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This Sim takes place during the shore leave of the USS Discovery-C Cogud has gone clubbing with some fellow officers but the outing takes an unexpected turn as Cogud runs into to Orions looking to kill his Ferengi Godfather Zug.

Chief Tactical Officer
Jorus Cogud

DS9style-lt gold.png

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Test Pilot
  • Ship: n/a
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Trill
  • DoB: 236506.04 (04th June 2366)
  • Height: 6ft
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthplace: Ferengi Smuggling Vessel

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((Club District, DS - 285))

After seeing the Orions enter the club Cogud knew something was up, who where they after, could it be Darzen, he had been involved in some shaky business lately, maybe they are out for his father. Cogud stood going over why they where here, in his ponder he was interrupted by the drunk doctor and James::

SHAGAN: Hi! Why are you avoiding your friends?

COGUD: Friends, hardly. Those two men are out to get someone close to me. I have met them before on an asteroid colony run by the Orion's Syndicate. Those two men will either be after my uncle of my father, I don't know which.

SHAGAN: Really? ::The door slammed open and the two Orions waltzed like a couple of crazy bears with a scent. Telice waved at them again.:: Oh hi! I'm-- ::One of the males shoved her to the side and into James roughly.:: Take it easy!

JAMES: Please refrain from making further contact with us. Curtsey is only logical.

James prepared himself to fight if necessary. He figured that a

Orion's natural aggression combined with copious alcohol, would not be a very pleasant combination. ::

JAMES: Mr. Cogud, do you know these people as Miss Shagan suspects? If so are they causing you any kind of emotional turmoil.

COGUD: James, I am terrified of Orions, they...

The two Orions approached Cogud, one of them was tall, he was completley bald much like all Orion males, he was lacking a shirt showing off his intense physical prowess. He had a scar down his left eye rendering it useless. The other had a jet black mow-hawk and wore a collar around his neck, he was taller than the other one but they clearly worked as a duo. They grabbed Cogud simultaneously, lifting him off the ground and slamming him against the hard restroom walls::

COGUD: Krax, Krull, its been to long.

KRAX: ::The Orion looked at Cogud, he eyed him down trying to break him:: Where is Zug?

COGUD: oO Zug? What has he been up to lately Oo Who?

KRULL: Don't play the fool Jorus, where is Zug?

COGUD: Zug... I haven't spoken to him in years...

KRAX: Liar. Tell us where he is or...

KRULL: ::Letting go of Cogud and running for James:: Or we will kill your Vulcan friend here.

SHAGAN: What? No! ::She stumbled to the wall when the green alien grabbed the Discovery's communications officer.::

JAMES: I request that you remove yourself from your personage. :: Whispered to the Orion :: I wouldn't want you to get hurt...

SHAGAN: Leave him be you stupid green--

COGUD: Okay gentlemen take it easy.

KRAX: We need Zug's location. Now!

COGUD: I don't know where Zug is

KRULL: Fine ::Krull produced a knife and positioned it near James' neck::

COGUD: Stop, I'll tell you ::Cogud attempted to make hand signals to James and Shagan to attack Krull::

KRAX: Go on.

COGUD: Zug... is... ::Cogud jolted his foot into the Orions crotch, feeling the grip of the Orions powerful fists loosen on his arm Cogud slipped free::

James pushed his elbow back into the Orion holding him gut, then

while he was surprised brought his elbow to his nose and kicked him in the groin.::

SHAGAN: ::wincing:: ... I could get my medical kit? Somewhere.

JAMES: Both should recover shortly and as for both me and Mr. Cogud, we apere to be unharmed.

SHAGAN: Really? Ok.

COGUD: Nice work Mr. James, we better get out of here.

Cogud led the group out of the restroom, Cogud had no clue as to if the others where keeping up he just wanted to get out. He made his way through the streams of dancers, bumping into the bar::

COGUD: Sorry. ::He looked up to face the person he had walked into:: oO Can this night get any worse Oo Captain.

WALTAS: ::Slurring words:: Do they no longer teach cadetsh to watch where they're going?

COGUD: Did not expect to see you here...

COGUD: :: Peering around the Captain he saw Counselor Collim and Tom Westerbridge, he nodded at them and smiled:: Counselor, Tom...

Cogud looked around to see if James and Shagan had kept up with him, as he turned his head a sorry sight approached his view. The Orions where leaving the restroom, in an imediate instinct Cogud jumped over to the other side of the bar, ducking down to hide from the now furious Krax and Krull::