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Evanna Blackwood
USS Avandar
Chief Science Officer
A Brave Science Officer
236109.06 238905.20
Avieorn, New Scotland
Aged 27
Species Human
Gender Female

Awards & Service Ribbons
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Bajoran Campaign Ribbon
Neelix Award
Extended Service Ribbon

In Memoriam

Incident Report

  • Stardate: 238809.16
  • Vessel: USS Aurora
  • Incident Location: ((Deck 3, Planetology/Stellar Cartography))
  • Parties Involved: None Other

:: Having discovered a virus in the computer's systems running rampant and causing malfunctions in the running and safety mechanisms of many of the computers ships Blackwood had helped T'Lea and baby T'sara escape one of the labs where a minature supernove was being simulated. She sustained burns to her back during this but did not realise it at that time due to the adrenaline pumping. ::

:: Blackwood then went on to work with Ensign Okera and Ensign Teagan to work out a solution to the virus. Eventually once was was formulated Blackwood went to insert the anti-virus chip into the location it needed to go while Ensign Okera monitored the ships systems and made sure her progress was unhindered. The program was showing a level of awareness and intelligence activating forcefields to try block her progress. Okera manage to override them and Blackwood got to the required destination. ::

:: What she saw there was completely fascinating and although she used caution the virus reacted defensively to her attempt to purge it hitting her with a jolt of electricity that knocked her unconcious. This jolt carried the bio-electric virus, which then interacted with the electrical output of her body and made it's way into her, working it's way to her nervous system while she lay unconcious on the floor. ::

::Fortunately Lt JG Eerie found her and took her to sickbay for treatment.::

Medical Report


::The doors slide open and Eerie placed Blackwood on a Biobed, and turned to the doctor.::

Eerie: Doctor, Blackwood appears to have some second degree burns here, I will leave her with you, I would suggest restraints.

oO(Eerie) Well, restraints, might have been a bit too much, Blackwood was probably affecting me.Oo

Blackwood: Thats a bit extreme...

Malcolm: Thank you, Eerie.

::Jen turned to her patient and placed her hands on her hips. She raised her eyebrows.::

Malcolm: Back again so soon, Evanna?

Blackwood: I count this as evidence in favor of the argument that bad luck comes in threes.

::Jen smiled at her as her eyes scanned the readouts from the biobed. As its feedback poured out the smile faded and slowly transformed into a frown. She scooped up a tricorder and held it over her.::

Malcolm: What happened to you?

::The readings were all over the place and definitely not consistent with what she would expect to see for a burn victim.::

Blackwood: You know what? I am not even entirely sure myself. Now if you don't mind, I think i'd like to return to my quarters for a sleep.

::Jen quickly discarded the tricorder and wrapped her arms around Evanna's shoulders.::

Malcolm: Nope, can't let you do that. ::She pulled her up:: Sit up and stay awake.

Blackwood: It is so difficult...

Malcolm: Just try. ::She grabbed Evanna's hand with the intention of patting it, but quickly recoiled as a surge of what felt like electricity shocked her:: Yipes!

::She shook Evanna's shoulders, where her uniform gave her a barrier.::

Malcolm: Evanna, what burned you?

Blackwood: Just a small blast from an exploding lab. Present from a wonky holoprojector.

::Jen didn't like this one bit. Second degree burns should not be causing the level of incoherency Blackwood was experiencing - unless she'd taken a bolt of electricity - which would explain the shock when Jen touched her, but things just weren't adding up.::

::She reached for the tricorder again and found that her own hand was shaking from the shock she'd taken from Blackwood's skin. She'd just have to deal with that later.::

Malcolm: ::Swiping the tricorder over Blackwood:: Your readings are all over the place...

::Something, or rather someone caught Blackwood's eye.::

Blackwood: Nevermind that! Is that? Is that Penny!?!

::Jen's head snapped in the direction Blackwood was staring to see York sprawled lifelessly on a biobed. A team of nurses hovered over her.::

Malcolm: She's in good hands, Evanna. Focus, please.

::It was almost as though Blackwood hadn't heard because in the next instant she was trying to get off the bed to go see her pal.::

Blackwood: Penny. I did not give you permission to bail out on me! You have to make it.... I'll...I'll buy you clothes!!! And don't forget all the, eh, hot... I mean cute... guys we haven't have time to eye up yet!

::Blackwood rambled on in a desperate fashion.::

::Jen grabbed her and hauled her back to the table, receiving uncomfortable little shocks whenever their skin made contact. She shoved her back, thinking maybe Eerie's suggestion for restraints wasn't that far-fetched of an idea.::

Malcolm: Sit, Evanna!

Blackwood: Woah! Pusheeeee....

Malcolm: What the heck is going on with you...?

::Jen chewed on her lip and glared at the tricorder in disgust. It was being horribly inefficient in her opinion. She dumped it on a side table.::

Blackwood: I hate pins and needles. I have pins and needles all over. I did not notice that before...

::Jen looked at her own hand, experiencing a similar feeling, but nothing too uncomfortable. She just could not tell what she was looking at here.::

Malcolm: ::shouting:: Ensign Davies, I need you over here!

::The rarely-seen Ensign Davies soon appeared at her side, his hands pushed into the pockets of his lab coat and a pleasant grin on his face.::

Davies: What's the problem here?

Blackwood: Don't look at me, I am not the doctor. Wake me up when you are finished. I want to get back to my duties. ::She lay down and rolled over, letting her heavy eyes remain shut.::

::Jen glanced back at him.::

Malcolm: You tell me, you're the pathologist. I just can't figure it out. I think I need some bloodwork turned around, fast.

::Davies picked up the tricorder and took a second to read what information it had gathered on Blackwood.::

Davies: Is this thing malfunctioning?

Malcolm: No, look at the biobed.

::Davies shook his head.::

Davies: Ok, bloodwork it is. ::He reached for a hypo as Jen flipped her over.::

Malcolm: I need to know what's going on. I'm afraid to give her anything before that.

Davies: Understood.

::An alarm trilled out from the biobed and Jen jumped to action, watching as Blackwood's vitals dropped to a dangerous level.::

Malcolm: No, no, no...not now, Evanna. ::She turned to Davies:: Go!

::He hurried off to begin his analysis as Jen worked to keep Evanna stable. She whipped out a hypo of cordrazine and gripped it in her shaking hand, afraid to administer it without knowing what was coursing through the ensign's body.::

((Shortly After))

::Ensign Chris Davies drummed his fingers on the surface of the work table, waiting impatiently for the computer to to finish its analysis of Blackwood's blood. The slide under his microscope was disturbing, to say the least, and he wanted the computer to back up what he thought he was seeing before he reported back to Malcolm - but he also knew he needed to hurry.::

::The computer beeped to indicate its conclusion and he nearly jumped on it.::

::It confirmed his suspicions. There was a virus attacking the cells but the computer reported it was not entirely organic in nature. At least fifty percent of it was electronic in nature. And it was working fast.::

::He rushed out of the lab and jogged to the biobed where Malcolm hovered over Blackwood. The young woman seemed to have degraded in health in the brief time he'd been away. She was deathly pale, lying on the biobed. Her heartbeat and breathing had slowed to the point it was nearly stopped.::

::Jen looked up at him expectantly::

Davies: No stimulants.

::Jen tried to keep the frustration out of her voice, but she nearly shouted at him::

Malcolm: Why not?

::Chris held up a tricorder to refer to the computer's analysis.::

Davies: She's contracted a virus and it's affecting her nervous system among other things ::he looked up at Jen:: and here's the weird part. It has an electronic signature::

::Jen looked down at her own hand, where pins and needles were making her fingertips numb::

Malcolm: The virus?

::Chris nodded::

Davies: Yes, electronic signature, but still biological. I'm immensely curious as to where she picked up such an interesting bug.

::Jen frowned at his enthusiastic praise for the virus.::

Malcolm: She said she got shocked by something in the Planetology lab. I'm much more curious about how we are going to kill it. If we don't come up with something soon I don't know if we'll be able to save her.

::She looked back to her patient. This was bad and she was left without much recourse.::

Davies: I'll start working on a vaccine - but I think it's going to be tricky. I'm working in the dark here. Isn't there anyone who knows what zapped her?

Malcolm: There must be.

::Chris stared at girl on the biobed. She was quite pretty. It would be a shame if he couldn't help her...and with the looks of things there was a pretty high probability that he wasn't going to be able to. He sighed and turned to leave.::

Malcolm: Chris, wait a minute.

::He turned back to see Malcolm holding out a hypo for him in an outstretched hand that had an unhealthy tremor.::

Davies: What is it, Dr. Malcolm?

Malcolm: You better test my blood. And yours. I think the virus is contagious.

::Davies stared at her a minute before taking the hypo.::

Davies: Right.

::As he took her blood, Jen tapped her commbadge with her free hand.::

Malcolm: =/\= All crew, this is Dr. Malcolm. Anyone who has had contact with Ensign Evanna Blackwood within the last hour must immediately report to Sickbay. =/\=

::She looked up to Davies and nodded for him to return to the lab. She tapped her commbadge again.::

::A few of Evanna's muscles jerked sharply, then she was still again for a few more minutes. It seemed as though the incident was over when more muscles began to contract. She jerked and flailed violently on the bed and it looked as though she might be having a fit. It stopped as suddenly as it started, as did her heart. There was not a single detectable beat from it.::

::Malcolm was afflicted with the Virus too and soon ended up in a similar state to Evanna. T'Lea, Davies and Okera worked hard to come up with a cure and Evanna was hooked up to a blood filtering system to slow the spread of the virus until the cure was developed. Malcolm recovered quickly having had a smaller exposure to the virus.::

::Blackwood stirred at last, waking from a dreamless sleep. The room was cool and bright she realised as blurry vision slowly cleared. She couldn't remember why she was there in the first place and thought she had just been napping. She wondered why she ached so bad as the doctor approached.::

Blackwood: Ah hello, are we done now? I can go now yes?

::Across the room Davies sat up and snapped his fingers, getting Jen's attention. The two of them walked over - Jen quite a bit slower and they both leaned over Blackwood's bed.::

Malcolm: Welcome back.

Blackwood: ::Yawning:: Jeez, why do I feel like death warmed up?

::Davies smiled and moved to the other side of the bed where he adjusted the dialysis machine and infusion unit, to which Blackwood was still hooked up. Jen, who felt just slightly better than Blackwood smiled sympathecially.::

Malcolm: You gave us quite a scare. You've been really sick.

::Blackwood looked to watch what Davies was doing, then realised she was attached to various different machines. A worried frown crossed her face and what little colour might have been there evaporated.::

Blackwood: Sick? What the heck is all this!? Did I get assimilated?

::Jen and Davies' eyes met for a minute, as Blackwood's question almost answered itself. While there was no Borg technology involved, of course, the principle was just about the same.::

Malcolm: ::sighing:: something like that. ::She looked up at the biobed's readouts and was heartened by the steady improvements she saw.:: How are you feeling. Any pain?

Blackwood: Hmm. Well, lets see... whats not painful... and that mother frelling headache is back again!

Davies: We can give you some painkillers for that.

Blackwood: You can try. I've had everything going for that and I can tell you it's a waste of time. :: Blackwood rubbed at her sore head.:: oO Why did I have to wake up? Oo It's not the headache that concerns me so much as the random stabby pains all over.

::Jen flexed her fingers. She was having pains in her arm but it was limited to that area. Blackwood, who had gotten the full shock, had been complaining of the pins and needle pains since she had first arrived in Sickbay. Jen was encouraged to hear that Blackwood was feeling the pains, however, as the concern for paralysis from the attack on her nervous system was something that had been plaguing Jen since she'd woken up.::

Malcolm: Evanna, do you remember why you came to Sickbay?

Blackwood: I don't recall coming to sickbay, but then I am a bit scatty by nature so i'm sure it's nothing.

::Blackwood actually wasn't as scatty as she often let on and was a little concerned with being unable to remember, but hoped it would become clear again with rest. She felt mentally and physically tired despite having done nothing taxing.::

Malcolm: We'll get into details later, but you took a shock and you've been unconscious. You're also recovering from a virus.

Blackwood: A shock you say...? ::It reminded her of something but she wasn't quite sure what.::

::Jen nodded, but chose not to elaborate. She didn't want to bombard Blackwood with too much information after having just woken up.::

Malcolm: Evanna, do something for me please. Lift up both of your arms, slowly.

::Blackwood was too tired to argue so complied silently. Both her arms felt like dead weights and she barely had strength to lift them. They trembled and shook and the shooting pains in them increased, the strain showed on her face and she dropped them after a few moments.::

Malcolm: Good. Now wiggle your toes, if you can.

::Blackwood felt like asking if it was really necessary but wisely decided against it. She tried to wiggle her toes as asked but wasn't sure if she had managed it. A wave of prickling pains travelled up through her body from her feet.::

Malcolm: That's good, Evanna.

::The neural imaging scan Davies has preformed earlier had indicated that if there was any nerve damage it was too minimal for the device to register, but Jen always liked to double check the technology.::

::Davies stepped back from the biobed and raised his eyebrows as if to say, `I told you so' to Jen's challenge of his earlier scan, but the occassional numbness in Jen's own arm was keeping her unconvinced. She patted Evanna's arm.::

Malcolm: You're going to be here a little longer.

Davies: Rest is going to be the best thing for you. ::After a smile at Blackwood he looked pointedly to Jen::

Blackwood: ::A smile crept across her face.:: Rest you say? I can do CHAMPION resting... in my own bed... what do you say?

::Jen shook her head and smiled.::

Malcolm: Everybody hates being in Sickbay. I think I'm going to develop a complex...

Blackwood: AW noes, don't be like that you know I luvs yas. Why do you think I keep coming back, it's not for the illness. It's for the good company obviously...

Malcolm: ::Jen grinned:: You'll be out as soon, I promise.

Blackwood: ::Smiling and feeling a little brighter.:: Yes yes, that is what they always say. Very well... whatever you wish.

::Davies pushed his hands into the pockets of his lab coat.::

Davies: I've given you some painkillers, so you should be getting drowsy soon.

Blackwood: ::Chuckling quietly:: I get it, I get it, now shoo! And thank you!

::Blackwood yawned again and settled on the somewhat hard and uncomfortable bed, it was not long as she started to drift off to sleep.::

::Davies caught up with Jen as she walked away in the direction of her office. He bumped her shoulder with his own.::

Davies: I think the Doctor should take her own advice. Get some rest.

::Jen gave him an appreciative smile.::

Malcolm: Ok, ok.


::Blackwood awoke with a snort. oO Frak. I hope I haven't been snoring! How disgusting! Oo Blackwood turned on her side and propped herself up. Looking around she could see it was quite quiet in the sickbay at that moment. She stretched a few muscles and sat up properly wiping some hair away from her sweaty face. She felt significantly less tired than previously and had regained most of her wits and concentration. She realised those creepy machines from earlier had been disconnected and taken away, so she tentatively got out of bed and started to walk around.::

::Jen, who'd been attempting to nap on a biobed, heard the rustle of movement and sat up. She looked over to see Blackwood shuffling around and roused herself.::

Malcolm: Feeling better?

Blackwood: ::Jerking and turning to the voice that startled her.:: Yes thanks. Much better.

Malcolm: All right, come on. ::She walked over to Blackwood and linked her arm around her elbow::: You can head down to your quarters now. If you promise you'll continue to rest.

Blackwood: Hmmm, okay. ::Smiling:: Lets go!

::Jen kept her hold on Blackwood, and led her out of Sickbay, not giving her patient the chance to protest the escort.::

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