SIM:Adarnis - Radical Beginnings, Part Two

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JP Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea/2nd Lt. Dade Adarnis - Radical Beginnings, Part 2


::Overnight, Dade had slept in probably the comfiest bed he could've found on the Starbase; one of the hotels in the Dungeon had agreed to put him up for the night at such short notice. He made his way to the transport at the dock; yea, he was annoyed that he hadn't been able to spend more time being thrashed around the base by the Romi/Vulcan but she'd find plenty more opportunities to remind him of what an ass he was.::

::The transport was small and after paying the Ferengi what was due and being put through rigorous Starbase customs checks, he was finally let on board to find his cabin. This was the type of transport that didn't ask questions; freelance pilot who ventured where Starfleet couldn't go anymore. The benefits of travelling with Privateers was immense.::

::Dade found the cabin that was written on his padd and threw the kit bag inside. He got out the picture of the caves; he could almost see that picture back at his parent's house, the one with his real father standing in front of them with Dade by his side ready to go on an adventure into the caves themselves. That was the last memory he had of him and someone wasn't playing fair.::

::He lit up a cigarette and lay down on the bunk, blowing the smoke up into the ceiling. He reached his hand into the kit bag and produced the bottle of beer, knocking the lid off on the side of the bunk and taking a long deserved swig. Money well spent.::

:: A clicking sound. Then a beep of acceptance, and suddenly Dade's locked door opened. In stepped a very female figure, wearing a tight black sleeveless shirt, and stylised, forming fitting, black cargo pants. Her boots were gloss black as well and designed for hiking, climbing, or the general kicking of ass.::

:: As the doors closed behind her, T'Lea dropped her bag in the corner of the small, dark cabin and then soaked in the view, skipping over Dade in the process. He was predictable – sprawled out on the bunk, sucking down a cigarette and bottle of beer. She ignored the look upon his face, (for it was a look she shared, but refused to display. The Ferengi neglected to tell her that they would be sharing a cabin… and bed apparently). She continued the tour with a stationary twirl around the room – taking in the well-used cabin and all its unsanitary charm.::

T'Lea: And they told me this was the honeymoon suite.

:: She picked her bag up off the filthy carpet and set it on a small table nearby, as if she owned the place. She was about to sit on the only chair in the room, when she noticed a stain on the covering. She dared not imagine how that got there. Put off, she shoved Dade's feet over and plopped herself down on the bed.::

T'Lea: So what's the game plan?

::He didn't even bother to look up, just took another drag of the cigarette again.:: Adarnis: I'm on shore leave, not duty, Commander.

:: So that's how he wanted to play it?:: T'Lea: So am I, sweetheart.

Adarnis: Hmm, so I'm assuming this little trip of yours has nothing to do wherever the heck I'm off to. Or maybe it does and you don't wanna say.

::He flicked the butt onto the floor and it fizzed out, like all new age cigarettes did so politely. The bottle of beer was still chilled and he hung it in between his two middle fingers as he got up off the bed, looking out of the window.::

T'Lea: Get over yourself. Not everything revolves around you. ::oO It does however revolve around me.Oo She leaned back and relaxed.:: You still didn't answer my question. Not many people choose Romulan space as a vacation spot. It's not exactly a popular tourist destination. Hell, I'm half Romulan and I have no desire to see the place.

::Before she even finished the sentence she looked away, frowning at herself. She'd just shown her hand. If she wasn't on the trip to visit her ancestral roots, then that meant she was there to be with Dade. How embarrassing. How pathetic. How weak. She had to cover fast. She sat up, and leaned forward on her knees, thinking. The only way out of this one was to twist the truth a little. She looked down at her hands, conjuring up a serious, and concerned expressed on her face.::

T'Lea: Whatever you're doing, it's dangerous – any idiot can see that. ::she got up, her tone colder, harsh, more like normal.:: So, if you need somebody to watch your back, I owe you one. If not, I'm gone.

::There. That's better. That's all this was about. She was paying him back a favor, for the time he'd saved her butt in the Bajoran mountains. Simple. Easy. Nothing more.::

::Dade smiled, taking another swig and handing it to her.:: Adarnis: I'd be careful. That actually sounded like you care. Remember the bottle? Same brand you chucked at me.

:: She lifted her Vulcan brow with a dry expression and accepted the bottle, just incase she needed more ammo. He wanted her here. Just as much as she would never admit that she wanted to be here – he wanted her here.::

::He took out the holoimage from the back pocket of his combats and handed it over. He felt as though he was handing a part of himself over, but it was just a picture, nothing more nothing less. If she was going to help, she might as well be useful.::

Adarnis: That's where I'm going. Hartlhei Caves close to Mhiessan. I figure that a transport like this would take us close to Dartha then on the Mhiessan after a drop off. The caves shouldn't be too far.

:: She took a sip, and then set the bottle down as the holoimage was handed over. It was a picture of a young boy and a man. The way the man was standing indicated that he was a proud father and the young lad, his son. But what instantly caught her attention were the kid's eyes. Violet. It was definitely Dade and his dad, and they were standing in front of the caves he was talking about visiting now. Things were starting to make sense.::

T'Lea: I don't know anything about the area, so I'll take your word for it. Looks like you have some experience with the caves? ::she indicated the photo in her hand.::

::He got out the packet of cigarettes again and sparked another one up. Necessity being the mother of invention, cigarettes were not detrimental to health at all, just a luxurious past time for those who still indulged in it.::

Adarnis: I've been to Mhiessan before, nothing new. I've got a few friends in the Khelliana clan who helped me last time. Transport again more than anything. ::he took a drag:: We can pick up anything on the black market that we need, but… ::he leant on the edge of the bed:: You should know that all ready.

T'Lea: ::handing back the photo and suspecting more to his story.:: Who's smuggling us in?

Adarnis: A contact goes by the name of Khev, he's willing to get us out of the port city for a nominal fee but once we're out there we're on our own. Still willing to risk your neck for my sake? You know me; I'm not exactly worth your Lt.Cmdr pips or the sand on your boots.

T'Lea: I agree, but with me around, your odds of surviving this `thing' of yours just got better. Now, we have one more issue to conclude. :: glancing at the bunk and back at him.::

Adarnis: I'm still chivalrous somewhere; take the damn bed; I'll sleep when we dock on Romulus.

:: Upon another look at the nasty smelling bed, she began to second guess who was doing who the favor here. She wondered when, if ever, the sheets had been washed.::

T'Lea: ::sarcasm:: You're a true prince.

:: She took her bag, tossed it on the bunk, and then left without a word of where she was going, or what she was doing. For the next few hours of the trip she sat in the skuzzy lounge trying to convince herself that this trip was a much needed distraction from Starbase 118, and like she'd told Dade, payback – after all, she didn't like owing anybody anything, and certainly not that obnoxious Marine.::

((Dartha Port – Romulus))

:: With the transport docked on the surface of Romulus, passengers and cargo were quickly being unloaded in a timely fashion – which meant they were being tossed overboard like dead weight because the Captain had a schedule to keep. T'Lea and Dade were one of the first ones to disembark. Clearly, it was a backwater harbor, one that wasn't exactly on the travel maps, or exactly legal. It had a row of wooden shack-house businesses lining the rickety old boardwalk; among the more notable establishments were the tavern, the hotel and a traders market. Outside were all types of shady characters vying for the elusive latinum, and the easy con. The place looked like a page from Earth's Wild Wild West days, and there wasn't a sheriff in sight.::

T'Lea: Wow. ::avoiding a puddle of fresh vomit:: You really know how to show a girl a good time. Where are you meeting the contact?

::Dade narrowed his eyes and looked over the flood of people. He was looking for one place in particular, at the back of the (black) market place. Young kids ran past, things in their hands and undoubtedly being chased by someone bigger than them. Still, they were laughing as they skirted past Dade and T'Lea. He finally spotted the lhil llaiss or the Battle Bar on the corner.::

Adarnis: It's over there, Battle Bar. Khev should be there.

T'Lea: I'll take your supply list and see what I can scrounge up at the trader's market. I'll meet you in the tavern in say… twenty?

Adarnis: I'll be there and I'll get the first round.

::Fighting his way through the crowds of people, no one asking questions he managed to get to the doors of the bar without much of a scrap. He looked over the crowd again but T'Lea had gone, he couldn't even see the top of her head through the thick of traders. Why was she helping him?::

::Tugging her backpack up on her shoulder, T'Lea glanced around at the scene. Romulus. So far she was unimpressed. And unsurprisingly she felt absolutely nothing for the place. Just like she had no feelings for Vulcan. She considered what that could mean, but only for a moment before concluding that it meant nothing. Just like her helping Dade meant nothing.::

::Parting ways with her travelling companion, T'Lea started down the boardwalk, ignoring the flock of vultures all spewing their sales pitch to her. Everything was for sale here; tonics, jewelry, land deeds, linens, pets and even people. None of it interested her though, and luckily before she had to hurt somebody the sharks had turned on each other. A small shoving match allowed the Romu-Vulc to slip away unnoticed.::


::Dade pushed open the saloon doors to meet the cloud of smoke trying to escape. Tables were all round and darkness swept through the whole place but Dade immediately felt at home. He went up to the bar and ordered a drink, Romulan Ale, when on Romulus... He'd never seen so many pointy-eared folk in his lifetime but sitting round tables in the middle of a bar, drinking and swearing were the folk themselves. Dade pulled the rucksack onto his shoulder again and taking his drink he ventured over into the corner, to a shady part of the saloon where someone fitting the description of his contact sat.::

((Trader's Market))

:: T'Lea entered the store expecting to find more of the same attitude she encountered outside, but was pleasantly greeted by a tall Romulan Woman in very nice clothing.::

Shop Keeper: Greetings weary traveler, how may I serve you?

::The Romu-Vulc kept the conversation short and handed over the supply list. The Shop Keeper quickly gathered together the items from around the store and packed them in a neat sack for easy carrying. After payment was received, T'Lea and her sack of goodies were on their way to meet Dade at the Tavern.::


::Opening the front door, T'Lea immediately side stepped a man as he came flying through. She peeked inside to see and hear that a brawl had broken out. Bodies, bottles, tables and chairs were flying around the room, and somewhere in all that mess was Dade.::

T'Lea: Idiot.

::She kneeled down beside the body laying in the threshold and lifted the man's head by his hair.::

T'Lea: Seen a male human with violet eyes?

Man: Back. Bar. Under. Balcony.

T'Lea: Thanks.

::She dropped his head with a thud and entered the chaos and carnage. T'Lea was careful to avoid the flying fists, eye contact, and blunt objects hurling overhead… well, she tried to at least. At one point she'd been forced to use her two bags in defense, knocking one fellow in the head, the other in the groin, and then carrying on past the bar as if nothing had happened.::

::Dade felt the fist connect with his chin and then thrust one back into the air in front of him, knocking someone's tooth out, he knew because it stuck in his hand. He pulled it out with a sharp tug and threw it to the floor just before another tried his luck with the Marine. Khev fended off as much as he could, using one of the bar stools as a shield and several glasses as missiles.::

::There he was. She finally spotted Dade and a man she supposed was Khev fending off five or six drunk losers. But before she could get over to help them, she felt the sharp edge of a glass bottle slice through her bag's strap and into her shoulder. She let out a furious yell, turning a few heads.::


::Swinging around, the supply connected with the man's chest and a crack was heard. Either something inside the bag broke or something inside the man broke. Reaching down, T'Lea flicked up her pant leg and plucked the hidden knife from it's sheath, promptly flashing it in the man's eyes. He instantly freaked at the engravings on the blade.::

Man2: Tal Shiar! TAL SHIAR!!!

::The words spread through the air like a devastating plague. Men and women in mid swing suddenly stopped and scrambled to vacate the premises by the fastest means necessary, even if it mean diving through the plate glass windows. After the tavern cleared, T'Lea smiled at her mother's blade and put it away. Her back bleeding green into her shirt, she retrieved her two bags and found Dade.::

T'Lea: Making new friends, I see. :: shoving the supply bag into him, she winced a little:: Here's your crap, let's get out of here. Is he our ride?

Khev: … that depends.

::Was she Tal Shiar? Khev's eyes went from the blade she'd just tucked away to her face to Dade. Dade, however, was transfixed on T'Lea, almost annoyed at her intervention or, more likely, at the shrieking mess she'd now put them in by whipping the knife out in the first place.::

::Instantly, Khev was feeling for his phaser tucked away underneath the robes, enough for one shot. Dade knew he'd be trying to get at it and instead, without looking, pulled Khev's hand away from it sharply.::

Adarnis: She's a friend and I told you, don't piss her off.