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((Cargo Bay 1, USS Apollo))

Rachel had picked herself up off the floor of the Cargo bay and began to pick up the pieces. Luckily, there was only one other in there with her when it all went down. The two of them were attempting to lock the room down in order to keep the doors from breaching. At the last appropriate minute, they managed to get the doors shut, but not before one of the observation windows as blown away, ending a crewman's life. She nearly went herself had it been for the containment field. Her uniform was torn, and she was beaten. The associated leap of the ship sent her flying into a stack of canisters, which she now found had broken her left arm. ::
She wandered about the room for a moment taking in everything, making sure the fire control system was fucntioning as it should, with only small fires present. They seemed to be doing their jobs. She couldn't get the image of the man flying through that window out of her head... ::

((Flashback, moments earlier))

Sinclaire: Crycek, we need to clamp down those doors! We've got incoming!

Crycek: I'm on it ma'am!

The two moved quickly, beginning the securing process for the cargo bay doors. The alarm had sounded with its usual droning, and she raced over to the console to expedite the process. The doors would be strong enough to withstand the blast, whatever yeild it was, as it was triple redundant between the door, the door shield and the ship's shield. She typed quickly placing her access code. ::

Sinclaire: Give it to me... Todd? How we doing? :: Urgency plagued her voice ::

Crycek: Fifty Percent ma'am, almost there... FRAK!

Sinclaire:: She looked up :: What?!

Crycek: The actuator just shorted, We gotta do it by hand!

Without even asking why or how, she jumped over the console and took up position across from Todd. She broke the cover to the actuator manual release handle and began to crank it, as did the crewman. The door was moving at what seemed like a snail's pace. She could see the torpedo's headed towards an unknown destination, as they flew passed the ship. Closer... Closer... Closer. Just as the bright white flash occured between the last remaining space in the door, the doors closed with a thud. The two of them fell to the floor, exhausted. ::

Sinclaire: ::Throwing an imaginary high five his way :: Once again... saved by the Todd. :: She smiled, out of breath ::

Crycek: :: Accepting her high five...:: You know it... :: he stood up :: Maybe after all this...

The ship lurched to the side, sending the two of them flying. Rachel flew into a stack of stored canisters, while Crycek was violently thrashed against the wall. The blast wave had been forgotten by the two of them, and they were paying the price. A power surge could be felt throughout the room sending sparks and coolant gas shooting everywhere, but even worse, one of the small observation windows was cracking gratuitously. Crycek was near it. He looked at Rachel and gave her a small smile. Then it happened. ::
The pyrex glass gave way. The room immediately depressurized, pulling both Crycek and Sinclaire towards the small opening. Unfortunately for him, he was closer. His body hurdled towards the opening, only a foot by 2 feet wide. He landed against it with such force, she could hear bones cracking over the noise of the air rushing out of the room. Before she knew it, the screaming had stopped, and a containment field had formed. He'd been sucked right through that small hole. ::
Rachel fell to the floor, crying her eyes out. ::

((End Flashback, outside the Cargo Bay))

The doors to the bay opened loudly as they grinded across. It seemed that the ship must've taken quite a beating, as most of the access panels and conduits had been pulled away from the walls. She needed to go to the bridge to get orders. Her arm hurt immensely, but she needed to know what was going on. The security offices weren't far from there, so she decided to head that way first. ::
Before she could take another step, she heard someone else's coming from behind. She turned to see a cadet, seemingly uninjured, headed in her direction. ::

Sinclaire: Cadet! What's going on? What happened?

LeMarnix: [Tag]

Sinclaire: You're kidding...

LeMarnix: [Tag]

Sinclaire: Well I'd hope not seeing as how we've just met. And stop with that ma'am stuff... :: she thought back to Todd, who only did it to pick on her :: Makes me feel like I'm important or something... :: She cracked a grin ::

LeMarnix: [Tag]

Sinclaire: I think it's broken, but I'll be alright. I have to get above deck. Where are you headed to?

LeMarnix: [Tag]

Sinclaire: Well then, off we go!

She could understand the girl's need to check on her friends. Rachel was already starting to miss him. She wanted to forget him, but he was the closest thing she'd had to a relationship. They'd worked together since her posting on the Apollo, and could never be separated. her enthusiam quickly turned to sadness as they two of them ran towards the science department. It was going to be a long, long day. ::


-- PNPC Ensign Rachel Sinclaire Operations Officer USS Apollo, NCC-71669

as simmed by

Lieutenant Viktor Lanius Chief of Intelligence, Second Officer USS Apollo, NCC-71669