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((MD:04 - Conference Room 1 – Embassy, Duronis II))

::When the senior staff and other members of the crew were seated, Toni rose to her feet, and waited for them to quiet, before she spoke.::

Turner: I've asked you all to meet with me before the reception starts to commend you all for the way you've conducted yourselves during the current levy crisis. I was very please to find that this crew can work together no matter the circumstances, and keep the integrity of the Embassy in tact.

Tonight our challenge continues with the candidates. We cannot show any favoritism to any of them and I'm sure you will keep that in mind when you're talking to them, and the members of the media who have been invited.

Vess: ::Quietly.:: Considering two of ‘em don’t even want us here, that shouldn’t be hard…

Turner: Each of you have contributed to the success of the Embassy and Thunder in meaningful ways, but tonight five of our Junior Officers are in the limelight as many of our higher ranked officers have been in the past.

::Toni nodded to Lieutenant Phillips, and he brought a tray covered in red velvet to the table, sitting it in front of Toni.::

Turner: It's not often a Captain is bless with Ensigns straight out of the Academy who show their worth to the crew so early, but evidently, I have been bless to have the cream of the crop from two different classes within a month of each other.

I've said this on many occasions, but it's worth saying again for those who have not heard it. ::She paused a moment, then continued.:: One of the privileges that I enjoy, is watching each crew member's personal growth as they strive for excellence. In the past few months, I have seen some of you all take on new wisdom in your duty posts. Some of you have reached a plateau that deserves recognition. So, not being one to hold anyone back longer than necessary, Would the following officers please come forward: Ensign Alucard Vess, Ensign Cayden Dunn, Ensign Mackenzie Ingram, and Ensign Cameron Bunag. Also would Chef Artan Cordian come forward with them?

::When the officers and chef were lined up, facing the rest of the Senior Staff. Toni lifted the velvet cover from the tray to reveal five Rosewood boxes, and gave Miles the first one.::

::Taking the box, Miles smiled. He had the pleasure of attending several promotional ceremonies in the past, but this was the first as first officer, giving him the opportunity to see the other side of the pinning of pips.::

Turner: Ensign Alucard Vess ::Miles moved to stand in front of the doctor.:: Doctor Vess, you took on the difficult task of filling in for Doctor Saveron when he left us. He was a hard act to follow, but you did the job seamlessly, for which we are thankful. I am proud to promote you to Chief Medical Officer and to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, with all the duties, honors and privileges affording that post. Additionally, under your recommendation, the orphans of Lokesh City will soon have adequate food, clothing and housing. Congratulations Doctor!

Unum: ::Pinning the half pip on the doctor’s collar, he shook Alucard’s hand and smiled.:: Congratulations, Doctor Vess!

Vess: Thank yeh. Thank yeh very much.

Turner: Ensign Cayden Dunn was asked to cut his teeth on the USS Thunder to fly us through battle. He did it with ease and ::teasing:: only with a few scratches to her hull. I am pleased to promote him to Lieutenant Junior Grade and to Chief Helmsman, with all the duties, honors and privileges affording that post. Congratulations Lieutenant!

Unum: ::Attaching the half pip to Cayden’s collar, Miles smiled and shook his hand.:: Congratulations, Lieutenant Dunn!

Dunn: Thank you sir, and ma'am. And just for the record every one of those scratches has added a bit of character to the old girl :: grinning with excitement ::

Turner: Ensign Cameron Bunag, it is my pleasure to promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Chief of Science, with all the duties, honors and privileges affording that post. You offered friendship to some of the Laudeans from the very beginning, making yourself one of our best Goodwill Ambassadors, and your work as a scientist has not gone unnoticed at the levy. Congratulations Lieutenant!

Unum: ::Placing the half pip on Cameron’s collar, Miles smiled and shook his hand.:: Congratulations, Lieutenant Bunag!

Bunag: ::firmly taking the Commander’s hand, looking him square, eye to eye, Cam gave Miles a sturdy handshake.:: Thank you, Sir.

Turner: Ensign Mackenzie Ingram, it is also my pleasure to promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Chief of Operations, with all the duties, honors and privileges affording that post.. Having been COO during my career, I know the challenges that you have faced, but you met them head on to keep the Thunder and Embassy well supplied and coordinated with all departments to help everything run smoothly. Your efforts, and Dunn's, in bringing back the industrial replicator to help care for the orphaned children was superior. Congratulations Lieutenant!

Unum: ::Handing the half pip to Mackenzie, Miles smiled and shook her hand.:: Congratulations, Lieutenant Ingram!

Ingram: :::Mackenzie took the pip in her hands carefully, blinking quickly to try to keep her tears from actually falling.:: Th-thank you, sir.

Turner: Chef Artan Cordian, if you were an officer, I would surely promote you too. They say that Armies move on their stomachs. If that is true, then we here at the Embassy are surely well fed. For your gastronomical accomplishments at sometimes a moments notice, I present you with the Chef 1st Class pin. Thank you for all the nice things you do.

Unum: ::Shaking the chef’s hand, Miles laughed and patted his larger than normal stomach.:: Some of us more than others.

Cordian: Response

Now, for you all I have a special gift. ::Phillips brought her another tray, and removed the blue velvet cover:: I have a hobby that few know about, and its designing unusual pips like Chef Cordian's and other things to do with the ships I've been on, so in my off hours I designed this USS Thunder pin and had them made especially for members of the senior staff. Please accept it as a token of my appreciation.

::She passed the tray around for all of them to get one.::

Turner: ::facing the staff:: Let's give our newly promoted a hand for their accomplishments, then we'll go to the dining room to greet our guests.

Anyone: Response

::Miles joined in with the others applauding the newly promoted officers, and he found his table for the candidates’ dinner.::