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(( Embassy Garden ))

::Alucard approached the small obelisk. On the far side of the lawn stood another memorial, one that had been erected nearly one year prior, to commemorate another battle. The scars from the Klingon Invasion had healed, only to be re-opened by the Bluegills. He stopped on one side of the stone pillar, opposite from Nugra.::

:: Nugra had been in place for an hour before the arrival of the crew guarding the line of medals and awards. They were important symbols much like the gems and diamonds he received in the Gorn Space Navy. They were proof of the trust, the dedication, and the leadership that was expected and loved about a member of Starfleet. ::

::In front of them stood the crew, and off to one side was a regiment from the Laudean Militia, and on the other side of the Starfleet ranks were the civilian corps. With sadness Alucard saw the gaps left in the ranks. Those gaps should have been filled. They represented lives cut short. Each space was a parent who wouldn’t see their children again, or sons and daughters whose parents outlived their children.::

:: Surreptitiously looking at their allies, Nugra could almost sense their hollow defeated feeling. So many of them had died in the fight against the bluegill monsters and they now faced the impossible task of rebuilding their unit. The memory of their fallen comrades would not stop aching for many years to come. ::

Vess: We have come together today to remember our fallen comrades. They fought and died to protect this soil and the people of this planet. They stood fer what they believed in: fer freedom, fer happiness, and because the lives of innocents are worth protecting. We must remember them fer what they did, and honor their sacrifice. Ah call now fer a moment of silence.

::All speech stopped as the Chief of the Boat stepped up to a small bell. After the moment of silence past, the COB rang the bell for each person, whether a crewmember, a Laudean, a civilian, or an Ambassador. It seemed to go on forever and Alucard struggled to maintain his composure.::

::As the last ring faded away two crewmen removed a small Federation flag from the obelisk to reveal the words beneath...::

::It read: “All gave some, some gave all, some stood for the those they didn’t know and some had to fall, and if you ever think of me think of all your liberties and recall some gave all.” ::

:: Once the bells had completed, Nugra took a step forward and from a plastic table setup at a discreet distance, an ensign in full dress uniform brought him the small container bearing the embossed logo of the United Federation of Planets. ::

Nugra: We have known loss. Loss is something Starfleet Officers know we will face. It does not take away the sting of death nor lighten our hearts to the tragedy that has befallen us. We lost many good men and women in the fight, but one stands out for heroic sacrifice even to the end. Ambassador Tallis Rhul was a man that we all admired and one that I was proud to know and to serve.

:: Coming to attention, Nugra barked out a command. ::

Nugra: Ship’s company. ATTENTION!

:: Once they had got to their feet and stood at attention, he continued to read the citation on his PADD.::

Nugra: By general order twenty three ninety ten point zero one hyphen three Three Two. Ambassador Tallis Rhul is awarded the Federation Cross for conspicuous gallantry in the face of the enemy and selfless conduct even to the end.

:: Opening the little box to show the crew of the Thunder the silver medal. It caught the glint of the sun causing the important award to shimmering and sparkle in the light. Spinning perfectly on his heel to face Commander Vess, he extended the award to the man who was First Officer and dear friend to the woman whose husband had won such an award. Allowing himself to fall in to his Gorn naval habits of military decorum, once the medal was taken from the box, he placed his fist across his chest in salute. He watched as Vess took the medal to Captain Turner. It was the highest honor to be allowed to present such a prestigious award for the fallen. Silence reigned through the assembly. ::

::Presenting the medal was the hardest thing Alucard ever had to do. In a perfect world he wouldn’t have to. But the world was far from perfect. Tallis was dead and buried, and they would have to try to carry on, for him. After presenting Toni with Tallis’ medal, he saluted and returned slowly to the table. He turned on his heel to face the assembled group.::

Vess: Phasers were not the only weapons wielded during the crises. Sometimes, the most potent weapon we possess is the mind. Fer their original thinking in finding unique ways to combat the Bluegills, Ah present the Medical Science Ribbon to Fleet Captain Toni Turner, Lieutenant Commander S’kahh Rossh, and Ensign Talia Kaji.

::He opened another box to reveal the three service ribbons. He stepped forward and presented each officer with one. He then returned to the table, closed the empty box and placed it on top of the one that had held Tallis’ medal.::

:: At this point in the ceremony, Nugra stepped forward to take over for Commander Vess. He looked worse for wear after giving their captain the medal that should have been pinned on it’s owner’s chest. ::

Nugra: We are all sworn to do our duty, but there are times when soldiers go above and beyond the call. Will Misters Vess, Tindall, Ssandon, Mc Ghee, Hendon, Tr’Khellian, and Sharpe step forward.

:: Watching the called move from the audience and from beside him, they formed a row and Nugra continued to narrate as he went down each with an Ensign beside him handing the medals as he went. ::

Nugra: With the Legion of Merit, each of you have distinguished yourselves in a way that brings honor and glory to your name. Your accomplishments, your initiative, and your sacrifice has saved many lives this day and your heroics will go down in the legacy of our great ship. Remember what you have done and don’t let the memory of those who fell fade away.

Nugra: Will Major Parker step forward and Commander Vess and Lieutenant Tr’Khellian remain.

:: Allowing them to have a moment to shuffle and get in to place, Nugra continued. ::

Nugra: You three knew that you could die in the heat of combat for your comrades and for the Federation. What is never talked about in the poems of old is what happens to heroes when they are wounded. You are not less to those who have died on the field, but you have left something of yourself back on the battlefield. You’re loss will follow you, but the sacrifice you made has earned you the most sacred of medals for those injured in combat. It is my duty to present you three with the purple heart.

:: Stepping forward, Hannibal saluted the Gorn in the almost never seen hand salute. Hannibal saluted the uniform, Starfleet, and the Federation, but never the Gorn...Hid head still itched where the shrapnel had almost scalped him...::

Parker: Thank you, Commander. I live to serve....

Vess: Thank yeh.

:: Silently affixing the medals on to their uniforms, Nugra stepped back and motioned the Ensign to place the empty cases back on the table. ::

Vess: In the vast reaches of space, we often are on our own and have to find our own solutions to the problems we face. As such, we often develop thick skins and resist working with others. But in this recent crises we were assigned to work with the crew of the USS Vigilant. Ah’m proud to say this crew rose to the occasion and meshed well with Fleet Captain Herrera’s crew to work toward our common goal. In honor of that, Ah present this crew with the Joint Meritorious Unit award.

::A group of Ensigns began working their way through the crowd with trays of ribbons. Each member of the crew was presented with one, and when they were finished the Ensigns retreated to the sides.::

Vess: In addition, Starfleet Command has created a new award fer crews that participate in the discovery or study of Iconian Gateway technology. The Bluegill scourge used one such Gateway as a backdoor to sneak onto Duronis II. Unfortunately that Gateway can not be studied because it was destroyed to protect this planet, but Ah am authorized to present each of yeh with the Gateway Ribbon fer yer participation in this mission.

::Again, the Ensigns passed through the ranks, this time with new trays bearing the Gateway ribbons. When they were done they returned to their previous positions, setting the now empty trays down on polished wooden tables.::

Nugra: This is a time of sorrow. We have lost, but it should not take away from those who have come home and have earned these rewards. I ask to you to congratulate those who have come home and to mourn and remember those who did not.

Vess: Ah would also like to add that the Thunder’s new Quantum Slipstream drive has just been installed. We will soon begin testing. Ah dunna have to tell yeh how exciting this is, with slipstream drive the Galaxy and beyond is literally at our feet. We’ll begin our first test in the next few days. As such, report to the Thunder after yeh leave here.

::Alucard stood ramrod straight facing the crowd to issue the next order.::

Vess: Company, dismissed!

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Lt Cmdr Nugra Deck Officer USS Thunder-A Embassy, Duronis II


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