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Stardate: 248602.06
Author: Brenna Parker
Character: Brenna Parker
Title: An Oatmeal Operation

((Sickbay, USS Challenger))

Jaxx walked down the corridor, their old quarters was close to the Counseling Offices, which were adjacent to Sickbay. As he walked through the door, he could see Brenna sitting in the CMO's Office. He made his way slowly through Sickbay, throwing a fresh uniform on a biobed, he moved to the doorway of Brenna's temporary office. He stood there for a brief second, waiting for her to look up.

Jaxx: ::smiling, holding up his arm:: Got a second, Doctor?

She would have responded to his question, but something else caught her attention before she could speak.

Parker: Is that ... oatmeal?

Jaxx: ::looking to the oatmeal on his uniform, he rolled his eyes:: Yes...oatmeal...::pointing toward the door:: There was an accident involving oatmeal, sugar, coffee, and a vase. ::pointing to his uniform:: The oatmeal did this. ::pointing to his shoes that were sparkling, where the coffee had hit them, and mixed with the sugar:: coffee and sugar did that. ::holding up his arm again:: The vase did this.

Parker: ::wincing:: Ohh...don't lift that arm up. ::without thinking, she reached out and pulled it gently down to his side. Seeking to lighten the mood, she asked:: You have a favorite biobed?

Jaxx: ::smirks:: Are you saying I am accident prone, Ensign?

Parker: ::smoothly back:: I haven't been around long enough to know yet. I'm trying to lighten the blow by letting you sit where you want in case that's you're favorite uniform that I'm about to cut the sleeve off of.

Jaxx remembered the young officer from her Academy days. She had seemed a bit more mature. Her sense of humor, though at times dry...felt pretty good.

Jaxx: ::hopping up on the biobed he laughed:: Do your worst.

Parker: ::grinning slightly:: You might regret that statement....  ::she motioned to a passing nurse and told him what she would need. He nodded and scampered off. Taking out her tricorder while she was waiting, Brenna scanned the arm, finding her assumptions to be correct.:: Doesn't look like anything important was nicked, and the wound was pretty cleanly done. There looks to be a small portion of . . . what did you say, a vase? . . . still stuck inside. I'm going to have to get it out. Do you want anything for the pain before I go mucking around in there?  ::she offered::

Jaxx: ::smiling slightly:: I will be fine.  ::closing his eyes to focus:: Ready when you are...

Parker:  ::raising an eyebrow:: Okay.... ::She hoped he could handle it, and wasn't just going without because of some sense of machoism. After all, it shouldn't hurt...that much.::

The nurse approached with the appropriate tools. She allowed him to cut off the excess sleeve around the wound while she ran her hands under the sterilize, just in case. Brenna then picked up a thin tool that looked like a heftier descendant of a pair of tweezers. After checking her tricorder readings another time for security, she pressed the device into the wound, checking the scans to see when she was close. After a tense few moments, she successfully managed to remove the colored glass shard.

Parker: Nice color.

Jaxx: ::smirks:: Well, it was...

The wound had begun to bleed again slightly with her 'mucking around'.

Parker:  ::Holding out her hand:: Anabolic protoplaser.  ::As the nurse gave her the device, she applied it, cleaning the wound.:: Vascular regenerator. ::The blood flow halted, leaving only one step left.:: Dermal regenerator. ::Brenna delicately ran the blue light over the cut, watching and marveling, as always, at how the skin knit itself back together. Giving it a second pass to insure everything was set, she held it on for a second longer, then turned off the device.:: Good as new.  ::she pronounced.::

Jaxx: ::standing up:: My thanks, Doctor.

Parker: Anytime.  ::she caught herself:: Not that that means you should go around getting yourself stabbed or anything.

Jaxx took off his torn jacket and under shirt. He discarded them, and grabbed his fresh uniform. As he put it on, he looked to Brenna.

Jaxx: Back to work for me, I will catch you later.

Parker: Okay.  ::She had always wondered about the meaning behind the phrase 'catch you later'. Did that mean she was going to be falling from the ceiling at somepoint?::

Turning, Jaxx left Sickbay heading for the bridge.


Ensign Brenna Parker
Medical Officer
USS Challenger, NCC-12886

With Contributions by:
Lt. Commander Andrus Jaxx, 2XO