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This is a nightmare Cogud had outlining a Fear/Hatred of Orions

Chief Tactical Officer
Jorus Cogud

DS9style-lt gold.png

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Test Pilot
  • Ship: n/a
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Trill
  • DoB: 236506.04 (04th June 2366)
  • Height: 6ft
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthplace: Ferengi Smuggling Vessel

Awards and Service Ribbons



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  • Jorus Cogud
  • Darzen Cogud (Dream)
  • Raine Vedra (Dream)
  • Ziyal Varas (Dream)


((Cogud's Quarters, USS Discovery-C))

Cogud had crashed onto his bed, his head lay on his pillow and Cogud fell into a state of subconsciousness, sleep. Before he fell a series of images from his first posting and the rest of his life flashed through his head, first was the bridge, Cogud sitting talking to Blueheart about bloodwine, then came the plague, Cogud had stumbled into sickbay this was followed by a series of images of the events in sickbay with Zero, Nickles, the Captain and his Gorn, images where followed by what Cogud saw as he was beamed out the shuttle, Mitchell doomed to crash, but the last image which he focused on the most where the two Orions he had seen since he has been on board, first the nurse he saw in cargo bay 3 and second the one on the bridge, the male and that was quickly followed by things his uncle had told him about the species. This followed Cogud into dream state::

DARZEN COGUD: Jorus, my boy the Orions are not to be trusted they will kill you in the end.

COGUD: But why uncle

DARZEN COGUD: They are a blood thirsty race, they lust for blood. They killed your grandfather and it they had there way they would kill us as well

The Shuttle that Cogud and his uncle where in turned into a field of lush green grass, Cogud was sitting with his mother, father and brother, he looked across the grass he studied it, he then turned his attention to one blade of it. The green of the grass morphed into an Orion male, the rest of the grass did the same, the first Orion male he saw looked the same as the one he had seen on the bridge, Cogud turned and sprinted away but all the lush green grass was turning into a harshly green Orion, Cogud turned and saw the Orion from the bridge grab his mother and break her neck, he did the same with his father and brother, Cogud just turned and kept sprinting until he slipped on a rock, he looked up Orions formed around him, he closed his eyes and when they where open he was in the Discovery's sickbay. The Orion he saw in Cargo bay three came over to him with a knife::

VARAS: He is awake Doctor

Cogud sat up and saw the Orion from the bridge come over to him::

VEDRA: Good, now you know what to do

VARAS: Yes I do

The Knife in the nurses' hand drew closer to Cogud::

VARAS: You need to get some rest

She plunged the knife into Cogud's heart, Cogud closed his eyes feeling no pain, he opened them to find he was under some kind of sheet he ripped it off and looked around he was surrounded by white sheets covering bodies, Cogud uncovered each sheet, the first was his father, the second his mother this was followed by his brother and uncle. Cogud then went onto see other people from his life underneath the sheets. Dead. He found his godfather Zug, friends from the academy. There where another set of bodies covered by sheets, Cogud went on to uncover them, each was accompanied by something someone had told him about the Orions, the first body was Captain Waltas::

DARZEN COGUD: A sane man who lets an Orion onto his ship will surely pay the price.

Cogud then went to uncover the rest of the bridge crew, Blueheart, Valdivia, James and Mitchell::

DARZEN COGUD: Orions can only kill, they will stab you in the back when they get the chance

Cogud then uncovered the body of Dr. Shagan and Dr. Morning-Song::

DARZEN COGUD: An Orion once killed a Doctor who was trying to save lives, they do not value anyone else's lives but there own.

Cogud finally uncovered the body of Lt Tian, the one with an Orion girlfriend::

DARZEN COGUD: The biggest mistake one can make in there life his falling for an Orion Woman, anyone who does will die

Cogud looked at the bodies, each of them transformed into an Orion and woke up, they began to chase Cogud through the corridors of the Discvoery, Cogud slipped and turned, he was surrounded by Orions::

((Cogud's Quarters, USS Discovery-C))

Cogud woke up with a sudden shock, he quickly sat up recollecting where he was, the nightmare was still vivid in his mind, it was not one he would soon forget::

COGUD: Computer how long until my alarm goes off.

COMPUTER: 31 Minutes

COGUD: Computer cancel alarm

COMPUTER: Alarm Cancelled

Cogud sat up, he was awake now, no one was dead::