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((Ballroom –Federation Embassy to Duronis II))

::As both guests and staff members alike sat down at their tables and conversed with friends, Rocar himself sat next down to the love of his life and smiled at his wife.::

ROCAR: Remember coming to these things as Ensigns?

HILZARIE: Yes I remember. It was such a long time ago, I think I'm starting to feel Old.

::Rocar chuckled, he certainly felt and looked a lot older than he had in those days, but Gwen had changed very little in his eyes.::

ROCAR: In those days I barely dared speak to you, let alone sit next to you all evening.

HILZARIE: It wasn't as bad as all that. I think we were both very clear to each other before long.

::Rocar chuckled a little and looked round at everyone as the food was served up in front of them.::

ROCAR: Back then I never thought I would ever be the one to make speeches.

::Rocar smiled at her and then took a few bites of his own food as the chatter of everyone around filled the room.::

ROCAR: Well I guess I shouldn't keep them waiting any longer?

HILZARIE: Probably not dear.

::Rocar laughed a little and then set down his knife and fork, standing straight he looked out across the room of diners and raised his glass so that within moments the chatter in the room had dimmed down to silence.::

ROCAR: Ladies and Gentleman, if you would join me in raising your glasses -I would like to propose a toast to the new Embassy staff on Duronis II.

::Rocar chuckled loudly, his belly laugh echoing out throughout the large ballroom. Taking a swig of his drink he set it down beside his plate and smiled at everyone around the room. ::

ROCAR: It is certainly a great pleasure to be here on Duronis II…and I would like to thank you all for coming this evening and joining in our little celebration at our arrival. As we all know too well… times have not always been easy here, but despite certain set backs, the Federation plans and hopes to maintain strong diplomatic ties with all the Laundean people.

::Rocar smiled as there was a brief clap and he turned to nod acknowledgement to the distant corner where the Zalkoninan Ambassador was sat and another table where Romulan diplomats were sat (their new Ambassador still not arrived from Romulus after the recalling of his predecessor.) ::

ROCAR: And of course to work in co-operation with our counterparts from planet Zalkon of the Zeta Gelis Cluster and the Romulan Star Empire.

::There was another brief clap as the other diplomats nodded in acknowledgement.::

ROCAR: Following the unfortunate incident at the previous Federation embassy, the Federation council chose to send members of Starfleet and Starfleet diplomatic corps to help staff our new facility alongside our civilian personnel and we hope to work together to achieve the goals of friendship and diplomacy.

::Rocar smiled as there was another brief clap.::

ROCAR: Starfleet began in the mid-22nd Century on a small Terran planet called SOL III and it is here that our headquarters may still be found. Originally named Earth Starfleet, the organisation's primary role was one space defense and exploration" seek out new life forms and civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.". As this exploration United Earth made contact with more and more species Starfleets role was no longer simply exploration it was also an instrument of diplomacy for the United Earth organization. While it was a civilian organization, the Earth Starfleet adopted many aspects of Earth's earlier military forces, even though its main role was scientific development and exploration. Ranks within Starfleet closely follow the naval traditions of the United States of America.

::Rocar smiled round the room.::

ROCAR: Since the United Federation of Planets was founded in 2161, Starfleet has no longer belonged solely to SOL III but instead to our organization of interstellar nations composed of planetary governments and colonies. The various members of the Federation are organized under the unifying goals of universal liberty, equality, peaceful coexistence, trade, science, exploration, and mutual defense and officers and crew of Starfleet now work to enact these goals and extend the arm of friendship wherever we can. Although we have grown so that Bolians work next to Vulcans, Andorians allong side Orions and even the Betazoids let the odd Ktarian make decision for everyone now and then…

::Rocar paused and let the room laugh a little as he winked at his wife.::

ROCAR: Despite this co-operation between races and evolvement of the Starfleet organization -certain aspects of Starfleet's Terran origins still remain. We still have to visit San Francisco every so often, we still wear the same awkwardly designed uniforms…

::Again Rocar allowed just enough time for a brief laugh before getting to his point.::

ROCAR: and after a few slight alterations… we still adhere to the same basic ranks that existed all those centuries ago. Today in our organization, which now functions as an exploratory, scientific and diplomatic body of the United Federation of Planets and we recognize people's efforts towards these goals through promotions and little gold pips on their collar. As you look around you will see our dedicated Starfleet officer and you will see that many of them are still very young. Despite what they'll have you believe, I too was that young once, but even now many individuals sat here are well on their way to collecting these little gold pips.

::Rocar smiled and let the short tubby Bolian loitering in the corner walk up with a box full of different objects.::

ROCAR: Ensign Webb, please join me over here a second.

::Rocar smiled at the Betazoid engineer as he came over to Rocar. The younger man had a certain individual flare in his methods and the Ktarian suspected his unorthodox way of getting things done would no doubt need to be addressed again in future, but for now Webb had worked hard and deserved recognition.::

ROCAR: I first encountered Ensign Webb many years ago in somewhat different circumstances and very different settings; however Mister Webb has shown us all that an gentleman and an officer can turn things around and make something out of nothing when given a chance. Cyrus, you have come a long way and for that it is with great pleasure that I promote you to the rank of Junior Grade Lieutenant.

:: With a smile, Rocar affixed the half-pip next to Webb's existing rank and shook the Betazoid's hand as the others clapped.::

ROCAR: Congratulations Lieutenant JG.

WEBB: Thankyou sir ::nodding::

::Rocar clapped Webb back to his seat before picking up the next small box.::

ROCAR: Ensign Furlong please come join me.

::Rocar smiled as the Ensign came over to his side.::

ROCAR: Ensign Furlong both on the USS CONSTITUTION and here on DURONIS II you have performed with integrity and professionalism recently doing us all a great service in rescuing an important Laudean. I believe you will continue to continue to work in Operations well as deputy administrative Officer and it is with great pleasure that I offer you this promotion to Junior Grade Lieutenant.

::Rocar handed her a half pip to attach to her uniform when she got home as there was nowhere on her black ball gown where it would be appropriate. Stooping over slightly, the tall Ktarian gave Elaine a polite kiss on her cheek as everyone clapped.::

FURLONG: Thank you sir.

::Rocar smiled and turned back to the room.::

ROCAR: Doctor Tarn? Could you come join me.

::Ebrin looked as if a he had just been hit by a shuttle. After a second he stood and walked to the front of the Table, and shook Rocar's hand.::

ROCAR: How you feeling Doctor?

TARN: A little surprised, sir.

::Rocar laughed a little and reached for the next box.::

ROCAR: Doctor Tarn has been with us a relatively short time however, in that time he has shown a lot of enthusiasm and great dedication. You have brought your entire family here to join us and I believe things have moved fast for you, but I also know you were a great asset on our last mission. I know Gabriel well enough to know that as a member of his department he will have told you areas where you can improve in your duties as a medical officer here on Duronis II, but whilst you continue to work to please him it is with great pleasure that I promote you to the rank of Junior Grade Lieutenant perhaps not all that important to a medical profession but yours all the less. Congratulations Ebrin.

::Rocar patted the man on the shoulder and quickly fixed the half pip to the collar just beneath the trill spots that ran along his neck line.::

TARN: Thank you sir.

::Clapping Tarn back to his seat, Rocar took another drink from his glass and smiled at Gwen before turning back to the crowd.::

ROCAR: And now finally… for something extra special. In addition to promotions –there is a higher way in which the Federation likes to recognised individuals of special distinction and that is through medals and awards that exist at all levels throughout the fleet.

::Rocar smiled round the room as he reached down for an award. ::

ROCAR: I'm pleased to announce that earlier this morning I was talking over Subspace to Admiral Luke Reider and he gave me some very heart warming news. Xoet 12, please join me up here in front of your friends and crewmates.

XOET::surprised:: oOWhat! now you get an award for being out of commission after drinking some strange drink?Oo

::Rocar waited for the Science Officer to reach his side. He had worked along side Xoet on and off for many years now, and the hermaphrodite officer would be welcome by Rocar's side no matter what happened in future.::

::Xoet made Its way to the front of the room next to Rocar a good friend that It knew would never lead It wrong.::

ROCAR: On behalf of Starfleet Command, it is with great honour that I award you're the Xalor Clan Xifilis Pendant. For many years now, this been a symbol of those who have persevered through some of life's most darkest moments. How fitting that you receive this just as you return to duty after more difficulties. It is not often that I come across a fleetwide medal such as this ::Rocar began to attach in to the lapel of Xoet's dress uniform:: …and as you receive this honour please remember that you're colleagues in this room will always be here to help you in anyway we can.

::Rocar gave Xoet a friendly "bear-like" hug and tapped the Science officer on the shoulder.::

ROCAR: Congratulations Xoet.

XOET::smiling:: Thank You and thank Admiral Luke Reider the next time you are in contact with him.

::Xoet then sat down and joined Gondor Dar and Panzel.::

::Rocar turned back to the group with a smile and held out his hands.::

ROCAR: Well that's the formalities out of the way, so as the Orchestra starts up please enjoy what food you have left and by all means feel free to get up and dance as it takes your fancy. Enjoy the music, the dance and each other's company for tomorrow its back to work! at ease everyone and may the party commence!

HEBRON: Not so fast commander. I have something to say.

ROCAR: Captain… what in the galaxy are you doing here… I mean ::Rocar coughed a little remembering where he was and tugging on his uniform tunic a little.:: I mean…Fleet Captain Hebron, although it is good to see you I was not notified of your arrival.

HEBRON: I just stepped in for a while. ::Hebron looked around and nodded at those who had served under him in the past.:: I have one announcement to make before everyone here. If you do not mind commander?

HEBRON: I have one announcement to make before everyone here. If you do not mind commander?

::Rocar made a gesture with his hands.::

ROCAR: By all mean sir.

HEBRON: Very well. If you would join me.

::For a split second Rocar went back to thinking Hebron wanted him to join him on a crazy mission somewhere, but he soon realised what he meant and giving his old friend a confused look, walked over to him. ::

HEBRON: I am here on behalf of UFOP. The embassy staff here has made its name known within the fleet already, as I knew it would. In particular, Commander, you have caught the eye of all those here as well. That is why I am here though. The admiralty have sent me to bestow upon you this.

::Rocar stood up straight, and as Hebron reached into his tunic and pulled out a small black box, close his eyes ever so slightly an remembered back down the years to the day when he was an Ensign in a conference room on starbase 118…::


HEBRON: Ensigns Beaven and Drawoh. Come forward.

::The young Ensign had glanced at Gwen Hilzarie sat next to the science officer that had been sharking for her attention since the Academy before crossing to a much younger Captain Hebron.::

HEBRON: For your dedication to this base and to Starfleet. I promote you to Lt. Jg.

((Back to reality…))

::Opening his eyes again, Rocar saw a slightly different looking Hebron and realised what he was saying…::

HEBRON: Within lies the key that many men have sought, but only few have achieved. Commander Rocar,::Hebron opened the box.:: due to your dedication to the fleet and your abilities, I hereby promote you to the rank of captain.

::Rocar stood still as the Fleet Captain affixed removed the pip and added it to the three that were already on the Ktarian's collar. A little shell shocked, Rocar stood there unsure what would happen next::

HEBRON: Congratulations Captain Rocar. May your voyages never cease.

ROCAR: Thank you Captain Hebron… with a crew such as this I am sure the will not cease sir.

HEBRON: As am I. Luckily met my good captain.

::Gwen took his hand as Rocar continued to talk to Xan. ::

ROCAR: It is good to see you again old friend.

HEBRON: It has been a while. I am glad that we were assigned to the Duronian treaty. If not, I would not have been the one to conduct your promotion.

::Rocar smiled a little and eventually let Hebron go. Xan did not care. Rocar was one of his most trusted friends.::

ROCAR: Will you stay for the rest of the evening's festivities? Or even longer, you won't believe how much the children have grown.

HEBRON: Alas, if I could. Duty calls. I am due at that dreaded Duronian embassy in six hours.