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Sim Description of the Armory
SIMed by Toni Turner as Ashlyn Willyard

After testing the retinal/fingerprint ID checkpoint at the Challenger’s Docking Port, Ashlyn took inventory of the quantum torpedo stock, the loaders and launchers on Deck 9 testing the Torpedo and Probe Magazines for reliability with simulations. She also checked the loading mechanism for the torpedo launchers.

At the Ship's Armory on Deck 15, she went in with one of the guards to check the work area for maintenance and repair of phasers, then had him open the sealed weapons lockers to inventory the Type I and II phasers to make certain there was enough to arm the entire crew. She also found enough Type-III phaser rifle and compression phaser rifles to arm 1/3 of the crew, and a limited number of Heavy ordinance weapons.

Willyard: ::turning to the guard.:: Thank you for the help, Ensign. Let’s get these lockers resealed, so we can get back to work.