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::T'Pen walked into the Observation Lounge as each member of the crew stood up.::

T'Pen: ::Nodding:: Please, everyone take a seat.

::She sat down as each of them did. After clearing her throat, she tapped keys and looked around the room as an image of another Starfleet Vessel appeared on the OBL's computer screen::

T'Pen: The U.S.S. RESOLUTION. Most of you know it as the vessel assigned to our Embassy on Duronis II. Commander Turner was the Chief Medical Officer at the Embassy for a number of years before being transfered to the CHALLENGER. As of this afternoon, Commander Turner will be taking command of the RESOLUTION, along with a number of you, who will be going with her. ::As she said this, PADDS around the room chirped, lighting up their small screens with duty order for some of those present:: It pains me to say farewell to each of you, so I won't.

::A chime sounded, to which, T'Pen tapped a key::

Ensign Kranis:: =/\=Captain T'Pen, the U.S.S. RESOLUTION has come up on our Port Side and is requesting permission to link up with us. =/\=

T'Pen: =/\=Thank you, Ensign.=/\= ::Looking around the room:: Starfleet has had an influx of new officers and crewmen, which has necessitated the need for more ships assigned to our able bodied Command Officers.  ::looking at Toni:: Commander Turner - the RESOLUTION is yours, Command her well.

Turner: ::Grinning:: Yes, Ma'am. Take care of the Challenger, Captain.

T'Pen: ::Smiling:: Gladly Commander.  ::looking at the rest of the crew:: Please listen, if your name is called, you are being assigned to the RESOLUTION.

T'Pen: Your new duty posts will be given to you once you arrive on the RESOLUTION. ::Standing up straight and fixing her uniform:: It has been an honor serving with each of you, no matter how long or how short that service was. You have done me proud and I know that you will do the same for Commander Turner.

::Lt. Ko Ket, T'Pen's Assistant came through the door bearing a tray of champaign flutes. Offering one to each member in the room, he left just as quickly through the OBL door.::

T'Pen: ::Raising her glass:: To the RESOLUTION and her crew - To the Stars, To the Stars, I will always wish to follow the Stars. Grace, peace, protection and prosperity in all your travels.

Turner: :: raising her flute:: To the Challenge and the Resolution. May we always serve them well..

T'Pen: We will take a short break to congratulate our comrades and then we will get down to business with our current mission.

::Toni didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Either way it was a bitter sweet occasion. She was sad to be leaving dear friends on the Challenger. Yet she would be carrying them with her never to be forgotten. How could she, they were the ones who had given her the encouragement to move forward.::

::She looked to Brakur and Ternok, and couldn't stand it, she had to hug them both.::

Turner: Let's not be strangers, okay? Besides, Vee, Rellek, Shena, and Kel won't hear of it. ::forces a laugh::


Brakur: Response

::Then there was Dr. Reid.::

Turner: Jerry, I'm going to miss your meat ball surgery, but most of all the man behind the scalpel. ::kissing his cheek:: Take care my friend.

Reid: Response

:: Moving on, she stopped in front of Frazier::

Turner: Take care of her, Samal... ship and the Captain.

Frazier: Response

:: As Tal continued to stand by the back wall Commander Turner moved around the room saying goodby to those crewmembers who were staying on the Challenger and congrats to those who were going to transfer with her to her new command. Finally she spotted Tal and walked towards him. Stopping a few feet from him and standing tall and straight as she said.::

:: Tel-ar stood his ground as usual, but Toni would not have any of it.::

Turner: ::standing her full height:: Commander...::grinning:: lighten up.

Tel-ar: I will endevor to improve Commander. ::Tal responded. As he did he allowed a slight ghost of a smile to temporarily grace his normally stone like features.:: Congratulations on your new command. I am sure you will prove worthy of the challenge.

Turner: respond

Tel-ar: Thank you Commander. ::Tal glanced behind her. Then returned his eye's to her face.:: I do believe their are a few more people who wish to congratulate you.

Turner: respond

Tel-ar: Good luck Commander. ::He said as he gave her a slight nod. Then he watched as she turned and walked away.::

::Beside Tal, stood Ensign Labria::

Turner: Ensign... positive thoughts, always. They will see you through anything.

:: Mailea was watching Turner walking round the table and exchanging a word with each member of crew staying aboard Challenger. Recalling all their encounters Lea smiled, knowing that should be glad Turner is leaving. Their differences were far too big to be easily overcome, and despite her greatness shown in everything she’s doing, Toni could never understood Mailea. But Lea was not happy, she learned to love and respect this woman for being who she is... such nonconformist and always true to herself! ::

Labria: Thank you, ma’am! :: Lea caught her eyes and watched her attentively for a moment, then closed her eyes and bowed deep to her. :: Ma’am... stay resolute!

Turner: ::Finally, reaching T'Pen:: Ma'am... ::Toni stopped, realizing there was nothing to say. T'Pen of all of them knew what was in her heart:: The two women stood looking at each other for a long moment. Then Toni saluted a thank you to her mentor and friend:: Take care, Captain.

:: At the Turbolift now, Toni faced her crew.::

Turner: ::raising her glass:: Godspeed Challenger. ::to the Resolution Crew:: Let's go for it. Last thing we want to do is get caught in her tailwinds.