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((Ops, DS-285))

PHOS: Hello Captain! I'm Ensign Aigle Phos and this is Commander Tyriden th'Dani. We were assigned to the Discovery, but then informed it was lost. We were wondering what is going to happen now you've returned? Is our assignment reinstated?

TYRIDEN: Greetings, Captain Waltas. I was---- er, *am* assigned to the Discovery as a Tactical officer. I too, was wondering the same thing.

MITCHELL: They helped plan this memorial. I think they would be great assets to the crew.

:: Aigle stood with bated breath. What if he refused, what would she do then. Go back to Til'ahn? Request a new commission... Aigle started to panic. ::

WALTAS::Nodding:: Since your initial assignments were to Discovery and reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated, I'd say you can consider yourselves part of the crew from this point on. Welcome aboard.

TYRIDEN: ::exchanging glances with Aigle:: Aye, Captain.

PHOS: :: letting out a slight sigh of relief. :: Thank you, Captain. :: Aigle flashed a galnce at Tyriden. :: I can't wait to start sir.

:: Aigle kind of phased out for a little while, only vaguely aware of the conversation around her. She had finally made it - she could barely contain her happiness. She wondered how long it would be before they set off, although only for a second. She decided it really didn't matter, there was more than enough new things for her to learn. Speaking of new things, Ezri spotted what looked like a large Tsiri Bird approaching her. What strange things the universe contained! ::

MORNING-SONG: Greetings Ensign Phos. I am Doctor Aven Morning-Song and I am most pleased to make your acquaintance. It is most interesting to meet a Laudean.

PHOS: Thanks! Its nice to meet you too. :: Aigle held out her hand in greeting. She would have to learn what rules the federation species used for greeting are. It was most disconcerting not knowing how she should great people. :: Its interesting to meet you too, I've never meat a oO What was the word again... Oo avian species before! :: Aigle paused for a moment as she considered his words and remembered her conversation with Commander Reinard of the Vigilant. ((OOC: Yet to be posted!)) :: I take it you don't know too much about us given how few are in Starfleet?

MORNING-SONG: Not in great detail however I find interacting and understanding other species utterly fascinating. I do recall reading about the Fielding from my studies?

PHOS: Yes, that is a ability we do posses. For instance :: Aigle quicklly compared the colouring of Aven. He was slightly less red than Tyriden. :: I can tell that you are warmer than me, but less than Commander Tyriden. I assume its to do with blood temperature? Anyway, I would be happy to discuss it sometime, although I am somewhat of a special case.

MORNING-SONG:: Nodding to Cmdr Tyriden.:: Of course Andorians are equally fascinating Cmdr. :: Tyriden was even more distressing tall than Phos. :: The complexities of the Andorian family structure are especially interesting to me. Raskorian's tend to more loosely structured family ties.

TYRIDEN: Response

MORNING-SONG: Indeed I find the Memorial service and the fact that so many family members have travelled here offers me an insight into the family bonds of the crew

:: Aigle faded into thought of her own family, back on Til'ahn. It had been a long time since she last saw them, for some this was a shame but hardly unavoidable. It wasn't her fault that some wouldn't even talk to her. ::

oO OK, I guess, it could kinda be said to be my fault but if you can't stand for your principals what can you stand for... Oo

TYRIDEN / ANYONE : Responses.

((OOC: Will backsim))

((Ballroom, DS-285, A bit later))

:: Aigle had hardly started to mingle with her new crew, not that many where about - she guessed most where with their family's, when she got a prompt to come back to the ballroom dressed in her dress whites. Fortunately, she had worn them to the memorial so she didn't have to delay herself changing. When she got there, hew new Captain had already started speaking so she creped her way across the back of the room to a empty seat. ::

WALTAS: We come here today to honor those who fell in the rescue of the NX-Columbia and the survivors of Kjenta II. While their departure from our lives went unanswered for over 200 years, Starfleet is stronger and better for their presence now. It is a sad truth that we could not save them all, but hope comes not from what has been lost but what has been recovered. We stand here as witnesses to living history, and like any historical source, we will honor them, protect them, and learn from them what they wish to teach us. ::His eyes catching the group assembled slightly off from the rest of the crowd:: ONLY what they wish to teach us. I ask all of you here to remember that our transition to recognize them is not nearly as difficult as their transition to recognize us. I ask that you give them peace, and allow them to speak when they wish, and remain silent when they wish. Anything less is an insult to their ordeal, their lives, and the era which they stand for. I have guaranteed each of them protection under the Federation charter and my personal command. ::He paused, allowing the words to sink in:: They are living history. Treat them as such.

::He turned and nodded to the group. Aigle started to clap along with toes assembled, the action somewhat alien to her but it felt expected. ::

WALTAS: Honors, hup.

:: Everyone around her began to rise so Aigle joined in, not really certain what was going on. Suddenly the sound of a tortured Meeka started to play around the room and at each wonderful pause a flash of yellow erupted along the walls fallowed by a red heat reaction from the base's torpedoes and into the great big coffee coloured sun. After a moment of blessed silence he gestured for everyone to sit down. ::

WALTAS: Finally tonight we wish to honor those who displayed outstanding service in the face of the extremely difficult and trying mission on Kjenta II.

:: Aigle spent the next little while watch people come up to receive various awards and promotions. She was really happy for all of them, honestly, she was just a little bored. She didn't really know these people, not yet. Then they would mean something to her. Until then it just represented a wait until she could get to know them. ::

WALTAS: That concludes tonight's ceremonies. Thank you all for coming. Disimissed.

oO Yay! Oo

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