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This Sim takes place after the short break on DS-285, Cogud is told to report to the Captains ready room and explain the reason for the bar fight the night before, only to reveal the reason for the attack.

Chief Tactical Officer
Jorus Cogud

DS9style-lt gold.png

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Test Pilot
  • Ship: n/a
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Trill
  • DoB: 236506.04 (04th June 2366)
  • Height: 6ft
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthplace: Ferengi Smuggling Vessel

Awards and Service Ribbons



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((Cogud's Quarters, USS Discovery))

Cogud's eyes slowly opened, what had happened last night. He had little recollection of last nights events. He remembered Krax and Krull in the toilets, and the beginnings of a fight. but nothing more after that other than the Captain wanting an explanation in the morning::

COGUD: Computer, Time

COMPUTER: 0900 hours

oO Does that mean late! Oo

Cogud rushed for a shower spending no less than a minute tidying himself up, he dried and slipped into a clean uniform and sprinted out the door::

((Bridge, USS Discovery))

Tyr was in the Captain’s chair, the enormous bruise on his jaw from the Orion’s punch still evident even after the visit to sickbay. He felt worse than he looked, with his head battling his stomach for which felt worse. He ached all over, his head felt like it was going to split open, and his stomach threatened to throw out even the meager piece of toast that he’d had for breakfast. The doors hissed open and he turned (slowly) to see his helmsman enter.::

WALTAS::Pointing at Cogud:: In my ready room, Lieutenant.

COGUD: Aye Captain.

He followed the young Lieutenant into the ready room. When the doors closed, he moved quickly to the replicator, asking for ice water.::

WALTAS: Would you like something?

COGUD: No thank you sir.

Tyr nodded and then sat down at the desk.::

WALTAS: So, would you care to explain who this Zug is and why he decided to ruin a night of drunken revelry with his Orion lackeys?

COGUD: Zug... where to begin. He is my Ferengi Godfather and I can assure you he has nothing to do with Krax and Krull. I have met them once before. It was one year before I graduated my Uncle took me on "tour" of the Alpha Quadrant one last time before... ::Pausing thinking about what would be appropriate to tell the Captain without getting in more trouble:: We met them on an Orion Syndicate Asteroid Colony.

o O A Ferengi godfather? And the Orion Syndicate? How did this kid make it through the background check for Starfleet Academy? O o

WALTAS::Sitting forward, fingers steepled on the desk:: That's quite a past. Are you saying you're involved with the syndicate?

COGUD: No, no, no. He has nothing to do with the syndicate. It was a one off opportunity Zug saw and oO Actually I don't think I should quote the Rules of Acquisition now Oo Well he gave the Orions 40 fake canisters of Targ Milk that was meant to be Ketrecel White.

WALTAS::Rolling his eyes:: Ferengi intrepidity at its best...

COGUD: I have no idea why the syndicate wanted it ::Cogud was lying completely but there where somethings best left unsaid especially with the Captain:: Anyway the Orions where probably looking for Zug to... Well you know what the syndicate would do to him. They needed leads and my uncle is impossible to track and I am... the next best thing.

Coguds head was suffering from a massive headache trying to keep focused was a challenge, trying to keep the more shaky details from the Captain was really pushing impulses of pain through his brain where thoughts should be::
Tyr remained quiet for a moment. After years in Security during his career, he'd learned to read body language. The eyes that looked away at a certain point, the movement of the hands, the involuntary rising and lowering of the brow. All things indicated that the Helmsman wasn't telling the whole truth. He also took into account that he was probably just as hung over as the Captain was, and gave the man a little leeway. However, what he had been told worried him.::

WALTAS: So you're saying there is nothing to stop the Orions from continuing to dog you until they find Zug or catch you without your crewmates around?

COGUD: That pretty much explains it sir.

WALTAS::Shaking his head, his tone grew a bit rougher:: Lieutenant, I trust you like I trust all members of my crew. But I need you to be completely honest with me. I can't help you if you aren't, and if your personal business gets this ship into trouble then you'll just as quickly have ME to worry about as well. And I guarantee you, I can be a lot more trouble than Krax and Krull.

COGUD: Understood sir, I will be honest with you sir, Zug is in danger. ::All of Cogud's thoughts seemed to convene on one particular moment of the night before... He had agreed to bring Zug on board:: Sir, I would like to... ::Pausing:: I would like to grant Zug Asylum aboard the Discovery.

WALTAS: You want me to WHAT?

COGUD: I would like to bring Zug aboard.

WALTAS: And if we take Zug aboard and give him asylum, the Orions will target the Discovery next. You're asking me to put my ship and crew in danger to protect a Ferengi who, by all rights, probably deserves what the Orions are wanting to do to him. Now, tell me WHY I would do such a thing.

COGUD: Sir, if it wasn't for Zug I would not be speaking to you right now, the man took me and my family in when my father accidentally sold a ship to the Orion Syndicate, don't worry he has nothing to do with the Syndicate, I spent more than 8 years aboard his ship, I could not bear it if he were to be killed knowing I could've done something. And the Orions are not nearly stupid enough to attack a Federation Starship as powerful as the Discovery for one Ferengi.

WALTAS::Shrugging:: Perhaps Krax and Krull aren't. But the Syndicate is a powerful enemy. They could find a way in. ::Sighing, giving a measured look:: I take it Zug is capable of doing more than stealing the duranium out of the deckplating? COGUD: ::Smiling:: I can assure you he will be useful... Don't let him see that sword you had on the bridge the other day. WALTAS::Turning pale:: If he comes within a deck of my sword I'll blow him out of the airlock personally.

COGUD: ::Thinking back to the start of the brawl, hearing the captain get launched across a room by Krull:: Sir... How is the head?

WALTAS::Smiling:: The alcohol did more damage than the Orions did. Orions can't damage your reputation.

COGUD: ::A grin painted on Cogud's face:: You ruined theirs.

WALTAS::Turning a bit red:: Nevermind. Ahem.. ::He cleared his throat:: What about you?

COGUD: I am fine, a few bruises nothing major.

WALTAS::Nodding:: Good. ::pause:: I'll allow Zug aboard on one condition.


WALTAS: YOU are responsible for him. He gets into trouble, YOU get punished as well as he does. Perhaps if he knows things will fall on you as well as him it will keep his Ferengi instincts in check.

COGUD: Understood sir.

WALTAS: And one more thing. No more dishonesty, Lieutenant. Or that half-pip on your collar will disappear.

COGUD: ::Cogud stared down at his toes, the captain had noticed:: Aye sir, can I ask where is Shore Leave?

WALTAS::Smiling:: Iotia.

COGUD: Sigma Iotia II? The second example of why we have a prime directive at the academy?

WALTAS: Exactly. I thought it would be a nice change. It's good to study your history, Lieutenant. Dismissed.

Cogud stood up and turned for the door, walking onto the bridge. Tyr followed moments later.::