so soon. I expected you'd be a handful to say the least, if not a danger to this station and everyone on it. ... But you've proven me wrong. Very wrong. To be honest, when Khell first told me you'd been helping out in Engineering during your off hours, I had him triple check everything you did to be sure you weren't planting bombs or something.

::Jim shifted in his seat, smiling nervously, not at all sure where the Commander was going with this... and painfully aware that her fears had once been warranted. But then again, the mention of his record reminded him of the day he’d put that life behind him... for good, he hoped.::

((Flashback: Deep Space 17 - 3 Years Ago, Stardate 238808.01)

Kolk: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been five years since my last Confession.

::On the other side of the screen, the priest’s voice broke through the wonted solemnity of the Confessional.::

Fr. Pat: Jack, is that you?

Kolk: Well, yes, but...

Fr. Pat: ::chuckling:: You were just here a month ago, what do you mean five years?

Kolk: Sorry, I didn’t realize you’d know him.

Fr. Pat: ::chuckling again:: What? Jack, you’re not making sense.

Kolk: I know, Father, but, if you’ll— ::He stopped himself, sighed and decided to try a different approach.:: He’s - I mean, I’ve told you about my alternate self, right?

Fr. Pat: Yes...

Kolk: Well, I’m him.

Fr. Pat: Oh. ... Oh! Well, in that case, I’m sorry to interrupt; I’m sure you’ve got a lot to confess.

Kolk: ::frowning:: Yes, thank you, Father. Uh… where was I?

Fr. Pat: “It’s been five years...”

Kolk: Right. It's been five years since my last Confession. In that time I’ve killed hundreds, if not thousands, of people; I've stolen a runabout, destroyed a starship or two, destroyed a few space stations, destroyed an inhabited star system, terrorized several people, and kidnapped a few people, including a young Vulcan girl.

::He wasn’t sure why he’d so specific about the girl, especially considering she’d simply thought he was her “uncle” Jack at the time, but...::

Fr. Pat: Is that all, my son?

Kolk: Um... Yeah... I think so. ... I mean, Yes, Father.

Fr. Pat: Now, make a act of contrition.

::Jack folded his hands and closed his eyes to pray, making a conscious effort to mean every one of the words he’d known since childhood, especially the ones about firmly resolving to amend his life...::

Kolk: O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended You, and I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell, but most of all because they offend you, my God, who are all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Your grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. Amen.

Fr. Pat: God, the Father of mercies, through the death and resurrection of His Son has reconciled the world to Himself and sent the Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of sins; through the ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace, and I absolve you from your sins ::making the sign of the cross over him:: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

::As the priest said the words of absolution, Jack could feel a great weight lifted off his soul. He had believed in the reality of the grace of the Sacrament before - though not for a long time - and believed far more so after his bridging meld with the Jack from this universe, performed by LtCmdr. Valis, but now he felt the power of God's grace personally, more powerfully than he ever had before. He knew he had a long, long road ahead of him if he was going to get his life back on track, but he also knew that God would help him do it, so with fervor he assented to the priest’s prayer and completed the rite of Confession with joy.::

Kolk: Amen.

Fr. Pat: Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.

Kolk: His mercy endures for ever.

Fr. Pat: You've made a good Confession. If you recall anything you've forgotten later, I want you to know that it is forgiven, but be sure to mention it in your next Confession.

Kolk: Yes, Father.

Fr. Pat: Now, for your penance, I'd like you to pray daily for a month for the repose of the souls of all those you've killed.

::Jack smiled, that was a terrific idea, and he looked forward to doing it, probably for more than a month, actually.::

Kolk: Thank you, Father. I will.

Fr. Pat: ::smiling:: Good. Now, I'd appreciate it if you'd do me one favor.

Kolk: Anything, Father.

Fr. Pat: Could you find a different confessor next time? I don't know if I can keep you and your... twin separate.

::”Twin.” He liked that. Maybe now they could be more like twin brothers instead of arch nemeses.::

Kolk: Oh, don't worry, Father. I'm being sent home to Starbase 211.

Fr. Pat: Oh, good. I know the priest there, Father Giles. He'll take good care of you.

Kolk: Thank you, Father. ::rising to leave::

Fr. Pat: The Lord be with you, my son.

Kolk: ::smiling:: And with your spirit, Father.

::As he walked out of the Confessional and back into the hall, where the Security officers waited to take him back to his cell, he was already whispering the words of his penance.::

Kolk: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them...

((End Flashback))

Pacelli: But your research has been impeccably conducted, Janx tells me you've taught him more than a few things about multi-dimensional physics, and the station's transporters are the envy of every other Station Commander in the Alpha Quadrant. ::pausing and smiling widely:: I must say, Jim, I don't know what I'm gonna do without you.

Kolk: ::brow furrowing:: Uh... I'm sorry, sir, I don't follow.

Pacelli: I've known for a while now that station life doesn't challenge you; that's why, several months ago, I sent a recommendation to Starfleet Command to have you assigned to a starship. I didn't want to tell you then, in case... well, in case every captain in the fleet took one look at your rap sheet and said, "No way, Jose!" But I just got word this morning that you've been accepted aboard the USS Columbia. Surprisingly, I think I’m actually going to—

::Before she could say another word, Jim had popped out of his chair and tackle-hugged the Human woman of Italian descent. While he did so, he was already speaking excitedly.::

Kolk: Thank you, sir! Thank you!

Pacelli: ::after recovering:: —miss you. ::chuckling:: But then again...

Kolk: ::laughing freely as he released her and sat back down:: Sorry, sir, I... ::stopping himself, resetting:: Well, just... thank you! ... And I’ll miss you, too. It’s been a pleasure and an honor serving with you.

Pacelli: ::smiling at how happy the Ensign was:: As with you, Jim. ::She paused a moment to settle the air and regain her “controlled Commander” demeanor.:: Now, you’d better get packing; the Columbia will only be at Starbase 118 for a few days, and it’s a long way there from here.

Kolk: Oh, yes sir! Right away!

::He popped up again, then stopped himself and gave her a look that said, “May I go?” She smirked, deciding how to play the next bit. When the decision was made, she spoke.::

Pacelli: Dismissed. ::She waited just enough time for him to stand and bound toward the door, but not enough for him to go through it, then spoke “commandingly” again.:: Oh, and one more thing, Mister Kolk.

::He stopped and turned around, one eyebrow raised in a silent query.::

Pacelli: I know it’s two months late, but... ::tossing him a small maple-wood box:: Happy birthday... Lieutenant.

::It took a second to hit him, but as he opened the box, he knew what he’d find: a half-pip. He smiled with glee once more, nodded, and bounded out the door. As the doors closed, she spoke quietly to the empty room.::

Pacelli: Mister Khell, I hope you were taking notes; I do like having the best Transporters in the Quadrant...

((To Be Continued in Part III))

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Part III

Lieutenant J.G.
James T. Kolk
Science Officer
USS Columbia
Lieutenant J.G.
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Lieutenant J.G. James Tiberius Kolk - “The Once & Future Kolk, Part III”
((Forward Officers' Lounge, C Deck, Enterprise class USS Vera Cruz, approaching Starbase 118, Alpha Quadrant - Stardate 239109.14))

::During the long journey from the Cardassian edge of the Federation to the Klingo-Romulan, Jim had enjoyed the chance to slowly tour the Vera Cruz, one of the last remaining Enterprise class vessels still in active service. He’d seen the Vera Cruz docked at Starbase 211 plenty of times—after all, she was the base’s primary support craft—but he’d never had a chance to board her, much less take a long stroll through her corridors. The Enterprise class was one of his favorite starships, and he would’ve given anything to tinker around with her engines, but Starfleet had relegated him to Science. Still, he’d managed to take the time to read everything about the Columbia (crew, unique Engineering specs, etc.). Reading the crew manifest of the Columbia had caused him to realize that there might be two or three awkward conversations in his future once he came face to face with the Chief Counselor and her husband. Still, he hoped that with time he’d be able to earn forgiveness from them for all he’d done in the past and one day perhaps even call them friends and joke around with them as he now did with his twin.::

((Flashback: Patient Kolk’s Quarters, Starbase 211 - 2 Years & 2 Months Ago, Stardate 238906.27))

::Jackford Kolk, the psych patient/inmate sat at the terminal in his quarters, wearing a medical-teal jumpsuit. He was waiting for a response. If it didn't come soon, he'd have to leave a message, but he really didn't want to do it that way, plus he wasn't sure there was enough time to wait for a response if it came to that. Luckily the console chirped happily just before his own face, but with less unshaven stubble on it, appeared.::

Cmdr. Kolk: Jack! How've you been? You're getting out soon, right!?

::He smiled at the man he now considered both a brother and a friend, as opposed to an enemy.::

Patient Kolk: Sure am, Jack. Stardate 238906.3. ::his smile turned a tad mischievous as he said the numbers.::

Cmdr. Kolk: Our birthday!? That's fantastic! Happy birthday!

Pt. Kolk: Happy birthday to you too. I, uhh, have a question for you.

Cmdr. Kolk: What's up?

Pt. Kolk: Have you and Sarah ever talked about kids?

Cmdr. Kolk: ::chuckling and furrowing his brow:: A bit... why?

Pt. Kolk: About names?

Cmdr. Kolk: ::chuckling again, starting to guess where this was going:: Yes.

Pt. Kolk: How does she feel about... ::with a nervous half-smile:: Jim?

Cmdr. Kolk: T.?

Pt. Kolk: Yeah.

Cmdr. Kolk: She thinks it's too cliche.

Pt. Kolk: ::breathing a big sigh of relief:: Oh good!

Cmdr. Kolk: ::chuckling:: Why? You didn't get one if the other patients pregnant, did you?

::Now they both laughed freely.::

Pt. Kolk: No, not at all. I was just... thinking of changing my name.

Cmdr. Kolk: And you wanted my permission to use our favorite name?

Pt. Kolk: ::nodding:: Exactly. I mean, our last name is perfect for it.

Cmdr. Kolk: It is.

Pt. Kolk: And you pointed that out to Sarah?

Cmdr. Kolk: ::nodding:: She said that made it worse.

Pt. Kolk: ::chuckling:: Well, your loss is my gain, I guess.

Cmdr. Kolk: Sure is. But I think it's terrific that the name will get used.

Pt. Kolk: Cool.

Cmdr. Kolk: So, what're you gonna do once you're free?

Pt. Kolk: They're giving me a job in Science. Here.

Cmdr. Kolk: In Starfleet, or...?

Pt. Kolk: Yup.

Cmdr. Kolk: At what rank?

Pt. Kolk: Ensign, provisionally.

Cmdr. Kolk: Provisionally?

Pt. Kolk: Yeah, providing I don't go crazy and start... you know.

Cmdr. Kolk: Ah. For how long?

Pt. Kolk: I'm not sure. Till they trust me, I guess.

Cmdr. Kolk: Well, good luck, Jack. Sounds great.

Pt. Kolk: ::smirking:: You mean. "Good luck, Jim?"

Cmdr. Kolk: ::chuckling:: Right. I guess I'm gonna have to get used to that, now, huh?

Pt. Kolk: Yes you are.

::Just then, the intercom on the Commander's ship interrupted, ordering him to the bridge.::

Cmdr. Kolk: =/\= On my way.=/\= Well, it was good talking to you... ::smiling:: Jim.

Pt. Kolk: You too. And maybe now I'll stop getting your mail...

Cmdr. Kolk: ::chuckling:: Maybe. Farewell, Bro.

Pt. Kolk: Farewell, Bro.

::The line closed and the scruffy-looking psych patient quickly got to work filling out the forms necessary to change his name from Jackford Benjamin Kolk to James Tiberius Kolk on his and his “twin” Jack's mutual 28th birthday. For the first time in almost a year, he would be free soon, and he was very excited to start really doing something with his life again. It had been a lot longer than one year since he'd been doing that...::

((End Flashback))

::Ever since he'd been notified that they were approaching Starbase 118, he'd been leaning back on the single four-person sofa in the forward (and sunken) observation area that was in many ways the focal point of the Officers' Lounge. It had taken a few minutes, but finally he could see the spacedock doors of Starbase 118 through the viewports. Starbase 118 looked exactly like Starbase 211 to most people, but to an Engineer and someone who lived on 211 for several years, he knew where to spot the differences. This was, well quite literally, actually, worlds apart from the massive space station he’d twice called home. Nevertheless, it wasn’t really the starbase Jim was interested in anyway; it was the Nebula class ship he’d soon be living aboard that he stood up and started seeking out. He walked as close as he could to the windows. The quiet sound of the small, artificial pool, accented by a few shrubs, tinkling in the background could still be heard, but Jim quickly forgot it was there, his focus entirely spent on the glistening examples of modern engineering he’d soon be seeing within.::

::He smiled wider and wider as they sailed slowly, carefully around the various other ships getting repaired and restocked at the station. Although he was still assigned as a Science Officer, he would always be an Engineer at heart, and starships were his first love. In some ways, he loved the Galaxy class most of all — there’s one! — and the Lakota (sometimes called “Neo-Excelsior") — right there! — oh, and of course Sovereign — there! and another Galaxy! — but what he really loved — Ooo! An Akira! (not his favorite, aesthetically speaking, but special to him since serving— no, since Jack had served on one, not him; shared memories could be so confusing...) — the one he — eeww... a Streamrunner; no sense of style, that one — the one he really wished he would see (but knew he wouldn’t) was the Constitution class, the predecessor to the ship he was on now, but all of those had either been refitted to Enterprise class or newer, or been mothballed. It made Jim sad, but as an Engineer he also underst— there she is: Columbia! His new home!::

::His inner child (or was it his inner Engineer?) had wanted to stick his finger out excitedly at each of the ships in turn, but the 30 year old man, encouraged by the few other off-duty officers who were mingling about the lounge, managed to restrain himself to simply grinning in a ridiculously childlike manner. It didn’t matter that he’d seen a similar menagerie of starships just about a week ago when he left Starbase 211, or that he’d strolled the observation deck there at least once a week (usually more) for the past two and a half years. It still thrilled him to see them all, shining like the stars they soared amongst. He’d lost a bit of that joie de vivre for a while when he’d been stuck in the bowels of Deep Space 17, fighting a war against the Gorn and constant power struggles with every officer there, and then after... — No. He didn’t want to think about that. Sure, he’d been good at it—and good at surviving while everything and everyone he knew was destroyed—but the real, meaningful, penetrating joy of life had been all but gone for years. ... Until Jack had led him back to the light; forgiving him so he could finally forgive himself and stop running.::

::Being here, now, on the brink of a new assignment amongst the stars reminded him of the excitement he’d felt all those years ago—seven, technically, but it felt like a hundred when he thought about it—when he’d only just arrived at DS17, before all Sheol broke lose... Huh, hundreds upon hundreds of lightyears—and two universes!—travelled, and seven years—to the day, actually, come to think of it—since arriving at that first assignment as an Ensign. Huh; both lives started on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. How fitting. And yet, until this day, he’d never technically served aboard a starship. Stolen them, blown them to high heaven, sure...::

((Flashback: Semi-stolen (more like inherited, really) civilian runabout SS Idril Mar, aboard the dilapidated Miranda class USS Trial from Universe 107-LS9, Deck 6 Starboard Aft, Shuttlebay 2 - Stardate 238702.25))

::Adeptly flying his fingers over the console, “Evil” Jack started the Idril Mar's engines and weapon systems with expert speed. There was very little time left before the inevitable happened. His slim PADD had told him precisely how hard the structural integrity fields on the Trial were working, and when he'd subdued his “escort,” Mr. Kiev, a small number of them were already failing. Luckily, he'd specially reinforced the fields around this particular corner of the larger craft for just this reason. He couldn't let the Idril Mar be lost simply because a decrepit spacecraft had exploded around it. The forcefield reinforcing the bay doors, on the other hand, was less than fully powered, which made it quite easy for him to blast through those doors with a photon torpedo once the ship was humming and ready to go.::

((Vulcan's Harp Nebula, 2.5 Lightyears from Deep Space 17 - Two Minutes Later))

::As the USS Ronin gallantly strode in to save the day, a small craft shot from the far side of the dying Miranda class starship. As the alternate USS Trial broke apart into five different pieces and then exploded in several brilliant flashes, the private runabout-sized vessel wavered out of view, her cloaking device hiding her from the prying sensors of the USS Ronin and the Vulcan science vessel, T'Kol-tan. At first, the unseen craft shot deeper into the nebula at high warp, but the pilot pulled back on the throttle once he was clear of the blast.::

((End Flashback))

::...but never officially served on one. Shaking off those somber (and yet distressingly enjoyable) thoughts as the Vera Cruz gracefully settled into her berth, he stood up, grabbed his duffel (filled with just a few light-weight personally-modified transporter buffers, rather than his actual belongings; you know, to save space), and marched onto the concourse, off to find the Catholic chapel and go to Mass, and then to report to his new post.::
((Holodeck 121 - a couple hours later))

::Jack stood as the large double doors slid away to reveal the lush garden of Jurassic beauty juxtaposed with the chaos of the toppled table and the frantic fun-seekers. Looking at the scene from the periphery as he was, it was quite amusing, especially so with the remarkably long-haired man being chased by the pterodactyl and the others attempting to chase away the great bird. Of course, seeing the Gorn amongst them reminded him of the first time he’d encountered a Gorn after escaping from Deep Space 17...::

((Flashback: Cockpit, newly “liberated” SS Idril Mar, Sol System, Sector 001 - Starbase 2385087.14))

::His getaway felt too easy. The runabout Kursk had followed for a while, but, having bitten his dust, it was gone now. Stopping to collect his thoughts and decide on a course, he ran a sensor sweep of the system on a whim, focusing on the ship most likely to come after him: the USS Ronin. She was moving away from Mars, but not towards him. Minimal life signs, several humans, an Andorian, a Gorn, and a--Wait! WHAT!! A Gorn! He didn't care what the story on the Gorn was. It could've been a refugee who'd joined Starfleet. A scientist on a tour, a "diplomat" stealing a Federation starship. He didn't care. It was a member of the race that had ruined his life and it would be a dead Gorn in a few minutes. He kicked the shuttle into a quick swirling turnaround, and headed at Warp 1.0 towards the Akira class ship, slowing to 3/4 impulse just before he setting the proximity alert on board. He considered just beaming the lizard into open space, but that felt too kind. Instead, he prepared the transporter for something a bit more... artistic. Then, he typed in a quick message that he'd make sure showed up on every powered console on the ship once he'd sent it. As he came within range, he managed to dive beneath the ship's shields just before whoever was flying the thing raised them. Matching her speed and practically scraping the hull (but not) so they couldn't fire on him, Jack lowered his shields and initiated a five-part transport. Part I: beam the beast's tail in front of the deflector dish of the Ronin. Part II: beam the beast's arms directly in front of the port nacelle. Part III: beam his arms in front of the starboard. Part IV: Beam the torso in front of the Flight Operations Pod. And Part V: beam his head... into Lt. Kolk's quarters, facing the door. All 5 parts of the transport were accomplished simultaneously. Once the deed was done, Jack smiled at his handiwork.::

Alt. Kolk: Molecular transport is a joyous art.

::Thereafter, the SS Idril Mar set a course for a nice, quiet corner of the Ithassa region (as if such a place existed—and if it did, it wouldn’t for long with him there) at maximum warp, and a message blinked on every powered-up console aboard the Ronin.::

Message: I hope you don't mind; I took care of your little Gorn problem. You can thank me later. See you 'round the galaxy... -"Deviant" Kolk

((End Flashback))

::Ironically, he now also very clearly recalled the moment when his other self had been greeted by the gruesome sight a few days later. Perhaps that was another part of his penance for all he’d done during those dark times. Shivering ever so slightly while silently praying an “Eternal Rest” for the poor unknown Gorn, he shrugged the memories aside and walked in, saying the first words many of his new crewmates would ever hear from him.::

Kolk: Did someone call for a holographer?

Anyone: ((R))

Kolk: Lieutenant James Tiberius Kolk, reporting for duty.

Livingston/Brek: ((R))

((The End & the Beginning))

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