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::Mom is standing there looking down on her. She's dressed in the loveliest of skirts, covered in flowers, pink background, tulips in the foreground.::

Mom: Hi, honey.

Girl: Mommy!

Mom: Do you know where we are now?

::There's a new fixture and a new table. Outside the window looms a new sky. The air is fresh and the light is different.::

Girl: Where, Mommy?

Mom: We're in a place called New Cyprus.

Dad ::Enters through the side door to the kitchen, mind still on other things.:: Got your things unpacked Patricia.

Mom: We're going to have so much fun. We're going to see new things and ::The sky is growing darker now:: learn about new creatures ::The sun is blackening:: understand new...

::Mommy's face explodes and a hairy black hideousness emerges. Daddy's entire body bursts, showering blood throughout the room as the apotheosis of the horrific grows in its place. The frame of wood crashes down atop Patricia and suddenly she's pressed to the floor, mattress threatening to soffocate her. The smell of the wood is moldy, the air stale and familiar. The colour has faded from the flowers in her room.::

Monster1: This one's too young!

::A chair crashes across the bed just above her head.::

Monster2: She's too stupid to love them. She doesn't deserve to save them!

Patricia: You wouldn't let me!

Monster1: It's for your own damned good! You couldn't bring them back together even if you crawled across the galaxy.

Patricia: Daddy! Why did you yell at her?

Monster2: I can make the pain stop. I can kill them so that they'll still be there and you won't care.

Patricia: No, you don't have to. I'll make it stop.  ::Head barely poking out from under the bed, she calls out to the distant voices screaming in the kitchen below:: Stop! Mommy! Don't leave! Don't hate him! Stop fighting! Daddy!

Monster1: Look at you! Is that all you can do? Pathetic little girl.

::Growling now.:: Your time is done.

::There's a dull, fleshy, crack inside her skull, a snap in her mind and then the throbbing and then the rushing of a thousand waterfalls as the world disappears and Patricia is standing outside.::

Woman: Patricia! Is it really you? You've grown!

::There's something familiar about the woman.::

Woman: Remember me? I'm your mommy.

::No, she's dead. She never existed. She's a figment of my imagination. She's gone. She---::

Woman: Patricia?

Patricia: ....

Man: Patricia? Is this her? Is this....

Patricia: ....

::She doesn't care. The world goes black.::

Patricia: Wwhat do you mean?

Doctor: I'm sorry honey. It's too late. You're going to have to live with it. We can't remove it now. It's a part of you.

::Everything is lost as she's enveloped in white again::

::There's a sound, like knocking on a large wooden door.::

Voice: Patricia? Patricia, I'm here to help you. I love you.

::For a moment, her anger and her guilt begin to fade....::

::The throbbing beats echoed in the empty void over and over and over. The breathing returned and the bed pressed against her face as Patri awoke, this time on top of the bed, ready again to kill the beast who wouldn't give her a second chance.::

((Brig - USS Independence-A))

::A large monstrous figure approached as Patri's eyes began to focus. She wanted to scream, “Look at me, you bastard. I'm going to make a difference. I'm going to kill you. I can make it stop.”::

Thy'lek: Food?

::Two antennai came into focus now as Patri realized she was staring into the face of an Andorian security officer. She'd need all the energy she could get once she put her plan into action.::

Patri: ::quiet and still groggy:: Yes.

::Patri ate in silence.::

oO It's only a few more days and we can make it stop. The nightmares, the guilt, the pain. Together we'll kill them. Oo

Patria-Jia Kom

Information Pirate and Hacker as simmed by

Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman

Engineering Officer

USS Independence-A