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Crew of Shemesh Colony

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Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD

((Docking Ring, Starbase 118))

::Chythar finished working on both of Ben Livingston's ears, thinking of his appointment and alleged night off. After his attempt at humor apparently made his superior laugh, he checked his watch: 1700. oO Time enough maybe for a bite to eat, if we're done. Oo He thought that the situation looked about as under control as it could get for the time being, and decided to stand around to finish typing up his report.::

--A few minutes earlier --

::Chythar managed to restore hearing in Ben's right ear before walking to his other side, starting to work on the left. He glanced up as another member of medical approached him.::

Livingston: Johanna! I’m glad you’re here. It’s just, I hope it’s not on business.

oO Keep professional, Chythar. You're wearing jeans and a t-shirt, so just respond naturally but keep it professional. Oo

Skyfire: Wardrobe didn't seem like a priority, as I was supposed to be out with friends. You ordered me to take a night off, remember? Once I heard Baker with the Code Blue, I grabbed a kit from Sickbay and showed up here.

MacLaren: ::laughing:: Ye may wish to consider this orientation since the unexpected seems to be the only thing we can expect on this base. Eh've come to think of this as normal.

Skyfire: Glad I could help. Guess we should work in that orientation soon, shouldn't we? ::He was still working on Ben's left ear as MacLaren gave her response. oO Must be doing something right. But I'm not aiming for a promotion. Oo He smiled softly at her words, keeping his thoughts to himself. ::

Skyfire: ::chuckled, deciding to try a bit of humor:: Will you be ordering me to really enjoy the night when we're done here?

MacLaren: ::laughing:: Ye mean ye're not enjoying this, Doctor. Eh canna imagine why! Explosions, falling ceilings, odd cargo, why it is designed for fun and frolic, aye? Ah weel, if ye are not enjoying yourself, Eh think ye can finish up and go to something boring like an evening with friends. The team seems to have things under control.

oO Made her laugh. Mission accomplished. Oo

:: As he finished typing up his report, he hit 'send'. He blinked and realized he had been given permission to leave by MacLaren, and was still standing around. The brief moment of realization, he began to wander back toward the commercial sector and get himself a bite to eat.::

((Short time warp to Kael's Pub, 20 minutes later))

:: He wandered back into the familiar surroundings of the bar, having a seat at his previous table. He looked around for Solis, only to not find him. As he sat down, he ordered himself a sandwich and checked his padd for any messages. He only found one.

To: Chythar

I hope this reaches you, son. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I've just received word that your father is dead of a drug overdose. Can't tell you more than that, because I don't know it. If I learn, I'll send it your way.

Uncle Chris

The news hit CD like a ton of bricks, and he remained oblivious to the gentleman who brought his sandwich. After several moments, he shook it off. oO Now I have a new can of worms to open when I go talk to Dany. In addition to the other issue. Oo His stomach twisted itself into a knot, causing him to lose his appetite rather quickly. He had to force himself to eat the sandwich, wincing with each bite as he tried the mental shielding techniques again before slowly pulling out a chit and settling his tab. Once the sandwich was gone, he decided he needed some time to himself before he faced Dany.::

((Skyfire's Quarters, 30 minutes later. ))

:: The slow walk to his room was enough time for him to realize that he needed to take a break from his reality for a bit -- turn things off and ignore the world until his alarm alerted him to his appointment. On the other hand, his mind tricked him in that if he did that, he'd probably go to sleep and ignore the alarm.::

oO What are you doing, CD? Come on, think. What would Ryojichan tell you here? Oo

::He ignored the mental question to himself, and started to compose a letter to his friend, in Russian.

To: Ryoji

Ryoji --

Today's been all sorts of flavors of fracked. I received 2 Code Blues. Worse than that, I just received word Dad died from a drug overdose. Details unknown, as my uncle wasn't specific in any of it. We need to go for drinks.


He hit send, and waited.::

Ensign Chythar Skyfire
Medical Officer
SB 118