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John Valdivia
Merrick R'Ven
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Kael Thomas

(( Freighter Tenacity – Impulse Control ))

:: It was hot, stuffy and LOUD. As the human engineering officer was fighting the urge to pass out as the last isolinear chip went into place which, Nathan hoped, would manually release the impulse engine driver coils. ::

:: An agonizing half-second ticked by before Nathan heard the affirmative beeping on the nearby control console signaling the success of his efforts. With the last ounce of strength he could muster, the junior grade Lieutenant slammed his right hand down on the control surface. ::

Computer: Manual release activated. Driver coils at one hundred percent.

:: The sudden rush of speed knocked the man of his feet. His head hit the deck with a ferocious severity. Everything was going blank as he tried to hit his commbadge. Nathan wasn’t sure he’d done it before saying what he figured might be his last words. ::

Baker: =/\= Done… =/\=

(( Dream… ))

:: The meadow looked so familiar for some reason. Nathan stood in the middle of it. He couldn't recall how he'd gotten there. He really couldn't remember much of anything. All he knew was this field of knee-high grass that was flowing haphazardly in the wind. The grass tickled his knees, but that was all he felt. ::

:: The breeze was cool and almost inviting. It was like a relief for whatever reason to be feeling such a nice wind blowing. Nathan, clad in his uniform, looked around trying to get his bearings. It was like he’d been there before… then it hit him. ::

Baker: oO I know this place… Oo

Saroa: Lieutenant Baker, Sir. Are you alright?

(( Transporter Room – Darwin ))

:: It was cool now. Nathan’s eyes fluttered opened slowly upon hearing his name. The voice was familiar. It seemed to be taking a long time for his eyes to adjust… everything was blurry. ::

Baker: Wh… where? What happened?

Saroa: ::Concerned:: We should probably get him up to sickbay…

Larson: That's probably a good idea.

:: Nathan tried to shift his weight but he couldn’t move without making his headache worse than it already was. It was like the worst hangover he’d ever had times a hundred. His mouth was dry and throat scorched.He could hear his heart pounding away. At least it was cool now. ::

Saroa: I have to say ma’am, I didn’t think my first day would be like this.

Larson: Heh, you're telling me.

Saroa: Okay. So how about I get Mister Baker here safely up to medical? I imagine Lt Cmdr Thomas will be keen to hear your report.

Larson: Alright.

:: Laying there on the transporter pad, Nathan was able to shake free of his daze for a moment. He realized he was on the Darwin… and that they had made it. He wanted to thank Larson before she left… but couldn’t form the words. He could barely see at this point. ::

Baker: ::whispering:: Nice…

:: It was all he could get out before the sheer exhaustion took him again. ::

(( Dream… ))

:: The meadow again. This time the sun was setting in front of him. The rays of light seemed blinding, but there was something, or someone,off in the distance. Nathan tried to raise his hand to get a better look, but it was too bright even with the assistance. ::

:: He couldn’t tell if the figure was coming closer or not. The only thing he knew for certain was the familiarity of it all. The wind, the long grass, the bright light… ::

Baker: oO I know this place… Oo

:: The feel of something pricking his arm seemed to jolt him away from his recollection. He looked down and saw a needle piercing his bare arm… ::

(( Sickbay ))

:: More bright light, this time shining right above him. Nathan tried to look around again. Things were still blurry. The smell was sterile and clean. The feel of a soft pad under his back was a welcome relief from the hardness of the transporter pad. ::

Baker: ::whispering:: Where?

:: A shadow passed over the light shining above. They said something but the pounding of his heart made it difficult to hear anything. There seemed to be a commotion of some sort and Nathan could sense action all around him. ::

:: Things started calming down in his head after a hissing sound and a slight pressure on his neck… that’s when things went dark again. No meadow this time… just sleep. ::

Lt JG Nathan Baker

Engineering Officer

USS Darwin-A