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Stardate: 248602.09
Author: Brenna Parker
Character: Brenna Parker
Title: Chain of Command

((Sickbay, USS Challenger))

Reid had woken up just a few days ago, and has been using this time to try to get himself in shape to return to work, Laying on the biobed, with nothing but exercise and physical therapy, was getting old, fast. On the third day, Reid felt he was going out of his mind sometimes listening to the groans and moans of some of the patients. Ordinarily, this never bothered Reid before, and when he returned to work he would probably just ignore it as he went about his day. Today, he decided to do something about the boredom, so he got up and went to the CMO office where Dr, Brenna often went to review patient records, or review the last techniques in medicine. He was reviewing some of the patient records, when Dr. Brenna walked in.

Brenna stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of the CMO up and about in his office. After all, it WAS his office -- so why was she so startled? She was also extremely bothered, Brenna realized after a moment, though she had no right to be. She had been accustomed to doing things her way, and now, things were changing. Again.

Reid: Hello, Dr. Brenna, I was just going over to of the patients case records to see if I could help you out.

Parker:  ::awkwardly:: Oh. No. I've already reviewed finished reviewing them, last night, actually.

Reid: (Stammering) I was just trying to help you out, I figured that maybe you were in need of help, especially with me still laid up.

Brenna: Not really.  ::She bit her lip, realizing what she had just implied, to her superior, no less. She was silent, not sure what to say to make it better, and not wanting to fail in the attempt and make it worse.::

Reid: In that case, how much longer will I be on Medical leave?

Brenna:  ::caught slightly off guard, she avoided the question:: Aren't you enjoying being off duty for a while?

Reid: The boredom is terrible, and so is the physical therapy by the way. I don't want to infringe on your medical judgement, but if I were you, maybe you could see fit to release me back to work? Count it as a favor, and then I will owe you a favor in return.

She was in an interesting position, in command over her superior, at least until she released him from medical leave, which was something only she could do. But once that was done, whatever influence Brenna might have over how sickbay was run would be gone. However, she couldn't let that influence her medical opinion -- luckily, for now, her thoughts on his medical condition and her other concerns matched.

Brenna:  ::lightly:: They always say doctors make the worst patients.  ::carefully:: You have to remember, you were in a coma for a long time. Your limbs need to regain strength before you can even be walking around for an extended period of time.

Reid: "Your the Doctor", replied Reid, and he turned and walked out of the office with a security officer in tow. He returned to his biobed, and thought, oOThere must be something I can do to help out. Meanwhile, I will have to plan to get rid of the security officer to do it. Oo


Ensign Brenna Parker
Medical Officer
USS Challenger, NCC-12886

With Contributions by:
Lt. Commander Jerry Reid, CMO