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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo

Stardate 239205.17

((U.S.S. Victory - Deck 5 - Ayiana’s Quarters))

:: Talia spilled out the whole story for the first time. She'd skimmed over it for Iria, and Nugra hadn't really asked. Ayiana was a good listener and their shared history made it easy for Kaji to express herself. She talked about her memory loss, about the study sessions, the planning and then the escape. It was a huge relief to share it all with someone. Ayiana listened intently to Kaji’s tale. It was hard to imagine that she had been held captive for the past few months. ::

oO Then..who...who was on the ship?! Oo

Kaji: Well we haven't really figured that out. I know it was some kind of shapeshifter who took my form

::She grumbled a little about body snatchers::, but who or why is really still a big question.

Sevo: here...FOUR MONTHS?!

Kaji: I know right? AND NOBODY REALIZED! I'm pretty angry about that honestly, but I'm not sure if I'm more mad at everyone else for not noticing or myself for being so boring that someone else could just take over my life like that. I mean, you didn't see anything?

Sevo: No. We never knew. At least, I didn’t. Although, now that you’re here, this...feeling in my head makes sense. I hadn’t felt it until just a few hours ago.

Kaji: Right! I felt it too! Starting when the Achilles docked. I didn't figure out it was you until I got on board and started following it.

Sevo: What is it? A link of some sort?

Kaji: It must be from our experience in your mind. I think I must have bonded with your symbiote in some way while we were searching for you. That journey, well it definitely left a mark on me. That was the first memory I got back, you know.

(( OOC: See the Disjoined story arc for details, specifically the “Dreamscape” section ))

Sevo: I...really? A memory from me?

Kaji: Yeah, when they put me in the machine for the first time. It was just glimpses, though.

:: Talia seemed lost in thought for a moment, then shuddered at the memory. ::

Kaji: I'd be interested to see how the link works. We should test it some time!

Sevo: I...guess. I’m surprised, as Trills normally have no telepathic abilities. But I guess we can talk about this later. :: pause… :: I’m just glad to see you are safe and sound!

Kaji: Yeah! I'm really happy to see you, Ayiana, it's nice to be with a friend.

Sevo: Welcome back!

Kaji: Well, I'd better head out, I've got to get to sickbay and work on getting myself cleared for work!

Sevo: And I need to write a quick note...

:: Kaji grinned and waved as she headed out, enjoying again the feeling of being home.::

:: Ayiana went back to her terminal, pulled up the letter she sent to Cadfael earlier. and quickly told him what just transpired. She knew he’d be just as relieved to hear Talia was alive and well. She also sent a note to Spacedock orbiting Earth; specifically a certain store she purchased from, letting them know to send her order over to the Victory. ::

:: As she finished, the Captain’s voice chimed in over the comms. ::

Nugra: =/\= Ladies and Gentlemen of the Victory. Tomorrow at 0930, at Observation deck 2, there will be a re-christening ceremony of the USS Victory. Please be in place at 0900 and the uniform of the day will be your dress whites. All options for all genders permitted. Any questions, please refer them to my office of the office of Chief Bjarnadottir. Thank you. =/\=

oO Yay! A party! And the ship is ready to go! Oo

:: Ayiana headed out of her quarters, intent on seeing the rest of the ship. ::

Lieutenant JG Ayiana Sevo
Chief Science Officer
U.S.S. Victory