SIM:Cogud/Vedra - To the Madhouse pt 1

Cogud and Vedra begin to work together on preparing a course for the Sol System Rally, but it ends up in Cogud performing a racist attack on the Orion, Vedra.

Continued in Part 2

Chief Tactical Officer
Jorus Cogud

DS9style-lt gold.png

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Test Pilot
  • Ship: n/a
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Trill
  • DoB: 236506.04 (04th June 2366)
  • Height: 6ft
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthplace: Ferengi Smuggling Vessel

Awards and Service Ribbons



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((Cogud’s Quarters, USS Discovery-C))

Cogud stared at the PADD with the race track on it. The same layout he

had sent to Vedra the Orion, he predicted that Vedra would have the same issue in deducing the PADD as well so decided to call him to Astrometrics to look over the race on a larger display.::

COGUD: =/\= Lieutenant Cogud to Vedra, please report to Astrometrics to go over the race. =/\=

VEDRA: ::tapping his commbadge:: =/\= Aye, lieutenant. Be there in ten.


For the briefest moment, Raine actually was struck by the thought that

perhaps Lt Cogud had made prior arrangements with Rostan, as part of a bigger conspiracy, to get him away from Daisha so that the engineer could have all the time he wanted with the ravishing Amazon.::

VEDRA: oO Oh stop it, Raine!! How silly! Positive thoughts now. That’s what the Counselor prescribed. Oo

COGUD: =/\= Okay, see you there. =/\=

The Chief of Astrometrics promptly excused himself from the group, trying

his level best to conceal his dismay, with a promise to return to them as soon as he was done. Meanwhile, as Cogud headed out of the door towards Astrometrics thoughts of his neck crashing against the wall of that grimy public toilet by Krax and Krull arose again, thoughts of his family being forced to live on the run aboard a Ferengi Smuggling Vessel run by Zug and thoughts of heroic stories of his grandfather being murdered by an Orion, all of these had one thing in common and all led to Cogud’s instant hatred of any Orion he met, every woman, every child.::

((Ten minutes later))

((Astrometrics, USS Discovery-C))

VEDRA: Lieutenant. ::He nodded politely as he entered. The helmsman was already present in the lab.::

COGUD: Mr Vedra, glad you could make it. ::Cogud quickly thought over how Vedra had said “Lieutenant" trying to find any hint of animosity in the Orion’s voice.::

Raine immediately approached a console and after punching a few keys and

buttons, brought up the race course on the large view screen. Cogud looked up at the screen, trying hard to get rid of the hateful thoughts running through his head.::

VEDRA: I can project a 3-dimensional map within this lab if you like. It might be good idea to run through a simulation of the race. I can also feed in the shuttle parameters into the sim.

COGUD: Sounds great. ::Cogud put on a smile.::

Raine nodded, pleased that Lt Cogud concurred with his suggestion, and

moved to another console to key in instructions for the simulation. Lt Cogud stood near the console. Raine accessed the controls by reaching out an arm to hit a button at the far corner of the console, in the process unintentionally brushing against the Trill helmsman.::

VEDRA: Oh, excuse me----

COGUD: ::Immediately switching to a sarcastic and hostile tone:: Don't worry, wouldn't expect anything less from your kind. ::Cogud realized what he just said, but has hard as he tried he couldn't stop what he was saying.::

Raine was stunned speechless.::

COGUD: Don't look so shocked, do you feel any guilt? Anything for what your species does to people, innocent people across the galaxy.

VEDRA: My..species? What the hell Cogud? Where is this coming from? ::It was a reflex reaction. He became defensive because he became confused.::

COGUD: ::Ignoring what the man had just said, barely even paying attention to it.:: You are filth, you know that? A stain on the galaxy. ::Cogud brought his face in front of the Vedra’s, whispering his next sentence.:: Not even worth the air you breathe. ::Backing up and returning to his previous position.:: The things your people do to innocent families is horrendous. Do you know much about me?

While the Trill was hurling insults, Raine’s mind raced back and forth

between great animosity and a yearning to comprehend what was truly going on in the Astrometrics lab. Why had Lt Cogud suddenly verbally attacked him, unprovoked? What was it that he did wrong? Filth? Stain? The corruption of innocents? Where the hell is all this coming from? These and many other unanswered questions swirled and swirled in the Orion’s mind.::

VEDRA: ::clenching his fists and jaw to remain calm:: I know this much. You need help. ::He gritted his teeth.::

COGUD: Of course you don't. ::Cogud found a place where he could look down on the Orion.:: I was born to an honest family, my father was a simple trader, he makes one mistake when selling something to your species and he is marked for life, he had to flee his life and spend it on the run, I was driven from my home and forced to live with Ferengi.

VEDRA: Oh, ::snorting:: now I get it. You’re blaming me, ::pointing to himself:: ME, for your woes! I was the one who marked your father for life? I was the one who forced him to flee and run for his life? I was the one who drove you out of your home and forced you to live with the Ferengi? I?! What the frak have you been smoking, mister?

Raine could feel his anger simmering and reaching its boiling point. His

muscles were already tensed. His jaw ached and throbbed. His heart rate was off the charts. His breathing became rapid and shallow, streaming out of his flared nostrils. No one liked to be accused of something he hadn’t done, let alone be insulted for that.::

VEDRA: oO Oh, I could crush you in my bare hands right now, imp!! Oo ::He closed his eyes. He shook his head. He forced himself to purge the thought.:: oO No. No!! This isn’t right! This isn’t right!! Stop this, Raine. Now. Oo

COGUD: No you don't understand Orion, I learnt to read with the rules of acquisition. I learnt to count by playing dabo, why should any child have to live with those sort of people? And it’s not my father’s fault, or Zug's or any of the Ferengi, it’s yours and your parents’ and you grandparents’ and any other Orion, you’re all the same, all of you. You should all be punished for what you have done to innocents all over the galaxy.

VEDRA: So says the bigot. ::His voice was snake-like, cold and wicked and full of venom.::

COGUD: Pardon. oO This guy has some nerve. Oo

VEDRA: ::fixed steely glare:: Oh you heard me all right. But in case you were too busy listening to yourself whine and cringe and lament your unfortunate past like you’re the ONLY mistreated person in the entire galaxy, like you’re the ONLY victim of misfortune, like you’re the ONLY one who suffered at the hands of another race, let me repeat that for you, you self-centered, self-pitying, sanctimonious piece of sh*t. You are a bigot. Oh, and not only that, you are a narrow-minded, racist bully who is so damn insecure and immature to realize he’s still blaming an entire race, never mind the entire universe, for something he can never go back in the past to change simply because he doesn’t have the b*lls to deal with it like a man.

COGUD: oO Shut your mouth Cogud, shut your damn mouth. Oo You’re right, I'm racist and from my point of view all of your species should be wiped out, erased from existence!

VEDRA: Ah. ::icy tone:: Genocide. The simple answer to all that’s wrong with the universe. ::pause:: A coward’s answer.

People say violence only begets violence. Hate begets hate. Raine

regretted saying those vile and spiteful things almost as immediately as he had uttered them. But it was too late. You can never really take back words despite what everyone says. There was no reeling in the awful things he had said. Nevertheless, he HAD said those things, he wasn’t going to deny it, but only because he felt threatened and needed to defend his pride and honor. For everyone, saint or sinner, had their pride and honor.::

VEDRA: Go ahead then. Do it. I dare you. If you think you’ll only be satisfied after you’ve killed and annihilated every single Orion filth in the universe, then go ahead. Start with me. Go on, do it! Start with me! Do it, bigot, do it if you dare!!