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Evanna Blackwood
USS Avandar
Chief Science Officer
A Brave Science Officer
236109.06 238905.20
Avieorn, New Scotland
Aged 27
Species Human
Gender Female

Awards & Service Ribbons
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Bajoran Campaign Ribbon
Neelix Award
Extended Service Ribbon

In Memoriam

((Zonhar’s Joint Office and Quarters))

::Zonhar had just finished making sure everything was in place for his joint conflict management session he was planning for Ensign Blackwood and Commander Barnes, when he gave a small nod of approval. Everything seemed as ready as it could be.::

oO(Zonhar)It sure is going to be a tight fit, but I suppose there is not much that can be done about that at this particular moment. Better call the kiddies in from the pool Oo ::He chuckled::

Zonhar: =^= This is Zonhar to Ensign Blackwood and Lt. Commander Barnes. I would be much obliged if I could please see you both in my office so we could discuss things further. =^=

::Leaving the gym Barnes wandered slowly back to his quarters, whistling a small, tune, as the doors to his room closed he pulled off he dirty, sweaty top and headed across the bedroom to the shower, stepping into the hot water he let out a sigh and closed his eyes. Groaning as the peace was shattered be the comm call he’d been dreading.::

Barnes: =/\= Barnes here, counselor, what time =/\=

Zonhar: =^= As I have not yet heard from Ensign Blackwood we should probably schedule it in the next 30-40 mins. Id actually like to get started as soon as possible but I am sure Blackwood is somewhat hesitant to join in. I hope you both will be open to discussing things.=^=

::Leaning against the wall of his shower Barnes sighed, he’d hoped that Zonhar had forgotten.::

Barnes: =/\= I’m game doc, give me 20 minutes to get ready =/\=

Zonhar: =^= Thank you Commander, I will see you presently. =^=

::Zonhar waited another 10 mins before using his office console to establish the location of Ensign Blackwood. Seeing that she was obviously moving and out about, he reckoned that it had not been the fact that she had missed the previous communication, but had more than likely simply ignored it.:: oOWhy am I not surprised? Oh goes try number two.Oo

Zonhar: =^= This is Zonhar to Ensign Blackwood. I was wondering miss blackwood if your comm badge had been malfunctioning perhaps...or if you were not merely being a tad...dismissive. We are meeting in 15mins, will you please make your presence known?=^=

::Blackwood had hoped the counselors suggestion was an optional one, that did not require a response. He was being annoyingly persistent however.::

Blackwood: =/\= ::Slightly irritated:: Very well... =/\=

Zonhar: ::In as cheery sounding a tone as possible:: =^= Thank you Ensign.=^=

::Blackwood and Barnes arrived shortly after, neither one looking completely thrilled to be there (oOMore like IndignantOo), but at least they were there. That was the biggest part of the battle. It was always hard to treat patients which weren’t present.::

((Inside Counselor’s Office and Quarters))

Blackwood: ::Looking at Barnes, smiling:: Hi, long time no see.

::Walking into the councellors office Barnes was shocked to see how small it was. Seeing Blackwood already there he smiled.::

Barnes: Hi, seems like ages...:: Laughing

::Taking a seat next to Evanna and opposite Zonhar, Barnes waited.::

Zonhar: ::Noticing the rather...perplexing sight of the two of them seemingly not only having a total absence of animosity but of a genuine friendliness about them, was rather shocking, throwing him off just a tad.:: Greetings Commander and Ensign...I am rather glad I could final rope you both into coming. ::He chuckled:: Just a mild joke I assure you. I know neither of you might particularly like the idea of coming here, but it is an important thing I assure you.

Barnes: ::Looking at Blackwood: Well to be honest this is the first time i’ve been in a councellors office, so I’ll take your word for it.

Blackwood: Can’ say ah’ve had much reason to see a shrink before myself...

Zonhar: Well believe it or “shrinks” don’t always even like going to personal counseling sessions ourselves. But truth be told...We’ve learned the benefits of sharing our emotions and thoughts and the other benefits therapy can provide. But I digress. Please tell me how have you both have been getting along then?

Barnes: Okay, we spent a few interesting minutes in the gym together. A bit of personal bonding shall we say.

::Evanna tried to keep a neutral face, but a small smile was twitching away at the corner of her mouth. oO ::Laughing internally:: Personal BondingOo ::

Blackwood: Yes, we’ve been getting along. . . just fine. :: blushing slightly ::

::Out of the corner of his eye Barnes saw Blackwood, blush slightly, coughing Barnes looked down at the floor and twiddled his thumbs, trying not to look to embarrassed.::

::Zonhar paused taking in every blush, every caugh, every adverted glance, and was suddenly beginning to see a much different picture than the two waring parties he had originally thought he would have to be mediator too. In fact they seemed to be mediating all on their own.::

Zonhar: it safe to say you both have been engaging in...”extracurricular activities?”

::Barnes looked up sharply.:: Care to explain that doc?

Zonhar: Well...I mean nothing condescending in the least. But it certainly seems...based on your mutual body language, closeness in proximity to one another, Blackwoods blushing, and your timed coughs that...well...its easy for someone as I to make the connection that perhaps there is something more to your interactions than merely “working out” together. After all...not even a day ago yall were at each other’s throats, poised for death blows. ::He paused:: But then...thats just an observation. ::He winked in a knowing way.::

Barnes: ::Laughing:: Heaven save me from shrinks and mind benders. We have a chat while we where in the gym, sorted out our difference’s, as to be at each others throats I’ll put that down to the Orions chemicals.

Zonhar: I never much liked the term shrink as it seems to denote that I am someone who limits opportunities or stiffles free will, when in truth, my job is to help each of you see not only more truth about yourselves, but to make the most out of the opportunities set before you. ::He looked at Barnes then back at Blackwood:: As for sorting out your differences, it is of course an encouraging thing to see that you both might be on more...”friendlier” terms with one another. And in truth, I know that the gases where indeed the real culprit behind your shared animosity. However...That therein lies the great difficulty.

::Zonhar reached over and grabbed the picture of his wife Li’ainea and handed it to Barnes so that him and Blackwood could take a closer look.::

Zonhar: That is my wife, Li’ainea. And as you can see she herself is a deltan.

Barnes: ::Taking the picture Barnes held it at arms length in his lap.:: She a pretty woman.

Blackwood: ::Cautiously but somewhat insincerely:: . . . lovely . . .

Zonhar: Yes she is rather lovely. My reason for showing you her picture is this: I know precisely because of courting and dealing with my wife, the precise effects that prolonged exposure to deltan pheromones can bring. Li’ainea is my greatest love, but that love also came at quite a cost to my own personal psychology and faculties in the sense that I often cant handle as much as i once could. ::He paused looking at them seriously::

Zonhar: There is nothing wrong with pursuing romantic relationships. Nothing at all. However...given that you both were just exposed to a rather prolonged period of orion AND deltan is merely my place to offer a form of caution.

Blackwood: ::Crossing her arms and legs, raising an eyebrow:: What “caution” would that be?

Barnes: So what your saying doc is that what happened, shouldn’t have happened and because it did we’ve been under the effect of some pheromones?

Zonhar: ::Sighs slightly:: I’m afraid obviously the answer to that, as in most psychological issues, aren’t necessarily colored in black and white, right or wrong terms. There are however things to consider, and if you will allow me to ask a few more telling questions I think we can corporately begin to draw out a clearer picture of what is going on between you two.

Barnes: ::Shrugging:: Sure

Zonhar: Very good...the cooperation is very much appreciated and I assure you its more for your mutal benefits than even my own. After all...I’m not some old crone getting my jollies off by pushing my patients squirm buttons ::Chuckles a little too loud:: But...needlessly I digress...

::Blackwood sighs. oOSo much for say yes and run.Oo ::

Blackwood: Any chance of a cup of tea then?

Zonhar: Why yes of course...that sounds like a refreshing idea, and I admit its rather absent minded and impolite of me to not offer you some. I know this isnt the easiest thing for you both. How would you like your tea? Commander what would you like? Ill prepare a lite snack too while i continue to ask questions.

Blackwood: Two and coo.

Barnes: Coffee, white, no sugar.

::Whilst Zonhars back was turned Blackwood stole a nervous glance at Barnes. She shrugged her shoulders and bit her lip momentarily before putting her “neutral” face back on.::

::Crossing his legs Barnes watched as Zonhar replicated the drinks, looking around the room, seeing the over stacked bookcases, boxes everywhere, books stacked in piles.::

::Zonhar handed over the drinks to the pair and set about replicating a snack of finger sandwiches and small cookies to go with the coffee, as he waited he spoke to them.::

Zonhar: Tell me, Ensign Blackwood, and it is very important that I know and that you can be as honest with me as possible, have you anytime before the fight or up to your.. “personal bonding” ever thought of the Commander in a romantic light? Had you found him attractive? etc

Blackwood: ::Stretching forward to pick a cookie:: Well... We hadn’t met. I mean I got my security codes, and we saw each other about... but really... barely saw him.

Zonhar: So is it safe to say your mission on the away team, and subsequent fight, up until that point was the most “exposure” you had with one another?

Blackwood: ::blustering:: Aye laddie, thas what a’hm tellin ya.

Zonhar: I thought as much. And you, Commander, have you had previous romantic feelings or attractions to Blackwood before the fight?

Barnes: Well other then on duty, the only other time I had any interaction with Ensign Blackwood was in the bar on Starbase 24. As to romantic feelings, I can’t say that I have, no.

Zonhar: What happened on Starbase 24 between you two? ::Zonhar said, probing at the detail that Barnes had mentioned, but that Blackwood had been sure to leave out.::

Barnes: Not a lot to be honest, she got into an argument with some idiots over a spilt drink, nothing much, a loud Klingon bouncer got a bit narky about the noise and got into peoples faces. So like I said nothing much.

Zonhar: I see. ::Pondering:: Anything you would like to say about those events either Ensign? Anything about your frame of mind at the time?

::Blackwood secretly felt like she’d been clonked on the head with a hammer. She hadn’t thought it relevant to bring up those events and was slightly disappointed that it had been brought up. The colour drained from her face and she scrambled to think of something to say.::

Blackwood: Oh, ah... Yeah well, that was... ::trailing off:: It really wasn’t a big deal you see. Minor argument, it was dealt with easily enough. So insignificant in fact i’d forgotten about the whole.... thing....

::Sitting there Barnes could see Blackwood trying to back peddle, frowning he wondred where Zonhar was going with this conversation, as far as he could see both him and Blackwood had done nothing wrong, other then succumbed to the machinations of the Orions. Other then that they where both adults, he’d hoped consenting adults.::

Zonhar: ::He nodded realizing that though there might be more to pursue about those events, they did not exactly get at the heart of the matter of his former line of questioning.:: Fair enough ensign.

::Blackwood exhaled loudly in relief, glad the matter was, at least for now dropped.::

Zonhar: To get us back on topic, and to show my reasons for inquiring into such a line of questioning such as this, let me sum up so we are in agreement, that until the day of the away mission and your incident...not only had you not spent much quality time with one another, but you had also not given even remote thought into the possibilities of a romantic or otherwise personal relationship between you that fair?

::Looking at Blackwood, Barnes nodded.:: Thats fair to say, yes.

Blackwood: Correct.

Zonhar: Then this is the point I would like to make, and herein lies the caution I spoke of earlier. You both had, as you said not spent much time with one another, aside from brief, often duty related encounters (notwithstanding the real happenings at star base 24) and yet the most prolonged emotional, and physically intense experience you have shared to date has been your all out brawl. This is disconcerting on a number of levels.

Blackwood: :: Spluttering on her tea:: Now where -

::Pausing and holding up his hands so as to prevent interruption he continued on.::Now I am not assigning blame to either of you for any of your actions, so please hear me correctly.But there is a whole set of psychological study that deals very exclusively with traumatic events, and more specifically, oddly enough, of romantic consequences between individuals on both sides.::

::Sitting there Barnes frowned, looking at the floor as the counselor spoke. Thoughts tumbling across his brain, he’d not thought his actions where by any desire other then friendship.::

Barnes: So what are you actually saying ??

::Blackwood gawped at the Denobulan. oO Maybe all that exposure to Deltan pheromones has permanently altered his brain chemistry.Oo Several images symbolic of craziness fleeted through her mind as she wondered what the “madman” was raving on about.::

Blackwood: What ye on aboot?

::Hearing their adverse, and expected, reactions Zonhar patiently continued to explain his point, carefully laying out his evidence, one by one, like cards on a table in a very high stakes poker match.::

Zonhar: I understand, that you have your scepticism, but I assure you my reasons for mentioning this is quite sincere, just as the potential consiquences of not understanding the full workings behind one’s actions, can also be all to real, and often destructive and painful. Which I would not be a counselor, or friend, in any sort if I did not try to save you from what could be a potential pitfall between you.

Barnes: Pitfalls? care to explain doctor?

Blackwood: :: confused:: Potential Pitfall?

Zonhar: I want to focus right now on the incident between you two, the physical and aggressive altercation that you suffered at each others hands. Now it is not your faults that the pheromones left you susceptible and inhibited enough to allow some unknown conflict to sort of “mushroom cloud between you.” But I quite fear that it is the intensity and makeup of that same altercation, and the lingering effects of the pheromones still in your systems...which might be playing a deeper role in your new found romantic “attractions” than you would have previously thought.

::Barnes took a sip of his drink Barnes, placing his cup on the floor Barnes stood and walked towards the window, staring out he turned to back into the room, he’d had no other thoughts other then friendship. Now the shrink was saying that because they’d had a fight that he was acting on some sort of delusion. Looking at Blackwood he shrugged.::

Barnes: Well I can’t explain how I feel. But dinner is still on if you want?

Blackwood: Honestly Doc, on reflection I think you are making work where there is none. oO Plus getting me back for those “imagined” slights. Next time I won’t use my elbow, it will be a boot in the crotch. Oo Oh, and yeah, I still want that dinner.

Barnes: ::Barnes sat there and bit his bottom lip.:: To be honest I think that the fight was a huge misunderstanding. something done by another, blown out of proportion and twisted. I will however admit to finding Evanna an attractive woman.

Blackwood: ::Pinching the bridge of her nose.:: Yeah, I agree. Normally that would have never happened. However, we’ve had a chat and a few laughs and honestly, everything’s cool. You have to be able to get over stuff if you want a career in StarFleet after all. It’s a done deal.

::Blackwood finished the last of her tea, she didn’t really want it but it bought a few minutes to think. Evanna really liked Barnes, she thought he was an all round good guy and a barrel load of fun. Thinking about their gym session earlier she felt she had made her point pretty clear.::

::Zonhar sat quietly weighing in every word, he still was not convinced they fully understood their actions, in fact they were starting to show classic signs of denial, but he was willing to let it go for the time being, and switch to a more individual and observational form of approach. After all...clearly when they were together they were watching each other’s backs to a degree that they were preventing significant thought to truly enter into either one of their frames of reference.::

Barnes: If i’m honest doc, there’s no problems. Things got a little out of shape on the Orion vessel, things where said that shouldn't’ have been said. Actions taken that should never have been taken, all things considered, we..... well we’re.... happy?

Blackwood: Yes, we are happy. ::Looking at Zonhar:: So, unless you have anything else you cannot avoid saying, I would like to get the heck back to work...

::Zonhar nodded seeing he was rather being “voted off the island” in his own counseling session.::

Barnes: And I have an appointment with the CMO, so I can get back to work.

::Smiling a knowing and placating smile, Zonhar stood up and gestured toward the door.::

Zonhar: You both are as always free to leave when ever you wish. I shall not keep you here longer than you are willing to deem necessary. However, I will be monitoring you both, and for your own sakes, I do hope that your aged quack of a shrink, is rather mistaken, years of experience notwithstanding.

::Barnes and Blackwood beat a hasty retreat, heading off to continue their days work.::

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