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Evanna Blackwood
USS Avandar
Chief Science Officer
A Brave Science Officer
236109.06 238905.20
Avieorn, New Scotland
Aged 27
Species Human
Gender Female

Awards & Service Ribbons
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Bajoran Campaign Ribbon
Neelix Award
Extended Service Ribbon

In Memoriam

Incident Report

  • Stardate: 238807.03
  • Vessel: USS Aurora
  • Incident Location: Away Mission - Orion Freighter
  • Parties Involved: Lt Cmdr Barnes

((Orion Ship - Cargo Bay))

:: The away team had been led through the Orion vessel, ending up in their cargo bay. The situation had turned nasty and one of the Orions held Blackwood at knifepoint. There was a leaking canister of “Parfum” and the stench was giving Blackwood a terrible headache.::

::Blackwood watched, with her heart in her mouth as Barnes pointed his massive gun squarely at her, or rather at the monster threatening to rip her throat out.::

Barnes: That's your last mistake, slowly take the knife away and get to your knees. Unless you want what you have left for brains spread across the wall behind you.

::As the three Orions laughed Barnes raised an eyebrow.::

Orion 1: You stupid federation, there’s a power dampening effect in this bay, your stupid weapons won't work, go on squeeze your trigger nothing will happen.

::The Orion laughed and Barnes re-aimed his rifle and squeezed the trigger, blowing up one of the Orions. Blackwood couldn’t see where the shot had hit him but it wasn’t fatal given the blood curdling screams. Barnes, flicked the rifle back to his original target. oO...Oh my god, he’s totally badass.Oo ::

Barnes: This is not an energy weapon, it's a projectile weapon, it fires old fashioned bullets, now shall we see if your head is as soft as his knee?

::Barnes looked Blackwood in the eye and nodded.::

Barnes: Okay Pippi Longstockings, when I give the word duck.

::Up until this point Blackwood had been overrun with fear, this was until she heard that word. PIPPI Looongstockings! Something clicked in Evanna’s brain and she was engulfed by an overwhelming black rage. oO BARNES!!!! It was him!!!!Oo ::

Blackwood: ::Glaring malevolently:: aye aye.

::Blackwood ducked to the floor on Barnes command landing on all fours. Her neck was stinging, touching it revealed some blood. She wasn’t entirely sure if it WAS hers as she was covered in the blood from the exploding head. Blackwood shuddered at the thought and sat up, fixing Barnes with a wicked stare.::

Barnes: Evanna. Catch

::Barnes threw Evanna a Type-2 phaser. The whole room erupted in a flurry of movement with people diving for cover and shouting at each other.::

Lanky Orion: Eliminate them! Quickly!

Podgy Orion: You’re dead StarFleet.

::Blackwood heard other members of the team yelling, presumably at the Orions, she couldn’t tell, she wasn’t listening - she was a woman possessed. All measure of self-control and professionalism abandoned. She ducked out of the way of the Orions and moved into a position of relative safety where she could clearly see the Chief of Security. ::

Blackwood: ::Screaming:: BARRRRNES! You’re Dead meat! You hear me! Deeeead!

Barnes: ::Turning:: Blackwood?

::Blackwood ducked down, setting her phaser to kill she stalked around. She pointed her phaser directly at Barnes and fired. The phaser didn’t work. oOAw crap the dampening field!Oo The phaser frizzed in her hand and she dropped it shaking her hand which now throbbed with a sharp pain.::

Blackwood: ::Shouting:: Can someone kill that dampening field?

Landau: Not until you stop trying to kill Lieutenant Commander Barnes!

::Seeing the phaser leveled at him, Barnes froze.::


::Sucking in a big breath Blackwood felt her head go a little woozy. Blackwood leapt over some crates closing on Barnes, punching him in the face before he managed to stun her.::

Blackwood: :: Wrapping her fists around Barnes neck. :: How VERY DARE you!

::Feeling his head strike the wall behind him and the breath being knocked out of his lungs. Struggling to get breath Barnes tipped his head back to head butt Blackwood.::


Blackwood: Why?!? Why-dya do it to me?

Barnes: What the F..... What are you talking about.

Blackwood: You know what I am talking about!

::Pushing her back Barnes took a step forward until his face was inches from hers.::


Blackwood: Idiot! I am talking about that program you wrote!

::Stepping back Barnes placed his hand on her chest and pushed her back.::

Barnes: What program?

Blackwood: The program. The frakking holodeck program... P-P-Pippy Loongstoockin’s...

Barnes: The bar scene? I played that one last night, I found it on the holodeck.

Blackwood: ::Spitting with rage:: What do you mean you found it? You’re the one that made it and put it there!

Barnes: Now why would I put it there in the first place.

::Raising his hands to fend her off Barnes placed his hand up to block the punch, feeling the small fist strike his jaw, stepping back he shook his head. Looking round the room to see the rest of the away team and the orions looking on. Rubbing his jaw he looked at Blackwood.::


::Raising the Rifle Barnes placed his finger on the trigger and aimed at the troublesome ensign, placing his finger on the trigger he took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, allowing the sight to settle on a spot between her eyes, just above the bridge of her nose.::

::Blackwood did not believe that Barnes was being deadly serious. She was in a full-blown rant that could not be halted.::

Blackwood: Oh so your going to pot my heid are ye?

Landau: When you two have finished, we've got work to do...

Cross-Eyed Orion: Go on StarFleet, take the little red rat out!

Barnes: Why the hell not, she started it, put her out of her misery. She's not worth spit anyway.

Blackwood: ::Spits at Barnes.:: Whats that worth to ya!?!

Cross-Eyed Orion: ::Slaps his pal on the back:: He doesn’t have the nerve to do it.

Blackwood: ::Rolling eyes:: He is just a lowly, gutless coward. He’d rather take a cyber-jab at someone than deal with his problem - whatever it is - directly.

Barnes: If that's the case then why am I still standing here holding this. Tell me that woman. anyhow. I'd put that program on the holodeck I'd have told everyone so we could all laugh at your stupidity.

Landau: ::Calmly:: Commander, lower your weapon.

::Blackwood grew red with this statement, trembling with unbridled rage. She sucked in another big gulp of air that caused her headache to increase, again she felt woozy for a moment.::

Blackwood: Whatever old man! It’s time to end this.

Barnes: Sure what ever baby, bring it on.

::Dropping the rifle to the floor Barnes waited for the coming onslaught.::

::Blackwood dropped down and rolled towards Barnes quick as a whippet. A loud bang went off in the room though Blackwood couldn't tell what the source was. She kicked her leg out tripping the man up, then pounced on him. She thrust her knee into his crotch and began to pummel him with her fists.::

Blackwood: Hah! you're awful slow old man! Missed your opportunity. Should have shot me when you had the chance.

::Feeling the knee land in his crotch and the breath leave his lungs Barnes, raised his hands and struck Blackwood's ears, hoping to rupture her eardrums. Grabbing her hair Barnes pulled her head back and made ready to deliver a blow to her nose, that would drive bone fragments into the brain and kill the annoying little fly. Whilst moving his head to avoid the blows to his face and head.::

Dickens: COMMANDER BARNES, ENSIGN BLACKWOOD AT ATTENTION!!! ::Shouted while approaching to them. They seemed to hesitate for a moment while they looked at him.::

Treatment Log

::Dr Re'Maru treated Blackwood after she returned to the USS Aurora but Blackwood barely waited around long enough to have her ruptured eardrums repaired before sneaking off. She returned to sickbay later to deliver something to Dr Malcolm.::

Malcolm: Hop on that biobed

::Blackwood frowned slightly thinking her stint in here as a patient was done for, but hopped on without complaint.::

::As the biobed began its readouts, Jen's frown deepened::

Malcolm: ::raising her eyebrow at Blackwood:: Are you sure you stuck around long enough to get treated?

Blackwood: Uhh.. Well I sure thought so. They looked me over, and then left. I figured since I could hear again and they were gone that I could carry on about my day...

::Malcolm shook her head and began running the tricorder over Blackwood's hands.::

::Laying on the biobed and for a second thought he heard whistling, laying there he opened his eyes and stared at the cold clinical ceiling of sickbay, the events of the day running through his memory. Groaning he sat in a half sitting position and looked around. Seeing the CMO and Blackwood in conversation he tried to swing his legs over the side of the biobed.::

::Falling back onto the bed Barnes closed his eyes until the dizziness passed, slowly sitting back up he tried to speak, hearing only the rasping of a very dry throat.::

::Jen pressed her fingers lightly to Blackwood's knuckle, feeling for the fracture the tricorder was reporting. It was just a hairline crack, but Jen could still mend it.::

Malcolm: Fractured your knuckle, there, Evanna. ::She shook her head:: Let me rustle up a bone knitter.

::Blackwood sat on the biobed looking about as Jen ran off to get the piece of equipment. She noticed movement across the room and peeked around the doctor to get a better view. Apparently Barnes was trying to get up, having a rough time of it. Getting up she could see he was trying to say something. She paused for a moment, not too certain about what to do next, but then went and replicated the man a drink of water.::

Blackwood: Eeeeh.. Here you go...

::Seeing Blackwood approach with a glass of water Barnes sat and waited for the wet face, when it didn't arrive he slowly reached up and took the glass, taking a large sip of water he let the cold liquid run down his throat. Feeling the dryness go, Barnes turned to Blackwood.::

Barnes: Thanks. How do you feel?

Blackwood: Well... better than I ought to I suppose. Yourself?

::Blackwood felt utterly awful. Despite her earlier trip to the sickbay the only thing that had improved was her hearing. She was still in the most awful pain and it was just about everywhere you could think of. Then there was the emotional hurt to accompany it, but then it wasn't anything she hadn't earned.::

Barnes: ::Smiling up at Blackwood:: To be honest I feel like crap. I feel someone has trampled me into the floor, dug me up and trampled me again.

Barnes: ::Closing his eyes Barnes sighed:: You said something on the Orion ship about a holodeck program, if it's the one I found last night then, yes I thought it was funny and no I didn't put it there. :: Pausing:: Do I really swagger like that?

::Blackwood's heart sank at those words, her eyes started to well up and she had to start telling herself not to cry. There was no room for cry babies on a starship. Then Barnes brought up the holo program.::

Blackwood: ::groaning:: Urrrgh... ::pause:: What are you talking about swaggering?

Barnes: In the program when Eerie and I come to the rescue to music I may add, I swagger like a drunk pirate on shore leave. Do I really swagger like that?

::Seeing the pain and hurt in her eyes Barnes swung his legs over the side of the bed, his medical gown settling around his legs, patting the bed at his side he moved so Blackwood had room to sit.::

Barnes: Look it's okay to be upset. Someone made you, me and one or two others look rather silly, to be honest at first I was offended, then I sat at the bar and laughed my self stupid, do you know the best bit, it was when you tripped and head butted me in the groin, the look on your face was a picture, half way between panic and embarrassment.

:: Sitting next to Barnes, listening to him talk made her feel really embarrassed. She could feel that favourite shade of beetroot returning, and could positively feel the heat radiating off herself. oO It's okay for you to say... you looked cool in that vid! Hmmph. Oo::

Blackwood: Are you touched in the head? How was that the best bit?

Barnes: Well it makes us both look stupid, think about it, if it was meant just for you then why make me look like a bloody fool. Anyway don't take it seriously. I mean sure someone has it in for maybe you or both of us, but what the heck.

::Reaching over he placed his hand on her shoulder and squeezed.::

Barnes: Anyway who ever did it is just ...well I don't really know ::Laughing:: I'm sorry about your ears, I should have shown more restraint.

::Blackwood did not get his reasoning, but felt fairly convinced he hadn't been the culprit after all. oOBetter tell Penny about this...Oo She closed her eyes and sighed, taking a moment to reflect.::

Blackwood: Are you kidding? I'm the one thats sorry! Like really really sorrier than sorry! Your reaction was more than justified and reasonable. Self defence thats all. oO I wonder if he knows he close he came to death...Oo This is 100% on me, never forget that.

::Sitting there next to Blackwood Barnes cold feel her trembling slightly through fear and guilt. Lowering his eyes Barnes laughed.::

Barnes: Well It's a good job that there was a dampening field in that cargo bay, else we wouldn't be having this conversation. As for self defence, lets just say that as senior officer involved I should have known better.

::Placing his arm around her shoulder Barnes patted it again turned to Blackwood he smiled.::

Barnes: Look when we escape how about a drink no hard feelings?

::Blackwood felt this was a great idea, she was really thirsty. The mere mention of the word "drink" had made her suddenly feel like the last time she'd heard of water was some decades ago.::

Blackwood: ::Wavering smile:: Hell yeah! Dear god I am so darn thirsty you have no idea.

Barnes::Laughing:: OH yes I do. I could drink a swimming pool. Oh another thing. We have an appoinment to see the shrink. Both of us.

Blackwood: What? What on earth for?

Barnes: While you did your vanishing act earlier Zonhar collared me, basically it's about what happened on the ship.

Blackwood: Can't we just cancel it? It's all water under the bridge now. A done deal...

Barnes:I think if we canceled, he'd call us to his office, give us a tongue lashing and remove us from duty until we do. It's easier to go, say yes in the right places and deal with it ourselves.

Blackwood: I suppose...

::Slipping off the bed Barnes felt the gown ride up showing the scaring on his upper thigh, landing clumsely he sat on the floor with the gown around his waist. Shaking his head he looked up and signed.::

Barnes: Well that was elegant …..Not. Give us a hand up will you.

Blackwood: ::Gasping:: Whoa! oOPoor old git.Oo

::Blackwood hopped off the bed and stooped to help Barnes seeing the scars on his thighs and perhaps a little more than she should have.::

Blackwood: Hey, don't worry about it. I didn't s-. I didn't loo- Hey forget it yeah.

Barnes: ::Seeing her embarrassment Barnes smiled.:: Sorry about that. Didn't see ...oh. yea worries. Give us a couple of minutes to get dressed then we can escape and have that drink.

::Reaching down to grab his clothes Barnes reached round and undid the gown, pulling on his trousers and uniform top he lent against the bed to pull on his boots. Running his hand through his hair he stood up straight, adjusting his dress he smiled.::

Barnes: Ready?

Blackwood: Much better. ::Brushing imaginary dust off Barnes shoulders.:: I sure am ready... but...I better get the all clear from the doc this time. Turning to Malcolm, wadda ya say? Can we go now?

Malcolm: I'm fixing that knuckle of yours, first. ::She gave Barnes a once over and looked between the two of them:: I'll release you both on the conditions you go straight to your quarters and rest, and come back in for a check-up before your next shifts.

::She waited for nods from the both of them, then turned to watching the bone knitter do its delicate work.::

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