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USS Athena
David Cody


  • Full Name: David Scott Cody
  • Race: Human
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Ship: USS Athena
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 235203.34
  • Birthplace: Mars Colonies
  • Age: 41
  • Telepathic Status: T:1

Personal Logs  ·   Medical Records

Playing Card

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This is actually a compilation of several SIMs, including:

Mr. Makno - Monster Mash
Lt(jg) Cody: "Not a Good Day to be a Security Officer"
Lt. Cmdr Ben Walker: "Secured, Repaired, Reported.."
Ens./Lt. jg. Maria: Crossover
Mr. Makno: Phone Call

(note: some minor editing was done to make it a complete segment)

((USS Independence – Deck 19))

In the corridor, a second unit moved down sweeping rifles around.

Security Officer: Lt. Adair! Can you hear us?!

The team swooped around, searching the area.

Security Officer #2: Anything?

Security Officer #3: Not a thing.

They stopped to regroup, holding up tricorders to scan around.

Security Officer: ::holding up a con:: =^= Security to Lt. Adair. Do you copy? I repeat, Security to Lt. Adair. Can you hear us? =^=

Makno watches the three guards moving ahead of him through deck 19. By rights he should be in a cell, but no one had bothered to actually put him there. So when Adair turned up missing he had tagged along. None of the guards had protested. After all they had seen the Gorn's handiwork and the Chalnoth's handiwork. Sometimes in life it is best to have the devil you know.

He sniffs loudly and nearly gags. The hairs around his head stand upright suddenly making him look big and puffy.

Makno: There is something down here boys.

One of the security guard looks back at Makno. The human never sees the black heavily muscled tentacle smack him to the ground. Jumping back and up the red beast avoids a tentacle intend for him. Grabbing a protruding panel, Makno climbs upward off the floor. When looks back all three guards are down and being dragged back through the hall deeper into deck 19.

Waiting till they are gone Makno drops to the floor landing softly. Filching out his long knife from his boot and picking up one of the dropped phasers Makno proceeds down the hall. He can here squelching sounds up ahead.

Makno: =/\= (whisper) Makno to Cody . . . we got an intruder. =/\=

((Sickbay, USS Independence))

Maria: We need to get the chip that might control it and actually control it ourselves... I think maybe inset it into the wall? That means the signal can go through the alkaline as well as power the chip... then all we have to do is enter the commands into the chip, that should be the easy bit... assuming their programming is similar to ours, which it should be...

Cody was halfway back across the room for the test when a ping echoed.

Makno: =/\= (whisper) Makno to Cody . . . we got an intruder. =/\=

Oo Makno? oO Cody blinked away an initial shock. Last he checked, the Com/Helm/too-many-to-list officer was helping out in the Brig… when his memory jolted a funny little note on Lt. Adair’s last communication.

A sickly smile came over Cody’s expression, even though he wasn’t upset.

Cody: What is it? Gorn? FTU? A big black spider?

Makno: =/\= (whisper) No its not a Gorn or FTU. More of a monster thing in the middle of deck 19. =/\=

((USS Independence – Deck 19))

Through the dimly light room yellow eyes sees the shapes of the missing crew men hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the room a 4 legged creature with numerous black tentacles hoists its most recent prey to the ceiling where it sticks them in some type of slobbery glue.

Another tentacle flashes out at Makno who side steps it only to be grabbed by another tentacle. A stiff jerk pulls him off his feet and toward the menacing creature.

Makno: I come in peeeeeeeeaaaace!!

Sliding across the floor he sees a mouth of foot long ivory teeth, 4 tongues, and a nasty looking uvula.

Makno: *&^%


Firing the phaser he slashes at the tentacle holding him befor disappearing into a mass of thrashing tentacles.

Makno: Arrrrroooooooo!

Monster: ROAR!!

((Sickbay, USS Independence))

A ping.

Cody raised his head up and smiled. Just smiled... and slowly shook his head. He’d give anything to start this day over with... but rather than relying on a time machine or a “Q”, he’d make do anyway. Glancing back to Cox and Maria--

Cody: I think that sounds like something I might have to look into.

Maria: Good luck sir, it sounds like you may need it...

He had to admit, she did have a point.

Cody: ::nodding:: Yeah. You’re right. But it’s not really a good day to be a Security Officer… and that’s kinda two senior officers now. When that starts happening, you can’t really delegate. ::tapping his badge:: =^= Cody to Walker, do you copy? =^=

Walker: ::irritated:: =^= Walker here, what may I do for you Lieutenant? Or was there some other order you'd like to countermand?=^=

Cody: ::wincing, though he supposed he deserved that:: =^= I’m proceeding down to Deck 19, as we seem to be losing senior officers there. Could you pass that along to Cmdr. Mar and Admiral Anassasi? ::pausing a moment:: =^= Makno’s last transmission was it was some kind of monster. I’ve already sent two separate teams in, so I’m of the mind to make this a solo… if nothing else, maybe it’ll hate the taste of Chalnoths. =^=

Walker: =^= Negative Lieutenant. If we've already lost two teams, you are not to approach that area without anyone else...:: He smirked, adding:: I believe Federation security protocol requires a minimum of 1 security officer to accompany any officer entering a hostile situation..

Cody: =^= Alright... I’ll take two with me. Is that a fair deal? =^=

Walker: =^= Report back on any change in status. Our internal sensors should be back on within minutes, so there is no need to take any unnecessary risks Lieutenant. =^=

Cody: ::nodding:: =^= I’ll report to you in short order. Cody out. =^= ::glancing over at Cox and Maria, then nodding at the sphere:: I’ve set up the containment field. Forgive me if I have to jaunt out.

Maria: Of course, please don't get yourself killed... we've lost enough officers today.

Cody: ::acknowledging Maria:: Will do. ::tapping his badge:: Lost cause anyway… =^= Cody to transporter room 3, Croft and Allen. Three to immediately transport to Deck 19. Lock onto Makno and Adair’s combadges and beam us into that location. =^=

He felt the familiar buzz and watched the world become nothing but noise.

((USS Independence – Deck 19))

He felt slightly nauseous coming out of that transporter hop, which struck Cody funny as he never recalled feeling nauseous before. Shaking it off, he glanced to either side of him.

One veteran with gray hair, Alexander Croft, who Cody suspected wouldn’t hesitate to turn him over and slap him one if need be. On his other side, one very small and compact dark-skinned, bald headed Deltan woman named Allen, which struck Cody funny the first time he read the name back in the office, wearing a very revealing gown that started to make his head swing.

Croft: So what’s the emergency now?

Feeling a strange pull, Cody took a moment to clear his head.

Allen: ::smiling at Cody:: I did say in my sick leave report it’s that time, sir.

Cody: Remind me next time to ask to make sure you’re wearing something appropriate...

The three of them turned the corner, moving into the corridor where Makno’s last transmission came from and stopped, searching around.

A munching swung all three heads up toward the ceiling. Allen blanched while Croft and Cody took in the strange sight, cocking their heads off.

It had tentacles, it was up in what looked like a broken open access chute… and if Cody wasn’t mistaken, that was Makno halfway into the thing’s... whatever it was. His jaw dropped taking in the sight before glancing at Croft and Allen.

Croft: As if the Gorn weren’t enough...

Cody: Stay to the sides. ::bringing up his phaser… which would make it the third time he’d have to use it:: Looks like Makno’s taken some chunks out of it.

As if the pool of black liquid on the floor wasn’t a dead giveaway. Cody and Croft clung to the walls, moving in. Much to Cody’s annoyance, Allen decided his wall was better, which didn’t do well for baring the brunt of Deltan pheromones. Twitching his nose, Cody got himself into a better vantage point...

...when the strangest of all things, a ping, sounded off. A huge, beast hand wrought its way out to slap into the mass of tenticles.

Makno: =/\= MakNO =/\=

Mathews: =/\= Lt. you are to report to the transporter room. =/\=

Makno thinks he sees Adair move and throws the phaser in her direction, or maybe he just lets go by accident. The things blood is slippery. The monsters tentacles pile on him trying to drag him down into its maw. It takes all the strength he has to resist the weight.

Makno: =/\= This . . .isn't . . a . . good . . time. =/\=

Mathews: =/\= Don't be funny Makno. You are in enough trouble as it is. How could you be busy in the brig? =/\=

With his right hand he grabs a tentacle and forces it away from him, while stabbing it with the dagger in his left hand.

Makno: =/\= Um . . yeah . . .brig . . right. I'll be right there as soonfiltered=/\=

He bites off one of tentacles while wrestling and slashing at the rest.

They just stood underneath, stunned with this hilarious moment that Cody felt sure his cheeks were flaming red… or maybe it was from Allen. Shaking his head, he glanced at the other two.

Cody: Get ‘em out of there.

Croft: ::barking:: Points!

Cody and Allen knelt, aiming up phasers. Croft crouched, peering upward between Makno’s body and the thing, eyeing it.

Croft: Three point fix on eleven o’clock. On my mark.

Cody: You got that angle right?

Croft: I’m older than you, son.

Allen: Don’t listen to him. You can come to bed with me, Cody.

Cody: ::barking a laugh:: Call it.

Croft: On three... two... one.

Three phasers struck out, pyramid-style. With a roar to shatter the walls, a curtain of black poured down and splattered off the floor. All three of them jerked their heads back as its blood splattered them head to toe.





Suddenly released Makno falls. Instinctively he twists in the air landing feet down. A bit of tentacle dangles from his long fangs and a long wicked-looking knife wet with blood glints in the low lighting. Black goo covers him plastering fur to skin. What little remains of his uniform hangs in sticky goo covered tatters. He growls lowly, his eyes searching for an enemy.

Looking back around and down, Cody, Allen and Croft stared at one very black-liquid coated, furred, giant Chalnoth beast with scary-looking eyes.

Cody: ::leaning over:: Well, Mr. Makno. Is this your daily exercise program?

Makno: Just the warm up mate.

He stands upright and then stands a little straighter trying to give a `cooler than you' pose... A loud popping sound sent three heads looking up.

Croft: Ah...

Cody: Crap...

Allen: HEADS!

Makno: AAAAAAAAaaaaaa!

They threw up their arms, shielding their heads as a mass of tentacles plowed down. Poor Makno, got slammed with them along with one big massive squid-like body plowing after the tentacles, along with the bodies of Starfleet officers.

Adair’s body came down last, along with one more, and got cushioned by the everything and everyone else to roll off.

Spluttering, Cody reared throwing off the thing’s tentacles and shaking black goo off. Allen came up next. Croft finally yelled his way out of the mass, minus his phaser.

Croft: That was my favorite!

Cody blinked and wiped the goo dripping over his eyes. He felt around his chest before feeling his badge, then slammed it.

Cody: =^= Cody to Cmdr. Walker. =^=

Walker: =^= Walker here, what's your status? =^=

Cody: ::spitting out goo, hacking:: =^=Everything is now under control, sir... except one thing now. =^=

Walker: =^=Go ahead Lieutenant...spit it out. =^=

Cody: =^= I wouldn’t recommend walking through the mid-corridor of Deck 19, at least until we can clean up. =^= ::coughing up more goo:: =^= And I thought... ::coughing:: Chalnoths would taste bad. It’s some kind of black giant spacefaring squid, by the looks of it. =^=

Allen: Oh, hey. What about Makno?

Walker: =^=Were any personnel harmed? =^=

Cody: ::scanning around, assessing:: =^= So far, about six security officers, including Lt. Adair and...

A black, blood-soaked hand emerges from the edge of the mass of tentacles. Nails grip the floor and the sinuous corpse of the creature parts to reveal an even more soaked Chalnoth. Pulling himself forward, Makno look up at the security officers.

Makno: I believe in survival of the fittest as much as the next guy... but a little help here PLEASE!

Freed from the last of the monster, Makno shakes his hands sending gloplets of blood downward. With a body wracking shake he sheds more of the goo flying. Yet, it clings to him making spider web like treads where he touches.

Makno: `Hachoo!'

With a sneeze he spews out more of the disgusting substances and then inhales. Ears suddenly perk up and with one hand he strokes back his hair. With a low seductive rumble he looks around spotting the night gown clad security officer. He begins to amble toward her his nose flaring and tongue almost hanging out.

Makno: Hey... deputy, wanna arrest me?

The women, also splattered in goo looks momentarily surprised.

Allen: Um..

Makno: Names Makno.. I kilt this beasty.

Allen: I thought we did when we fired phasers at it.

Makno is un-phased.

Makno: That was just the finishing touch. I had the monster just where I wanted it. So . . rrrrrrrrrrrr! :: Momentarily awash in her scent his eyes become unfocused. :; Let's copulate on this bed of fleshy tentacles.

Makno suddenly feels a pull from behind and off balance is towed from the room.

Croft: I think the boy is punch drunk Lt. Cody. I'll get him cleaned up and up to the transporter room.

Makno: Hey . . .you . . let me go. I think she likes me. . I'm serious.

Cody: ::bemused :: =^= Make that five, Commander. =^=