SIM:BREAKING NEWS: Humanitarian Disaster in The Bil System

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((Federation News Service Studio, Avalon Sector))

:: The familiar into transition of the Federation News Service faded away to reveal the now almost clichéd sight of the Vulcan anchor for the Avalon Sectors FNS 24/7, seated at his long black desk in front of the live scene of Deep Space 285’s Promenade. ::

Sempek: ::Sempek lowered the PADD in his hands:: Good evening, I am Sempek and this is FNS 24/7. Coming up, Disaster on Bil III? Our senior humanitarian correspondent, Paula Petia investigates. Viewers should be warned that some following scenes may be disturbing.

:: The FNS logo fades out, the image being replaced by the betazoid correspondent. ::

Petia: Thank you Sempek. I am currently in orbit around Bil III, better known to its inhabitants as Bila, where unfolding events are dire indeed. Already, unfolding estimates put the death toll at over 6 million.

:: The on screen image changed to footage of huge tidal wave crashing to a harbour, before it changed into a pyroclastic flow engulfing a small mountain town. ::

Petia: Bila, usually a fairly stable M-Class world has recently been hit by a series of unprecedented natural disasters. So far, 12 volcanos, all previously thought to be dormant, have suddenly erupted destroying several small remote communities. In addition, large tectonic activity has been detected amongst her seas causing tidal waves in height of over 40 meters.

:: The image changed to the studio with Sempek on one side, with Paula on the other. ::

Sempek: How have the local government coped with this level of displacement, Paula?

Petia: So far, relief efforts have been hampered by the ongoing disasters, however Odette Mystere, Bila’s Governor, has ordered the evacuation of all at-risk settlements to official evacuation centers. There is however, concern from many that these are beginning to become overcrowded and that supplies may not last.

Sempek: Do we know if there have been any official moves to petition for aid yet, Pa…

:: The screen suddenly changed to an image of a large city, reminiscent some say of the old Earth New York. ::

Petia: Sorry to interrupt you Sempek, but we have breaking news. A earthquake, already magnitude 8.5 on the Richter Scale by early estimates, has began in Temk - Bila’s largest city.

:: All around the buildings started to sway and vibrate, but it would look like they would hold. Then one by one the tall skyscrapers fell, the roads ripping themselves open, and small fires breaking out around the worst hit areas. The footage faded out back to the presenters, were even the Vulcan Sempek looked somewhat shocked. ::

Petia: Sempek… We’ve yet to receive reports of them petitioning for aid but this reporter certainly hopes so… This is Paula Petia reporting from the orbit around Bil III.

:: The image of Paula cut off, while Sempek’s was stretched back to full. ::

Sempek: A thought that is echoed here… :: He picked up his PADD again:: Moving onto our main story, Federation Election Candidate Narala today faces questions over her acquittal of notorious crime lord Vivian Voreic. We ask, if Narala is running her campaign on providing the same kind of legal system as on Nimbus II, does the Federation really want it? Our political correspondent V’nek reports...