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((USS Darwin-A, Deck 11 Brig))

:: HoS'etlh turned his direction towards the cell that his superiors were looking into. As he turned to get a closer look inside he was stopped by Lt. Cmdr Thomas addressing him.::

Thomas: Sorry, how rude. This is Lieutenant Falcon.

Falcon: Not a problem, sir.  ::Looking to HoS'elth.:: Pleased to meet you,HoS'elth.

HoS'etlh: A Pleasure Sir.

::He nodded to the Lt. Falcon showing his respect. After the introduction he turned his attention back to the cell. Lt. Cmdr. Thomas detailed the group held inside the cell. As the Lt. Cmdr. spoke HoS'etlh nodded occasionally taking in all the information relayed to him.::

Thomas: Now, Ensign, these two Laudean men here are the Captain and the First Officer. They were spotted at Deep Space 6 leaving with weaponry in their cargo.

Falcon: Well, less 'leaving' and more 'tearing away with great force'. They tried to mask their warp signature and sneak away.

Thomas: We managed to catch them, after Falcon's flying and boarded their vessel.

HoS'etlh: They must have had some precious cargo to try and outrun a Federation vessel.

Thomas: Yep, they were carrying Weapons and an unknown clear substance.

HoS'etlh: Interesting. I presume that they were unlicensed to do so? That would explain the sudden break from Deep Space 6.

Thomas: We interviewed the Laudeans and the First Officer attacked our Captain.

Falcon: Hence why he's cooling his heels over there.  ::Gestured with a thumb over her shoulder toward Inala's cell.::

Thomas: Ensign and Lieutenant, please remove the Orion man from his cell, and escort him to the interview room.

HoS'etlh: With pleasure Sir.

::As soon as HoS'etlh entered the Cell the Orion fixed his eyes on him. He appeared to be flexing as he walked out. It was clear that intimidation would not work on the Orion, as it wouldn't on HoS'etlh. He had seen far more intimidating Women during his upbringing in Germany as a Child. It did not matter to him that intimidation was out of the question. It made things more interesting.::

Bo'Sun: I hope you are more prepared to listen than your other officers were or this will be a very short conversation.

Thomas: Keep it up, and I'll have no problem shooting you.

Bo'Sun: Yes go ahead, that will make it two occasions where you have shot me without due cause. I didn't think StarFleet was permitted to shoot innocents but either you're a group of racists who've already decided me guilty as a result of my species or you think you're bigger than the law.

::They entered the interview room, escorting the Orion to make sure he didn't try anything stupid. The room wasn't much of a change of surroundings compared to the holding cells. He helped place the Orion in the holding cell and stood at ease close to the wall.::

Thomas: Not really where I guess you expected to end up is it.

Bo'Sun: No, but then I've never had my taxi pulled over before. It's most inconvenient.

Thomas: Where was it you expected exactly?

Bo'Sun: We were headed to Vega Colony. I was to get a connection there get the rest of the way home. My family need me to attend a funeral ceremony and it would be most unacceptable to miss it.

Thomas: You know, we found a large number of Federation Weaponry in the Cargo of the ship.

Bo'Sun: Like I tried to explain to your over eager colleagues. That's not my business. I'm just a passenger.

Thomas: Ensign HoS'etlh, tell me, is it a crime to carry Federation Weapons?

HoS'etlh: Transporting Weapons with out a valid licence is obviously illegal, however when you are gun running Federation Weaponry it a.. a different kettle of fish. As I believe the saying goes. Federation weapons are not intended for civilian use.

Thomas: And tell me, Ensign, do you have any idea on the Value, a cargo hold of them might be?

::This question was quite difficult to give an exact answer to. He knew the price of a typical Type-3 Phaser Rifle in Federation credits however they had the potential to be far more lucrative.::

HoS'etlh: On the black market, as that is where I assume the weapons were heading, about 600 bars of gold pressed latinum. possibly higher dependent on the bidder. It's hard to say precisely.

Thomas: So, just exactly what was your share of the spoils?

Bo'Sun: Spoils!? All I had with me was the family heirloom to be delivered to my family in time for the funeral and now I don't even have that. I had to pay them for the ride and I was told in no uncertain terms that if I stole anything they would cut my hand clean off.

HoS'etlh: You're not exactly poorly built. I highly doubt that the crew would have threaten someone of your stature. You would more than likely leave them eating through a straw.

Bo'Sun: I might be well built but I'm not stupid. The Tenacity was supposed to be a quick, cheap ride. How was I supposed to know these Laudeans were up to no good?

Falcon: There might have been signs. Something that tipped you off that something was amiss.

Bo'Sun: What does it look like? I work in fitness. I'm a professional body builder and personal coach.

HoS'elth: Then why pay with you're family heirloom. I'm certain there is a lot of money in personal training. There is always someone vain enough in need of one.

Falcon: And if not, then you'd certainly do well in the bodyguard business.

Thomas: Yet you claim to have had to sell a family Heirloom. You are awfully hard done by aren't you.

Bo'Sun: Clearly. ::Sarcastically::

::It was becoming clear that Bo'Sun held his intelligence in high regard. So far the Orion had answered each question that they had thrown at him in such a way that he had not contradicted himself. Maybe he could use this fact to his advantage.::

HoS'etlh: If the income from your career isn't enough to pay passage on a ship to the Vega colony then you clearly aren't as good at it as you make yourself out to be.Or you're spending it on something else?

::HoS'etlh was hoping to get the Orion riled up. If he could anger him his judgment would be clouded and he may say something incriminating. Or he may attempt to assault him which was not preferable but would work.::

Bo'Sun: My income is quite healthy. ::Smirking. ::

HoS;etlh: So. You intend to change ships at Vega and head to meet your Family?

Bo'Sun: That's what I said. ::Rudely::

HoS'etlh: Well I must say i'm impressed that you were capable of thinking so far ahead. I would have though that your head, as you Orions would say, was filled with "discount goods".

Bo'Sun: Shows the extent of your knowledge then doesn't it?

HoS'etlh: Well clearly you didn't have the capacity to check out the ship before you boarded it. In my opinion you're as stupid as the crew who thought they could outrun this ship.

Bo'Sun: Everything seemed in order to me. ::Shrugging and shifting his weight.::

Thomas: ::Leaning forward in his chair.:: Why were you down in the Cargo area?

Bo'Sun: I was looking for one of the freighter's staff as they had shown an interest in my work and wanted some details from me. ::Smugly::

Ensign HoS'etlh

Sec/Tac Officer

USS Darwin-A