SIM:Emery Rhyn: Waiting for the Darwin

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Crew of the USS Blackwell

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Commander Emery Rhyn

This SIM was written and presented on June 19, 2016, (corresponding to the IC stardate 239306.19).

((Outpost Unity))

::The USS Endeavour had just beamed her down to the outpost, and her hard-shell travel bags beside her on the transporter pad. Her smaller travel kit was slung over her right shoulder. She was officially here! Emery Rhyn had arrived in the Delta Quadrant!::

::She hitched the strap of her travel kit more firmly on her shoulder, and then stepped down on the transporter pad. Walking over to the transporter chief, she stuck out her right hand, which he took and shook.::

Rhyn: Thanks, chief.

::That was something that she was having trouble getting used to. Unconsciously, instinctively, using her right hand. For the last 25 years she had been left handed. The Symbiosis Commission said that the switching of the dominant hand was something that only happened in less than 1% of Joinings. If she concentrated really hard, Emery could still use her left hand the way she always had. But apparently Rhyn was right-handed, which was odd, considering Trill symbionts didn't have hands.::

Chief: No problem, commander. And we'll get the rest of your things transported up to the Darwin when she arrives.

::Emery nodded and smiled in response, hitched her shoulder strap once again, and then headed out of the transporter room. She was in, according to the placards on the walls, the Arrivals and Departures Annex of the transportation hub of Outpost Unity. She had seen real-time video of the Dyson Sphere upon the Endeavour's approach. The Outpost had established a network of geosynchronous satellites over the structure whose sole purpose was to bath it in light, seeing as how this system's star would be trapped inside the sphere. Nevertheless, Emery was impressed with the sphere, and the station.::

::At least, from the outside. She was going to reserve her judgement about the inner workings of the station until she had a chance to walk it herself. And seeing as how the Darwin hadn't returned yet, she had a couple of hours to do exactly that. She approached the next available Customs Officer with her transfer orders. She had to fish the PADD out of her travel kit first, and move aside the undergarments, but she did have it. The officer inspected her orders, and issued her a temporary Visitor's visa. Emery thanked this officer, too, and strode out past the guardrails and into the central hub, better known (she had been told) as the Dome.::

::Word was, Outpost Unity was a joint venture between the Federation and some Delta Quadrant species...Tarakians, Telsudians? Whatever it was, Emery was not surprised to find more non-Starfleet people moving around the area. Civilians were everywhere, which she didn't have a problem with. But she did pick up on the movements of the Starfleet personnel. If you were wearing red or teal, you seemed to be moving about your business at a leisurely pace. If you were wearing gold, you were busy with something. She ran a finger around her gold collar. Now she was starting to feel guilty.::

::She continued to walk the Promenade, and immediately spotted the central park, with its verdant life bringing a welcome contrast to the sterile technological modern architecture surrounding it. She strode over and stopped near the beginning of a path that lead further in. At the entrance to the path there was a shrub covered in beautiful light-violet coloured flowers. Syringa vulgaris, her favourite! No...wait. They weren't her favourite, they were Dinara', Kilanda's. Yes, Kilanda had been the hobby-botanist. It was she who loved lilacs. Emery did have to admit, though, that she was starting to have an affinity for them too.::

::That was the other thing that Emery had to get used to. She'd only been Joined about six months ago. She had taken a temporary medical leave from Starfleet to return to Trill to undergo the ritual Joining of a symbiont to a host. She had taken the intervening time to attempt to adjust to all of the new feelings and memories. She was the latest in a long line of hosts to the Rhyn symbiont...the eighth, in fact. There were hundreds of years of memories to assimilate. It was difficult at first, but she was gradually getting used to it.::

::Every once in a while, however, she'd run across a memory and mix up which host it belonged to. She was told that was normal at first, and that it would become easier with time. She assumed the Symbiosis Commission knew what they were talking about. It was part of their job, after all.::

::She stopped by the lilacs. Gently cupping her hand under a blossom, she coaxed it up towards her nose and drew in its wonderful fragrance.::

::Then she sneezed.::

::Another thing about being Joined is that you can't let yourself get caught up in all of the emotions and memories so much that you begin to lose who you, yourself, are. Emery had forgotten for a moment that she was allergic to pollen. She sneezed a second time. As lovely as they were, Emery had to move away from the flowers, sneezing a third time. She looked around and only saw a handful of people staring at her as they moved about. She smiled timidly.::

Rhyn: Sorry.

::Thankfully it was only sneezing, and not the runny nose that normally accompanied her allergies. She had her medication, but it was packed in her things. Maybe she could stop by the infirmary later and see if they could give her a hypospray or something. Right now, though, she was thirsty.::

::Off to one side she saw a Bolian restaurant, the BlueSea Bolian Deli. If they had Bolian food from the Federation out here, it stood to reason that she'd be able to find something that she knew what it was. No offense to the local inhabitants, but she didn't feel up to trying something right now that might not agree with her. She was going to have to present her credentials to her new commanding officers soon, and didn't want a scene where she was throwing up all over their shoes, or running out to find the nearest head.::

::She walked inside, smiling politely to a couple of men sitting at a table. One wore a Starfleet uniform with teal, so medical or sciences. The other wore the uniform of a Starfleet combat pilot. She continued to the counter and began to look over the posted menu. A Bolian man with a huge smile soon came over to her to take her order.::

Garll: response

Rhyn: Pleased to meet you, Mr. Garll. My name is Emery, just transferring to the Darwin.

Garll: response

Rhyn: Really? Was that coincidence? I know that Bolian families like to stay together as much as possible. Do you get to see him often?

Garll: response

Emery: Oh, well, gimme just a second...

::She continued to peruse the menus. She recalled that Ellaan loved fintail, and she herself didn't usually have a problem with fish, so she decided to order that.::

Emery: ...could I have a portion of grilled fintail, light on the lemon. And an iced raktajino, with just a sprinkle of cinnamon, please?

::The Bolian assured her that she had made a good order, and left to get it ready. The raktajino had been a favourite of Faram, but he'd liked it hot. Emery couldn't stand it that way, but had discovered that if she had it iced, it was more than bearable. Garll brought back her raktajino almost immediately, and told her that he'd bring her meal to her table when it was ready. She thanked him, took her drink, and turned around to find someplace to sit. She hitched her travel kit up on her shoulder again. It was near the beginning of the lunch rush, but she managed to secure a table, coincidentally near the two men she had smiled at on the way in. She set her travel kit on the ground and slid it under her table so it was out of the way. Then she sat down and began to sip her drink.::

::She remembered that the Darwin was due in port soon, but had no idea when that was actually going to happen, so she tapped her combadge.::

Rhyn: =^= Computer, please inform me when the USS Darwin arrives at the outpost. =^=

Computer: =^= Affirmative. =^=

::The two men beside her must have overheard what she had said, because one of them leaned over and spoke to her.::

Stennes: response

Rhyn: Oh, yes I did. Lieutenant Commander Emery Rhyn. Tactical officer. Just transferred in.

::She reached out to shake his hand. It was, of course, her right hand. Thankfully he too was using his right hand.::

Stennes: repsonse

Rhyn: Pleased to meet you, commander. Or counselor. Which do you prefer?

Manius: response

Rhyn: ::shaking his hand too:: Pleased to meet you, lieutenant.

Stennes: response

Rhyn: ::slightly surprised:: Sure. Thanks.

::She picked up her raktajino and her travel kit and moved over to their table. It was at that point that another Bolian brought her the meal she had ordered, placing it carefully in front of her. It smelled delicious. But so did the meals that the men both had.::

Rhyn: So, what are we all eating?

Stennes / Manius: responses