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((Government House, Planets Surface, Talvath))

::Looking out the window it was hard to miss the plumes of fire littering the horizon. Following the explosion of the Freighter, grievous amounts of damage had occurred to the city. The force of the explosion levelled some buildings and severely damaged others. The fires have been going since, although he suspected a certain amount of looting had already begun to contribute also.::

::Placing his fingers under the base of his glass, D'Nal Hheinia poured himself another serving of Romulan Depas Arn, a dry wine, and continued to stare out the window. His city was falling apart. Being the Governor of a burning deserted former mining town didn’t have the same ring to it. He’d reached out for help to the Empire, but none is yet to arrive. In fact they’ve yet to confirm anything with him. In a bout of last resort, D’Nal reached out to the Federation. The thought that he had no other option made him feel ill.::

::Sitting back down at his desk, he looked at photo’s of the wreckage of the Freighter that had caused all this devastation. There wasn’t much left of it all. Small wonder given that the rest of it was currently floating around in the atmosphere. Flicking the pages back onto his desk, he sat back. There was a knock on his door.::

Hheinia: Come in!

::It was Sindari with some positive reports of the colonies disaster. The man had come to be a valuable asset to the Governor and also still managed to hold a higher view of the Empire than he currently did. Surprisingly, he was in agreeance with inviting Starfleet to render assistance. A move which did particularly shock D’Nal.::

Jo'rek: Good day D’Nal, I took care of that business you asked of me.

::Sindari slid himself into the room, and headed over to the window, near the desk. He spoke with the sort of oily tone you’d expect from a Romulan. He had worked hard to prove himself a valuable asset to the Governor and was starting the reap the rewards. He felt he held D’Nal’s confidence and felt he had a growing infleunce over the man and government operations. He’d just returned from emergency meetings and had news to report. ::

Hheinia: Ah, Sindari. Please give me some good news.

Jo’rek: ::With a sympathetic smile:: I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of that to report. The good news is that the power plant itself has not been damaged so we’re not at risk of a catastrophic failure there. However power relay stations and connection lines have been damaged so much of the city is without power, fuelling the panic.

We’re broadcasting city wide announcements, encouraging people to stay indoors and keep the doors and windows shut, turn any air conditioning systems off to minimise exposure.

Our hospital and medical centres are full to bursting with the injured and reports indicate the population is already starting to feel the effects from trilithium resin poisoning. Emergency crews outside are wearing breathers and suits to minimise their own exposure but it’s disorganised out there and efforts are being hurt by outbreaks of rioting and looting. I fear it will only get worse.

::It was probably a little better than he had anticipated. The problems were starting to escalate but they weren’t there just yet. They had to do the best they could until Starfleet arrived. With no idea how much use they would be in curing this Trilithium Resin disaster, D’Nal found it hard to put all his faith into them. Given his own scientists had no idea about how to fix this, what use would Starfleet Officers be to them. Nevertheless, if they could evacuate some people and provide supplies that would be of use to them.::

Hheinia: Commandeer the schools and public halls we have. They will become new Triage Centres.  ::Pausing:: Have we any word from Starfleet yet?

Jo’rek: Yes D’Nal it will be so. StarFleet’s last message indicated that they had a ship undocking from Deep Space 6 and that it should be here in just a few hours.

::Sindari kept his face neutral. He’d been very vocal about his opinions regarding both StarFleet and the Empire, more so as he earned the Governor’s trust but now wasn’t the time for talk. This was just the opportunity he’d been waiting for. He put no trust or faith in StarFleet to be able to help the colony and he didn’t want to see a planetary holocaust. That’s why he’d taken some time after the emergency meetings to talk to a few of his most trusted about how they could ensure their survival. ::

Hheinia: They are only just leaving? Dont they know the situation?  ::D’Nal did not hide his frustration about their delay. He did not wish to be a Governor of no one.:: Alright, well, we’ll take...advantage of them the best we can when they finally arrive.

::Sindari stood by the tall window on the upper floor overlooking the city. People could be seen scurrying and hear screaming. It looked like a crowd was gathering outside despite the announcements that they should stay indoors. He could see red flames and smoke in the distance as well as damaged buildings. Most of the debris from the ship that was going to fall had fallen. The resin was still making its way down through the atmosphere, looking up he could see the green tint in the sky slowly spreading. It made him sick to see what had become of this world. He couldn’t resist a snipe when the opportunity presented itself.  ::

Jo’rek: I’ve always said the Federation care only for their own. Perhaps they drag their feet on purpose…

Hheinia: In any case they are doing more than the blasted Empire is. At this point anything is better than the nothing we have. ::Pausing to rein in his outburst.:: Have we made preparations for when the Starfleet Vessel arrives?

::The Governor had no intention of dying if he could possibly prevent it. Which at this point was more than likely the outcome, if he stayed on the planet. His only hope of getting off, would be the Starfleet vessel when it arrives. Besides, he knew everyone expected him to head off the first chance he got, but he knew he could co-ordinate better from the vessel. He was an effective prisoner in his office right now.::

::Sindari gave a dissatisfied sneer. Perhaps once this was all over they would see whether it really was the Federation or the Empire that would come out on top. ::

Jo’rek: There are few large spaces that aren’t being used for triage but we’re doing the best we can as per your orders. Once the StarFleet Vessel arrives I suggest you request evacuation to it. After all, should that angry crowd down there decide to storm the building, or flames from neighbouring buildings spread... the planet will lose its leadership. Then the colony will be in bigger disarray and surely fall.

Hheinia: You’re right. Make sure my family are prepared to evacuate when the Starfleet vessel arrives. Also, I think we’ll want to have our best scientists here for when they arrive. Decide who they are, and have them brought here.

::While his scientists had achieved nothing thus far, they did have 12 or so hours advantage of any of the Starfleet officers who would arrive. Who knows, between the two they might manage to stop this place becoming a barren wasteland.::

::Sindari already had a very good idea about exactly who he needed to have in place and would see to the arrangements immediately. ::

Jo’rek: As you wish. Is there anything else?

Hheinia: That’ll be all for now.

::As the man left his office, D’Nal wasn’t sure if he was more certain of their failure now, or before he came in to see him. The man had nothing optimistic, because there was nothing optimistic. His own Empire had left him here alone, and the only thing he had to look forward to was the very thing he didn’t want here. This day had gone from bad to catastrophic in a matter of hours. Turning his head as an explosion outside set more of the city on fire, the Governor audibly sighed.::


MSPNPC Sindari Jo’rek
Governor’s Aide
Simmed by Reinard


MSPNPC D'Nal Hheinia
Simmed by Thomas