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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo

((OOC: This is a joint post between Lt. Commander Eerie and Lt. Ayiana Sevo))

Stardate 239204.17

(( USS Achilles - Outside XO’s Office ))

oO Whoo, boy. Oo

:: Ayiana tapped the door chime to Eerie’s office. He wanted to see her pretty quickly after the botched mission on Tem’lai. She had an idea what it was about, but was still not prepared for “the talk.” ::

(( XO’s office ))

::Eerie tapped the panel and the door slid open. Eerie saw the Lieutenant and waved for her to come on inside. Eerie wasn’t looking forward to this meeting but he knew that it had to happen. The Brikar had an idea how this was going to play out, but he wasn’t sure. Truth be told, part of him wanted to do precisely what Sevo had done with the Romulan officer. The Brikar personality of him held the more ‘violent’ part of his personality in close check. He knew that Mark, his alternate personality had been involved in one or two somewhat more ‘violent’ incidents. He wasn’t surprised however, but they had happened at his youth.::

Eerie: Lieutenant , you will come here and stand at attention.::Formally.::

::Eerie motioned for her to come and stand directly in front of her. He had a bit of discretion in this case and he was planning on using it.::

oO Umf. He used rank; and no niceties. Oo

:: She could tell the XO meant business with that remark. Ayiana quickly strode up to the Commander’s position, straightened her legs and back, locked her arms down at her sides, and looked straight ahead; a position that had been drilled into her from day one at the Academy. ::

Sevo: Sir.

::Eerie paused for a moment and walked around the officer. This was completely for effect. Something he had taken from his alternate personality during his interrogations sessions. Eerie moved slowly around the officer as to show he was trying to weigh what to do with the officer. Then he moved back to his place in front of her. ::

Eerie: You struck a superior officer. Lieutenant...what do you think I should do?

:: The seconds of silence the XO gave while circling Ayiana seemed to stretch on forever. She could feel her heart beating faster with anxiety, hear the blood pumping in her ears, and tried valiantly to limit the rising and falling of her chest with her quick breathing. ::

Sevo: Sir! Minimum punishment is ten days in the brig. Maximum punishment is dishonorable discharge with arrest. Sir!

Eerie: At ease.::Eerie backed up and went to his desk where as he sat down and started to pull up the officer’s jacket.::

:: Ayiana relaxed her posture, spreading her legs so they aligned with her shoulders. She clasped her hands behind her back. Her gaze followed Commander Eerie around the room until he spoke up again. ::

Eerie::Looking directly into the eyes of the officer. :: It is, however, I will render the minimum punishment at the slightest hint of another outburst in the next year. However, if I don’t have to see you in the next year, I will remove this file from your jacket, and it will vanish. Until that time the minimum punishment will be enforced at any other problems. Understood? Permission to speak freely.

:: What? In the time she had known him, the Brikar was notorious for regulations and discipline. To be let off so easily was surprising...and unnerving. ::

oO Wh...what? He’s letting me off that easily? Oo

Sevo: Sir? I mean, yes sir! Thank you, sir.

:: She let out a barely audible sigh of relief as her chest relaxed. ::

Eerie: If you want to be a senior officer, most times you can’t act on your emotions. As much as one... ::Eerie pointed to himself for a quick moment. :: would like to, alright.

::Eerie had been tempted himself, but with the influx of more emotions he knew that one had to channel such emotions into something ‘useful’.::

Sevo: Th...thank you sir.

oO Wow. Only a mark on my record? And not even permanent? Oo

Eerie: You have the drive and the intelligence to be a senior officer, you get this chance, so don’t mistake it.

Sevo: Sir, may I ask what you would have done in my position? At least, at an earlier point in your career?

:: Ayiana wasn’t sure if asking such a question was the right thing to do at the moment, but Eerie did say ‘speak freely.’ ::

Eerie: When I was younger, I wouldn’t of even thinking about what you did. However, I was told that I needed to expand, think outside of my limited ‘box’. I don’t mean go hitting without a very good reason. I did have one incident where I came very close. Revenge is a poor excuse, now and then. Just channel that energy and drive which isn’t a bad thing. It is all about what you do with it. Make it constructive that is what Starfleet is looking for.

::Eerie remembered that he almost struck a security officer that one keeping him from seeing his mate who was in the hospital at the time. Only discipline and a close friend held him in check.::

:: She wasn’t sure exactly what Eerie meant by ‘channeling that energy into something constructive.’ Maybe that just meant more experience and following her superiors’ leads. ::

Sevo: I...I’m not sure I understand, sir. I mean, I know I can hold back my anger. Even I was surprised at my outburst, but that...T’Lak just really got on my nerve all of a sudden.

Eerie: Control, you got to have control. He got on my nerves as well, but I went over his head in that situation, something constructive..something outside of the box. When you are angry, use that anger into some that will benefit the situation. The only time to release that anger into violence is in combat. But one must not be blind to everything else.

::Eerie caught himself, he was talking now in paragraphs and not just short sentences which he normal for him. However, he liked the officer and if she only picked up on half of what he was saying, she would have time to reflect on the rest of it.

Sevo: I...think I understand. At least I have good role models to follow. Sir.

::Eerie was pleased to hear that. He would file the report and in a year he would be happy to remove it.::

Eerie: My door is always open, Lieutenant. Feel free to avail yourself of it. ::Eerie gave a small smile.::which vanished as quickly as it came.::

:: She wasn’t sure, but Ayiana thought she saw the barest hint of a smile on the Commander’s otherwise stone face. ::

Sevo: Thank you for your leniency, sir.

Eerie: It was my pleasure Lieutenant. I will not keep you from your duties, carry on. ::Eerie nodded to the officer.::

:: Ayiana saluted her XO, turned 180 degrees, and exited his office. Once the doors closed, she sidestepped to the bulkhead, and leaned back against the wall. ::

Sevo: Whoooo!

oO I don’t know what just happened, but I’m glad I got off easy. That was a surprise. Time to be careful, Ayiana. Oo

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